My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 936

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 936

In a blaze of glory, Sophia went to the Public Security Bureau. Before she left, she made a call to Maddie so she could join in on the fun too. She also called Ivan and instructed him to pass the surveillance footage of the store being smashed to Maddie, so that she could report this incident with the exclusive footage.

At the Bureau, Sandra was still very arrogant. “Sophia, if you send out the footage, you’ll be offending the entire Mitchell Family and Michel Family! Think about that! By then, the whole of Cethos would suffer from the economic sanction imposed by the Michel Family!”

Pursing her lips, Sophia looked down and played with her phone, going home after making her statement.

As soon as she got home, she got some information from Roger.

The Lucile that Sandra was with today was really named Lucile, and Lucile Michel at that.

Being a big family, it was common to reuse names. There was even an ape named Lucile. This name was casually picked by Cooper. In other languages, this name was extremely common.

In fact, Lucile was an ordinary member of the Michel Family who lived in America and was born in an ordinary middle-class family.

With a huge family that were all over the world like the Michel’s, they were divided into classes too. In fact, only a small percentage of them were in the higher class. Clearly, Lucile did not belong to that small percentage.

It looked like Lucile was persuaded by Abbie to come to Cethos.

Not only that, Sophia also discovered a record of the Mitchell Family and Sandra’s recent expenses. They have been spending lavishly!

Jewelleries were bought in full sets, while they also paid for Lucile’s accommodation at a villa while she was in Bayside City.

On top of that, Vincent and Lucile had gotten close. Someone reported to Sophia that they were seen dining together many times and that Vincent was very generous with Lucile. Obviously, he was bent on marrying into a rich family.

Not only that, he had already gleefully announced on some occasions that he would be connected to the Michel Family by marriage. Now, news was starting to spread in Bayside City. There were rumors that Vincent and Lucile’s relationship was stable and that they would be announcing it soon.

“No wonder Mitchell Technology’s stock has been rising recently,” Sophia muttered as she looked at their stocks. Someone must have heard about Vincent’s marriage, causing the stocks to rise.

Ever since Sandra’s public accusation toward Sophia, the Mitchell Technology’s stocks had dropped significantly. Who knew that they would be able to turn it around using Lucile Michel’s name?

Sophia thought about it as she said to Roger, “Inform the Public Security Bureau that we accept the mediation and ask them to compensate for the destroyed items. It doesn’t matter if they pay or not, since it’s only a small amount. But remember, you have to make it look like we are terrified of them.”

Upon hearing this, Roger was confused, not understanding what she meant by that. Did Sophia mean climbing-over-the-hospital-wall-and-escaping terrified?

Receiving instructions, he immediately went to settle everything at the bureau.

Sophia then contacted Maddie, who had ruthlessly blacklisted Sandra in the exclusive news. As such, the newspaper and magazine sales increased significantly. Although Sandra was released, Mitchell Technology’s stock dropped again. Overnight, its market value had lost a few billion.

The glorious image that Sandra had spent years building was ruined once again.

However, Sandra seemed to not care about it.

As long as there was enough money and she could afford a strong PR team, her image would bounce back sooner or later.

Also, it didn’t matter that the stock was down. As soon as they were connected to the Michel Family, Mitchell Technology would rise again.

Even though Sophia made such a big deal, in the end, she still obediently begged for mercy and slipped away.

This made Vincent and Sandra even more certain of their decision to ride the Michel Family’s coattails.

Meanwhile, Vincent and Lucile’s relationship progressed quickly. Indeed, Vincent had an attractive face. With an oriental gentleman’s elegant beauty, it was especially attractive to foreign women.

Once Vincent latched onto Lucile, Sandra was confident she would win over Linus!

Every day, Sophia quietly watched Vincent throwing money at the pair of crooks.

While being cheated of money, he was being cheated of sex too. Rumors had it that Abbie had been sleeping with several young men at the Mitchell Residence. That woman was extremely promiscuous and could not function as soon as a pretty boy appeared.

Meanwhile, Cooper’s business had been making significant progress, far beyond Vincent’s. In fact, Sophia enjoyed coming up with little tricks, even planting her own spy at Vincent’s side.

The latest news reported that Lucile had secretly moved into the Mitchell Residence. Although her identity remained confidential, everyone knew she was Vincent’s girlfriend. As such, the Mitchell’s treated her really well, as if she was a goddess.

Not only that, Abbie moved in too. Initially, the Mitchell’s thought of letting her marry into the Mitchell Family just to be safe. However, they did not expect her to be this promiscuous. She was constantly seducing and hooking up with men, partying every night and treating the Mitchell Residence as a harem. Knowing that they could never control her, the Mitchell’s shot down the idea.

Then, Sophia’s spy reported that Vincent had spent hundreds of millions of dollars on Lucile. It was more than what he had spent on Faye.

Meanwhile, when Ian learned about Vincent and Lucile from various sources, he even went to hook up with Lucile; it seemed like the Edwards Family wanted a piece of the pie too.

The spy also saw Ian and Lucile dining together alone and they were caught by Vincent. The two had a row and were very unhappy.

Soon after, the spy came crying when he was reporting to Sophia. He had been following too closely and was unfortunately noticed by Abbie, who then forced him into bed. He wanted to quit and leave!

So, Sophia arranged for him to go to Michael. The spy was good looking and would make a good living as an actor. She assured him that Michael would arrange a promising role for him.

Upon learning about the spy’s unfortunate encounter, Sophia felt incredibly sorry.

Who knew the Mitchells would stoop to this level? They let two crooks in, cheating everything off them.

In fact, they were not just cheating off of one family, they were cheating off of the Edwards Family too.

Speaking of the Edwards Family, the old man Sam knew Lucile’s true identity and that would end badly!

Hurriedly, Sophia called him and invited him over to the Edwards Residence for a cup of tea.

Not expecting Sophia would take the initiative to ask him out, Sam was surprised and happy. Despite that, he asked her in a cautious manner, “Will your father be home?”

“He’s away.”

Upon hearing this, Sam was thrilled. He hung up the phone and instantly got ready before heading over to Edwards Residence.

At the Edwards Residence, it had stopped snowing and the weather was sunny, but the ground was still covered in snow. Nathan came over and he was skating on the frozen pool, while Carmen was building a snowman. Meanwhile, Corrado was wearing a gaudy fluorescent pink coat as it played with Snowball.

In the teahouse, Sophia poured a cup of fragrant tea for Sam.

With an awkward expression, Sam murmured, “This… This is bad…”

This was the first time he had heard about Ian and Vincent pursuing… Lucile Michel!

Wasn’t Lucile Michel Sophia herself?

And yet, Sophia actually asked him to keep it a secret?

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