My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 934

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 934

Although she could not help Abby get that house in Riverdale, Sandra had paid her a lot of money to make amends and please her. Not only that, she also gifted several houses and shops to Abby. Now that their relationship had improved, Abby would definitely help her since she had promised to.

Meanwhile, Abby murmured down the line, “Don’t worry; I won’t let that little b*tch go. She won’t even know what hit her!”

After getting Abby’s response, Sandra felt slightly better. If Abby took action, she would surely win this lawsuit. Sophia was no match for the Michel Family!

Then, as they made small talk, Sandra tried hard to bring up Lucile.

“When is Miss Lucile coming to Bayside City? If she comes, you have to inform me in advance so I can prepare a gift and treat her to a welcome dinner.”

On the other end, Abby paused before her tone became serious. “You should know Miss Lucile’s status… She is a highly respected individual and has been under the protection of the Michel Family since childhood. Even now, no one from the media nor the secret service can find any photos or information of her and Fass. Her whereabouts have always been top secret and will not be easily revealed to outsiders. You’ve been asking about her a lot; what are you trying to do?”

In an instant, Sandra was alarmed by Abby’s tone of voice. “I’m just curious; I’m not trying to do anything.

Abby grunted in displeasure. “Miss Lucile’s whereabouts must never be revealed. As the Michel Family’s No. 1 Young Lady, she will be the successor of the Michel Family in the future. Her identity is a mystery so you need to stop prying before you get yourself in trouble.”

Upon hearing this, Sandra did not dare to pry further. Some people were so powerful that even inquiring about their identity would land you in trouble.

However, after a brief moment, Abby added, “Actually, Miss Lucile happens to be in town. I was with her for days but I will not reveal her residence nor her photos to you.”

Upon hearing this, Sandra was overjoyed. Lucile is in town, which means Vincent’s chance is here!

And so, Sandra dropped her ego and tried for a few days to persuade Abby with money, cars, and jewelry, before Abby finally agreed to let her tag along when she went to see Lucile. However, she was not allowed to sneak any photos or reveal Lucile’s identity in public.

No matter what, Sandra must find a way for Vincent to meet Lucile. Furthermore, she could not give up on Linus too. However, he was always busy so she simply could not get in touch with him at all.

By striking up a friendship with Lucile, Sandra thought she would be a step closer to the Michel Family. As soon as Alex found out, the family celebrated. As such, he belittled Cooper even more and was prepared to use the family’s connections to get Sandra and Vincent married into money.

That day, Sophia went to visit the store.

Recently, the company and the store had been busy preparing for the launch of their new products for the new year. Hence, Sophia brought the dogs and alpaca to the store to monitor the progress.

Looking at her two big dogs and alpaca that were all dressed up, smelled great, and were sitting next to her, she suddenly remembered Judge. She wondered how Cerberus were doing in the mountains.

Lately, the house was much quieter without the three rowdy dogs.

She gave a call to Michael. While asking her idol about his filming routines, she also asked about the dogs.

“Oh—the trio? They’re doing great. Everyone is treating them well and they have high salaries. There’s also a little cart for them. Everyone hikes up the mountain by foot while they get pulled up by the staff.

Through the video, Sophia saw the three dogs clad in old, ugly cotton jackets, sitting in the wooden cart. They were resting with their tongues out and the background was a snowy scenery.

Furrowing her brows, she asked, “Did they lose weight?”

“Although I’ve been giving them the best treatment, it’s tough when we’re always out early and coming back late. So, it’s normal for them to lose some weight.”


She had nothing else to say. As a matter of fact, she knew there was something different about the dogs but she just couldn’t put her finger on it.

Patting the dogs’ head, Michael continued, “The three of them are very popular in the crew and everyone is especially fond of them.”

Surprised, Sophia exclaimed, “Really? I was afraid they would only be causing you trouble!”

“Don’t worry; I’ll take care of any trouble they cause. After all, they are our fur babies; of course I will spoil them!”

Upon hearing this, Sophia’s lips quirked and she smiled.

Cerberus must have caused a lot of trouble for Michael and the crew but since Michael was the producer and main actor, everyone naturally endured it.

Frankly, Sophia felt embarrassed for troubling him and affecting the progress of their filming. “I think I should come and pick them up and stop troubling you with caring for them. The shooting is almost done, right?”

Suddenly, Harry, who had been eavesdropping for a long time, couldn’t help but lean over and blurted, “No! Filming in the mountains is boring and they have been entertaining us. Our entire crew loves them!”

As soon as he said this, most of the crew immediately echoed his words.

“Yes! The dogs are adorable!”

“Let them stay for another few days; we don’t mind.”

“I love them so much that I don’t think I can continue filming without seeing them everyday.”

Sophia did not expect there to be so many people eavesdropping.

Was Cerberus so popular?

Although Judge was handsome, his looks could not hide its lack of intelligence. Truth was, it was a miracle that he did not destroy the whole film set. But who knows, maybe the cold had automatically unlocked the husky’s IQ?

Meanwhile, Judge’s tongue hung from its mouth and it looked happy. Any staff that walked by would pet its head.

Seeing that the dogs were popular, Sophia was relieved. “Thanks for taking the trouble to care for them, Michael.”

Petting Judge’s head, Michael said warmly, “It’s nothing. Your fur baby is my fur baby; whatever’s mine is yours too.”

At once, Sophia blushed. “Stop it—”

Just then, a staff member came and informed Sophia, “Miss Edwards, there’s someone outside who wants to see you.”

“I have to go now. Happy filming! I’ll come and visit when I’m free. Kisses!”

Pouting and making a kissing face to the camera, Michael repeated, “Kisses!”

After hanging up, Michael looked at his phone wallpaper, which was a photo of Sophia and Carmen. He smiled faintly before gripping his phone tightly, as if he was afraid it would spoil from the cold.

When the shooting was completed, he would be able to return home and spend the new year with the both of them.

Every day, he would send her videos of the dogs and she would send him videos of their daughter.

In the videos, Carmen was always so cute and she would always be smiling. In fact, she even knew her best angles. All worries would be gone whenever they saw her smile.

She was such an angel!

Watching Michael giggle at his phone, the crew rolled their eyes.

He was oozing with the stench of love and the whole crew thought it reeked!

Only a fool like Sandra would think they were divorced!

Meanwhile at Pourl flagship store’s lobby, Sophia put away her phone and went out. Sandra Mitchell was here again and this time, she was with Abbie and a group of bodyguards. They were making a commotion, as if they had come to destroy the store.

While the guards were standing, Sandra, Abbie, and a foreign woman with blonde hair and blue eyes sat there.

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