My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 930

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 930

Up on the mountain, Harry asked Michael about his progress.

Surprisingly, the signal there was quite good even though they were deep in the mountains. Harry watched the press conference and didn’t expect this was what happened when Michael went back.

In fact, Michael didn’t need to personally attend when he could just entrust it to his lawyers. Despite that, he still rushed back.

He would never do anything that he couldn’t take advantage of.

Also, rumor had it that when Michael returned to Bayside City, he had been staying at Cooper’s house…

While Cooper was occupied with searching for his son, he definitely didn’t have it in him to care about Michael.

At once, Harry knew Michael had taken advantage of the situation. He shrunk back into his military coat and read his script, which was almost frozen.

“I heard Cooper caught you crawling out of the dog door.”

Michael, who was reading his script beside him, was startled. “Who said that?”

Harry only smiled mischievously and teased, “It’s a secret.”

It had been days since Michael returned and Harry had been constantly hearing about how Michael was caught crawling through the dog door.

In fact, Carmen was the one who heard it when Dimon and Cooper talked, and she told Sophia, who told Sarah, who told Harry…

Meanwhile, Dimon told Sean, who told Justin, who told Celine, who told Harry too…

Passing from one person to another, the events of the incident had come out entirely different.

When news reached Harry, it was said that Michael was crawling through the dog door to seduce Sophia when he was caught by Cooper, and he was stripped naked and beaten on the spot! It was said that he was beaten so badly that his skin even split open and there was footage of it too!

How pitiful for a forty year old man…

At that moment, Michael was glaring at Harry as he wondered who leaked the news. Just then, they heard bells chiming and three brawny dogs pulled a small wooden cart up the mountain. When the crew saw the wooden cart, they all let out a heartfelt cheer and praise, because in the cart were snacks for everyone.

Now, whenever they wanted snacks, they would make a list and Judge would bring it down the mountain to the nearest shop in the village. After checking the list, the shop owner would call up to quote the price and they would pay via the QR code the shop owner sent. Then, the shop owner would fill up the cart with the snacks and send them up.

After eating, everyone got back to work energized. Taking their food and snacks, they each kindly gave some of their change to Judge as his tip. Judge had received many fives and tens, and it amounted to hundreds just from one trip.

Before this, the crew hired some of the village folks and paid them a thousand to carry their equipment up the mountain. Often, they would even increase the price halfway up.

Now that Judge was here, it finally improved the situation. This was a good outlet for the dogs’ high energy level too. Every day, Judge would go back to the hotel with the crew and after getting a bath, it would immediately sleep like a log. Hence, Judge had no energy left to destroy everything in its sight.

Harry picked up his hot coffee from the cart and sipped happily. Then, Judge came to collect his tip. When Harry took out a fifty, Judge almost jumped on him and gave him a sloppy kiss.

After receiving all the tips, Celine would count them diligently. After counting the money, she tied it up neatly and kept it in her bag for Judge. Celine was honest and she never stole, so Judge trusted her with the money.

Judge was descended from the sled dogs; not only was it handsome, it was also very energetic. It could run several trips a day and worked on-call. It earned hundreds, almost a thousand, in a day. Without Carmen, who was the shady middle person, all the hard-earned money went straight to Judge and its pups. Even though it was not filming, it was still happy.

Meanwhile, Harry thought that if Sophia and Stan found out about how their dog was being used like this, they would have killed the entire crew on the mountain.

But on second thought, if that day did come, the first person who would suffer would be Michael!

Meanwhile in Bayside City, Cooper wanted to visit Reverie Mountain out of the blue, so Sophia took the initiative to invite Daniel. Back then, whenever she invited Daniel, he would ask if Cooper was coming.

Knowing he was afraid of Cooper, Sophia directly told him, “Master Levine, my father will be coming with me.”

“Oh—Mr. Mitchell? He’s more than welcome. I’ll be waiting at the mountain for the both of you.”

Since Daniel was not afraid, Sophia and Cooper went up to the mountain.

They took the cable car up the snow-capped mountain and it was so foggy that they couldn’t see anything. Despite that, even if it was freezing cold or if it was a busy work day, the mountain was always full of tourists as long as it wasn’t closed due to the snow. When they arrived, they went to pay their respects.

Then, Daniel personally came out to greet them.

“Welcome, my guests. Please, have a chat with me in my humble abode.”

At that moment, Cooper looked him up and down. Daniel looked very young and friendly and he had a baby face, yet his demeanour of a transcendent being would vaguely peek through.

Cooper looked at him like he was a dish of eggplants with minced meat.

Despite that, Daniel looked normal as he led them to the living room.

In fact, Sophia was rather grateful to him. If he hadn’t taken a fancy to her and sold her to Michael, her life would have been vastly different.

In his living room, Cooper sat without speaking while Sophia and Daniel chatted.

“Master Levine, can you let us know where my brother is now? Do we still have a chance to reunite?”

Although Sophia didn’t particularly believe that Daniel could foresee it, there was no harm done. At least they would be emotionally prepared.

Glancing at Cooper who had a cold expression and who had not spoken a word, Daniel said, “Of course.”

He looked at Cooper’s face and counted with his fingers in a profound manner. “Mr. Mitchell, you have a noble face and you have the life of a king.”

“Hmph!” Cooper scoffed. There was no difference between Daniel and all the other swindlers. Eight out of ten would tug at anyone and say that they had the life of a king.

This trick was useless on Cooper. In fact, Cooper’s life was better than that of a king!

Then, Daniel continued, “Your life is smooth, but sinful and stained with blood…”

Cooper did not speak nor did he refute that statement.

He was involved with the military, so how could he not be stained with blood?

Then, Daniel studied Cooper’s palm and murmured, “Misfortune and blessings do not come to us without reason, we bring them upon ourselves. The consequences of good and evil deeds are like a shadow, following the body wherever it goes. Mr. Mitchell, you have a lot of blood on your hands, which means you’ve done many evil deeds. While everyone will reap what they sow, you, however, have not, which is rather odd.”

Upon hearing this, Cooper remained silent as he felt his heart strings being tugged.

Then, Daniel silently observed Cooper’s expression. “Whether it made sense or not, I think Mr. Mitchell knows it better than I do.”

Although Cooper remained expressionless, he was extremely sad inside.

Hadn’t he already reaped what he sowed?

The woman he loved the most and his beloved father had died, his own daughter had suffered since childhood, and he was separated from his son whose whereabouts were still unknown till today.

Outsiders could only see his glory, but they were unaware of the melancholy and despair within him.

Finally, he spoke up. “Enough with this nonsense; I want to know where my son is!”

Internally, Daniel was frightened by Cooper’s grim voice, but he maintained his composure. With a serious face, he looked at Cooper’s palm and continued indifferently, “Mr. Mitchell indeed has a son and your palm shows that your son is still alive. Both of you will naturally meet one day.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, Cooper had been secretly taking Daniel’s words to heart.

Then, Daniel added, “However, Mr. Mitchell, you still have a debt of gratitude that has not been repaid. Until you repay this debt, you will never see your son again.”

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