My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 932

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 932

The only place where they would never see Michael would be the drama Sophia had been watching.

The TV series was called ‘I Am The Village Chief’, which was broadcasted from a local unknown station and starred a group of unknown actors. The series centered around a girl who had graduated from university and returned to her village as a village chief, and the various incidents that she encountered.

The plot was about how May, who studied journalism and graduated from a major media university, gave up her well-paying job in the city and returned to Penshaw Village. She took over her father’s role as the village chief and led the village to a better future.

In order to follow her dreams, she went as far as to dump her beloved boyfriend from the city. After returning to the village, she realized that it was much more difficult being the village chief, as many of the villagers did not understand her. They were skeptical of her ability as the chief and deliberately gave her more work by creating all kinds of obstacles while they heavily criticized her the whole way.

On top of that, there was a contractor who unsuccessfully pursued May and held a grudge against her, and Madam Linnie who was a matchmaker who repeatedly failed in setting May up with the contractor and ended up creating nasty rumours about her. Moreover, May also faced difficulties with the village committee who were stubborn and old-fashioned, refusing to obey any of her commands…

May had to deal with these people as soon as she took over; it was emotional and climatic.

Sophia found the series addictive and it kept her on the edge of her seat.

In recent episodes, May successfully got a resort project through her university classmate. She planned to develop the village and repair the roads. However, the villagers were against the idea. They deliberately made unreasonable requests just to prevent the project from starting. As such, May lost hope and wanted to give up on the entire project at one point.

In the preview of the next episode, May’s ex-boyfriend from the city came to see her at the village to win her back. He even found her a stable and high-paying job in the city.

It was a choice between a good life in the city with a loving boyfriend and a job in the village that was refusing to make any progress. What would she choose?

At eight o’clock in the evening, Sophia sat in front of the television that was endorsed by Michael while she waited for the series to start. She waited excitedly with her popcorn and a bottle of Coke that were both endorsed by Michael too. Then, she cut up a fruit with a fruit knife—endorsed by Michael—and placed the cut fruit on the wooden tray, which was also endorsed by the man himself.

Meanwhile, Cooper and Linus were forced to watch the show with her. Initially, they were annoyed but after watching a few episodes, they were hooked. Every night, the family would wait in front of the TV for the series to be aired.

When the episode began, Sophia was eager to see May’s boyfriend from the city.

At first, Cooper was sure that Michael would never ever appear in this series. However, when May’s boyfriend made his first appearance, Cooper realized that he had been too naïve…

It was Michael again!

He was the Academy Award winner for Best Actor, so why would he be in this local drama?

He seemed to appear out of nowhere!

When Michael made his first appearance, there was even a special subtitled introduction.

May’s ex-boyfriend, Miles, guest appearance by Taylor Murray.

There were even the feminine wash, sanitary pads, and lipsticks that he endorsed. Again and again, Cooper’s tolerance reached new heights. This time, Michael even guest starred in a local drama!

How shameless could he be?

He even crawled through the dog door!

Come to think of it, Cooper should have taken Dimon’s suggestion and grabbed him from the dog door, stripped him naked and beat him. He should have filmed it and destroyed Michael’s reputation!

At that moment, Sophia was caught off guard too.

What the hell?

Her idol was actually in the series!

Suddenly, the whole series instantly felt like it was highly rated!

But, can her idol nail this role?

As winner of the Academy Award, could he manage this genre that was vastly different from all his other roles?

The character that Michael played, Miles, was born and raised in the city by his parents who were teachers. He loved May and they always talked about building a better future together. They worked in the same news company and had saved up for the deposit for their future home. In addition, their leaders were very optimistic about them and their futures were promising but when they were close to getting married, May suddenly wanted to go back to the village.

Miles was furious and he felt that May had betrayed him and their dreams. As such, they separated when May returned to Penshaw Village.

In this episode, Miles showed up and tried to win May back. He had hoped for her to go back to the city with him and get married. However, May was torn. If she chose to go back, she would have a high-paying job with a stable life but if she chose to stay, she had to deal with all the obstacles in the village. Clearly, she was swayed.

When Miles appeared, he had glossy eyes and his face was plain and pure, his skin tanned. As soon as he saw May who had come to greet him, he smiled and spoke.

“May, I’m here!”


Upon hearing this, Linus couldn’t control himself and spat out the Michael-endorsed Coke that he just drank.

He stared incredulously at the unpretentious Michael on the TV. Michael obviously had the face of a superstar but in the show, he seemed so plain and did not stand out at all.

Also, that voice was not a voice over; it was indeed Michael’s voice with a country accent.

“May, I… I missed you. Leave this place and come back to the city with me. This place is only holding you back…”

Cooper was dumbstruck.

This man was shameless to the core!

In the series, Miles’ family came from the countryside, hence the accent. Michael had accurately grasped this and perfected his speech, portraying Miles’ character perfectly and realistically, as if he had always had this country accent.

Not only that, those glasses he wore seemed to have a magical effect that concealed his handsome face. Now, he was just Miles.

Miles and May walked through the village as they reminisced their love and vows toward each other over the years. However, May knew they could not be together anymore.

In fact, Miles’ family moved to the city from the village and their household had been relocated, so it was impossible to move back. However, May was from the countryside and her whole family was here. She wanted to build her village into a rich village with a GDP per capita of eighty thousand and she wanted to lead everyone in the village to a better future. The problem was that those who were capable had all left the village for work, leaving behind only the women and children who were conservative and backward thinking.

In the end, Miles told May that he would be leaving early next morning and he told her to meet him at the dock at eight o’clock if she chose to leave with him. If May went with him, they would get married as soon as they were back in the city. The house was ready and as long as she went with him, her name would definitely be on the property ownership certificate.

If she refused to leave, then Miles would be under the pressure from his family to start dating as soon as he returned. His father was severely sick and wished to have grandchildren, so he wanted to fulfil his father’s dying wish.

When May got home, she was in a dilemma, not being able to decide between her vows with Miles and the earnest hope of her father, who implored her to stay and build up the village.

After struggling, May finally decided to stay. After all, she was the village’s only hope.

The next morning, Miles waited at the dock at eight in the morning. He thought May was just late or something had cropped up and she was delayed, but she wanted to leave with him. And so, he waited and waited, missing one boat after another. He waited until nightfall, but May never showed up.

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