My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 938

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 938

This person was utterly shameless!

In any case, she had finally persuaded Michael to attend the award ceremony of ‘Light of Cethos’. I’ve finally managed to persuade Michael! He’s being such a princess! Why does he have to be so difficult?

In fact, as long as Sophia proposed it, he would definitely be willing to go. He just wanted to interact with Sophia more.

Once filming started, they wouldn’t see each other for a few months. He missed Sophia like crazy and he was already overjoyed to be able to talk to her on video call every night.

After talking about ‘Light of Cethos’, Sophia again talked about Cooper.

“Stop doing stupid things that’ll make Dad hate you even more. Dad actually liked you very much. If he really hated you, he would have killed you a long time ago. Although he says that he hates you and that he will kill you if you come back, at most he will just throw out the sanitary napkins and wash basins you endorsed. You should try to leave a better impression on him so that Dad will change his mind about you!”

Michael kept agreeing with her on the surface but he was cursing in his heart.

If he didn’t shamelessly crawl through the dog door, he couldn’t have so easily gotten into Sophia’s bed, could he?

Of course Cooper would not actually kill him. After all, he was still his godfather’s precious grandson!

However, Sophia was right. He should also do something to make Cooper like him better. Although he won over Sophia by endorsing the stainless steel wash basin and appearing in local dramas, he still couldn’t make Cooper like him.

Soon, the nomination of artists for the ‘Light of Cethos’ began again. This time, the selection was not divided into categories. Any works in the field of film, television, and music this year could be nominated.

Harry was nominated for his role as the forefather of the Winston Family in the new film ‘The National Treasury Action’ that was released this year. He was on the list of the ‘Most Popular Actor’ and he had quickly risen to first place.

Meanwhile, Michael initially made the list with his role as Mark Fletcher. He acted as Mark in the documentary film ‘The National Treasury Action’ and ‘The Winter Breakthrough’, becoming the actor to portray Mark the most times. However, only two days after Michael was nominated, his role as a bitter ex-boyfriend in ‘I Am The Village Chief’, Miles, was soon nominated as well. It beat his role as Mark Fletcher and topped the best actor list.

Many popular celebrities had gotten into the list and they all looked gorgeous and beautiful in each of their photos displayed. In contrast, the photo of the simple and unadorned Miles portrayed by Michael stood out from the crowd.

No matter how simple and unadorned he looked, he was still Michael Fletcher after all. He personally broke out from his elegant image and concealed his aristocratic temperament to become the ordinary Miles. In addition to Michael being nominated as the best actor, the character Miles had also been nominated as the best public image, topping the list soon thereafter.

Taylor and Harry once again made into this year’s list along with other popular celebrities.

Meanwhile, Sarah taught Sophia all her unparalleled skills in canvassing that she had accumulated for many years.

“One can vote through online voting, telephone voting, hotline voting, and physical voting. One can only vote once per phone number and once a day. Thus, online voting is the most important way of voting. Let’s do more lucky draws to attract the netizens to share our posts on social media. We must also buy the advertising spaces of bus stops, building LEDs, and large screens in squares.”

Sarah continued to speak endlessly of soliciting votes and supporting celebrities while Sophia was paying attention like a well-behaved student, even taking down notes in the process.

It felt as if they had returned to the time when they were supporting their male idols back then.

At that time, they were also this obsessive.

Many years had passed and the celebrity-obsessed girls who were in their early twenties had also become mothers. However, they were still as passionate as before.

The selection began and Sophia mobilized everyone around her to vote for Michael every day. Although he was already at the top of the list, Sophia was still very anxious, for fear that a sudden change would prevent her dear idol from winning.

There were dozens of people in the Edwards Residence and everyone, including Cooper, was forced to vote on time every day.

The employees in the company were forced to vote as well.

The past few days, Sophia worked tirelessly to support Michael. She even took out all the precious things endorsed by him that she had kept in the warehouse and gave them to his fan group so that they could organize voting events.

She and Sarah also placed advertisements in major squares and buildings. Thus, Michael and Harry’s faces were plastered everywhere.

Michael’s face could literally be seen everywhere.

Meanwhile, Cooper could only watch helplessly.

What else could he do?

He had no other option other than secretly throwing out the things Michael endorsed.

Michael was like a persistent odour; Cooper couldn’t stop him no matter what!

Michael’s guest appearance in a third-rate local drama for his wife still roused a lot of discussion among the public.

The production team of ‘I Am The Village Chief’ was mediocre and the cast was not famous at all. Many actors were directly casted on the set. They were not even qualified to broadcast on satellite TV and their ratings were miserable. However, the actors were all very serious about their roles and the lead actors indeed had great acting skills. Plus, the film had a great script. However, it was a small production after all and none of the actors were well-known. No one would watch it except for the rural women and Sophia.

This time, Michael played the role of Miles, disregarding his image as a celebrity. His acting skills improved the overall level of the play slightly. This series also received attention and won awards abroad. He himself attracted a lot of middle-aged and old women in rural areas as his fans because of this role. In this ‘Light of Cethos’ award ceremony, he topped the list from the beginning, which everyone had expected.

He had won two Academy Awards for Best Actor, after all. This time, Michael also proved to the world that he indeed deserved the title of an Academy Award-winning actor!

This year, Michael cared about the results of the selection very much. He actually filmed a video to ask for votes and said that he would go to the award ceremony. The number of votes had skyrocketed and his competitors were far behind him at this point.

This was simply akin to a maximum-levelled master slaughtering all the beginners in a game. This outdated male star, who faked his death and made a comeback, actually managed to defeat the current popular celebrities by a huge margin.

Michael also revealed that ‘Doctor Invincible 2’ was in the pre-production stage and this three-year-old film would finally be remade. As one of the superheros, Doctor Invincible would join the Super Hero League in their fight against the cosmic bullies to protect the earth. Plus, he received a series of film contracts.

Michael was undoubtedly the most successful Cethosian actor; even Cooper admired him for that.

Truth was, Michael’s achievements had long surpassed his mother and he had become an important symbol of Cethosian culture worldwide.

If he hadn’t crawl through the dog door and did idiotic things, Cooper might have been truly impressed by him.

On Christmas Eve, Carmen suddenly brought back a notice from the kindergarten. The 50th anniversary of the kindergarten was around the corner and every class would organize cultural performances. As the most beautiful girl in class, Carmen was eager to participate and prepare a stage play. She even wrote the script herself.

Sophia glanced at the script Carmen had prepared. The title of the show was ‘Doctor Invincible vs. Pleasant Goat’.

Carmen would be acting as the goat, so she needed someone to act as Doctor Invincible.

Sophia couldn’t imagine Michael in his costume on the stage of the kindergarten, fighting Carmen in a goat costume for the school celebration. However, she was at a loss for words in the face of Carmen, who was looking at her with pleading eyes!

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