My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 941

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 941

Fortunately, Cooper didn’t know about it, otherwise today’s stage play might not be able to go on.

The theatrical performance had begun. The dean’s mother and the student’s parent representative would give a speech. This time, Harry was chosen to be the parent representative, and he gave an impromptu speech after going on stage.

In the audience, Sophia and Michael sat together, holding hands quietly. Cooper glared at them, but there was nothing that he could do.

Michael was bold indeed. He knew that Cooper was staring at him but still dared to hold Sophia’s hand.

Come fight me if you’re so angry, Cooper!

Soon, the stage play began. This time round, the performances were held within the kindergarten. The individual programs were prepared jointly by the parents, students, and faculty of the kindergarten.

This was Carmen’s first time going on stage. In the past, she always performed by herself at home with an audience of at most 30 people, including both humans and their pets. This was a big event with hundreds of people in the audience, so the performance was very important. As soon as he learned about it, Michael put aside his filming and came to prepare the show with Carmen. His appearance fee was not cheap, but this time he came for free.

Actually, the kids were charged 15 for photos with him.

This was simply a bargain. His signed photos all fetched a high price on Amazon.

Originally, Ashton was going to act in the play with Carmen, but Ashton also had his own ideas, so he independently prepared a martial arts performance.

When Harry learned about the kindergarten anniversary celebration, he also rushed back with Michael specially to prepare for the show with Hope.

Carmen prepared ‘Doctor Invincible vs Pleasant Goat’, so their family could actually prepare a play called the ‘Calabash Brothers vs Superman’, but he didn’t expect that Hope would sneer at that idea. He was born with a resting b*tch face which was probably inherited from his grandparents. The moment he was born, he already had a sour face as if he was sneering at the whole world. He even sneered at his father, Harry, only to succumb to the power of Carmen because he couldn’t beat her.

Right after the performance started, Cooper began to doze off.

What on earth are these kids doing…

There was not a single satisfactory program, and aach one was even more childish than the last. There were some kids who sang and forgot the lyrics. Some stood on the stage for a minute and didn’t know what to do, so they simply sat on the ground and cried loudly. Frustrated, Cooper frowned.

Carmen’s eyes were staring at the handsome boy. He and his father had prepared a singing and dance performance. They sang the theme song of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’. Listening to the familiar melody, Carmen was jealous. She subconsciously tightened her grip on Michael’s costume.

Michael was wearing the original costume of ‘Doctor Invincible’. Even the makeup, as well as the actor, were original. He hugged Carmen and said, “Carmen, you’re the best. Relax and just do your best. Next year, I’ll bring you along to participate in ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’.”

Sophia also stroked the fuzzy and furry Weslie headgear and said, “Come on, my darling baby!”

Cooper also cheered Carmen on. “I will try my best not to drag you down, okay?”

Harry, Sarah, Hale, and Gwen also hurriedly cheered her on. “Come on, Carmen. You’re the most beautiful girl in kindergarten. Have more confidence!”

“Good girl. You can do it!”

A raging flame was ignited in Carmen. I must do well this time. I’m the most beautiful girl in kindergarten!!

Soon, Carmen’s performance began. First of all, ‘Doctor Invincible’ appeared on the stage. When he appeared on the stage, he naturally the audience to exclaim as they were amazed by him.

The authentic version of ‘Doctor Invincible’ and the cute Pleasant Goat were two completely different themes, so everyone wondered how the play would unfold… The parents who dozed off were all awake and stared at them with widened eyes.

‘Doctor Invincible’ captured Slowy, then Weslie and Sparky rushed to rescue him. When the village chief who was trapped in the iron cage saw Weslie, he shouted, “Weslie, help!”

Weslie said, “Hey, monster, let go of the village chief!”

The audience all kept quiet.

Harry was cringing hard. This first line was already so shockingly embarrassing.

With a serious expression, Michael responded to Weslie, “Kid, I’m not a monster. I’m Doctor Invincible. The aliens on the planet Sikesied have secretly invaded Earth, and Slowy has been possessed by aliens. Now, I’m going to take him away to study ways to eliminate aliens.”

Harry sweated profusely. How can Michael say such embarrassing lines so confidently and seriously?

Sophia was also feeling anxious, fearing that Carmen would forget her lines, or that Michael would be too embarrassed and forget his lines.

Cooper, who was in the cage, was also nervous. He was so nervous that his headgear was full of sweat. He was worried for Carmen.

However, fortunately, Carmen did a good job today. However, she was still a kid after all, and she still forgot a few lines in the middle. She should have said, “Come at me, monsters! I will fight for the future of Goat Village!” However, Carmen forgot the lines and just stood on the stage motionlessly for a few seconds. It was absolutely awkward and silent.

Cooper, who was in the cage, was extremely anxious, gesturing desperately, but after all, it was Carmen’s first time performing in a stage play. She was so nervous that she forgot all the lines, and looked at Michael with teary eyes.

At the critical moment, ‘Doctor Invincible’ waved his sleeves and said coldly and unrelentingly, “Weslie, aren’t you fighting for the future of Goat Village? What are you doing in a daze? Are you scared?”

After being stupefied for a second, Carmen had a sudden flash of inspiration while she was looking at ‘Doctor Invincible’ and she improvised, “I-I’m not afraid. I’m just thinking of how to defeat you!”

However, she still sounded fearful. Her acting seemed very real and clever.

The play successfully went on!

Sophia and Cooper breathed a sigh of relief. They were so nervous just now that they forgot to breathe.

Carmen’s performance continued, and Cooper was successfully rescued. The stage play then ended, and the actors made the curtain call. With that, the audience burst into applause as the play was really good.

The whole style of the play was different from the others, and they were so good that they seemed like professional actors crushing amateurs.

When the winners were announced, Carmen won first place as expected. Michael took Carmen, who was overjoyed, to the stage to receive the award. He then raised her, who was holding the trophy, up high, making her the most eye-catching kid on the scene.

Looking at Carmen, who had won an award for the first time and was smiling brilliantly, Cooper felt that all the embarrassment today was worthwhile.

When she forgot her lines just now, he was so anxious.

His eyes couldn’t help but fall on Michael.

For the first time today, this jerk didn’t make him feel upset.

As a father, Michael did a better job than Cooper. Today, he was like a hero who had descended from the sky in the eyes of Carmen.

Nothing made her happier than having a hero as a father.

Michael gave Carmen a happy childhood. He devoted his efforts and energy to her dreams and future, and he worked hard to build a good life for Carmen so that she could grow up happily and maintain her innocence and kindness.

However, Cooper’s own daughter did not have such a good father…

Cooper looked at Sophia, who was applauding Michael and Carmen while grinning ear to ear and shedding tears of joy.

After the performance, the family returned home. The moment Carmen got out of the car, she couldn’t stay still. While holding her mother with her left hand and her father with her right, she sang, “…Although I am just a goat, the green grass has become more fragrant because of me!”

Michael continued the song, singing, “The sky has become bluer because of me, and the white clouds have become softer because of me!”

Sophia also tried to sing along, “Don’t look down on me just because I’m a goat. Goats are smart creatures.”

Then, the family of three looked at Cooper in unison, waiting for him to continue the song. Cooper kept quiet because he didn’t know how to sing the song.

Carmen said, “I’m angry now. I don’t want to play with Grandpa anymore.”

Cooper looked at the family of three holding hands and entering the house, feeling very lonely.

After returning home, Cooper secretly asked Carmen again when the time was right, “Darling, between Daddy and Grandpa, who do you like better?”

Carmen was drinking milk. She then wiped her mouth and replied without skipping a beat, “Of course it’s Daddy! Isn’t it obvious?”

Hearing this, Cooper felt even more lonely.

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