My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 929

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 929

Just then, Michael learned about what Sophia had done.

“I just thought it would be fun…” she mumbled.

Who knew it would become such a big deal? Now, there was nothing they could do!

Michael got up and leashed the husky to the cat’s kennel, coming back to pick up where he left off.

He did not believe that Cooper would really come and beat him up!

After spending the night at Sophia’s, Michael got up to leave early in the morning. Before leaving, he turned to look back at Sophia who was sleeping soundly and kneeled down next to the bed. Quietly, he watched her as she slept.

It would be a few months before he would see her again…

In the end, he lowered his head and kissed her forehead.

Wait for me!

In the cat’s kennel, Judge realized Michael was awake and he whined. Michael quickly took it away before it destroyed Sophia’s house.

After getting out of the cat’s kennel, Judge led Michael to the dog door and crawled out of it.

The dog door at the mistress’ residence was installed when Sophia got the place. It was installed specifically to make going in or out easier for Bubbles, which was why it was designed to be large enough for a giant poodle. As such, Michael could crawl out of it easily.

When he crawled out, the sky was just starting to get bright. Last night, Sophia had turned on the timer to reactivate the security system, so he had ten minutes to leave. After crawling out of the dog door, he looked back and thought it was relatively easy before crawling out of the next door.

It snowed the night before and it was still snowing a little now while the sky was still dark. When Michael was crawling out, he was covered in mud and snow. The moment his head had come out of the door, Judge’s rear was just a few centimetres away from his nose. Michael instantly moved back before the unthinkable happened.

At that moment, Judge suddenly wailed. When Michael looked clearly, he realized the dog was being restrained by someone.

Ten minutes had passed and the security system restarted. Instantly, the lights came on and the dark house was illuminated.

Just then, a pair of long legs clad in suit pants appeared less than three meters away from Michael. Looking up, he saw Cooper had on an ice cold expression that was comparable to the winter snow.

Meanwhile, standing behind Cooper was a group of men, all of them expressionless as they watched Michael crawl through the dog door.

Half of Michael’s body was out of the dog door; he couldn’t go back nor could he continue on forward, so he had no choice but to meet Cooper’s eyes.

Meanwhile, Judge was heard wailing as he was being held by Dimon.

Then, Cooper turned around and coldly said in an icy voice, “Shut up. Do you want me to make you into stew?”

Sensing his murderous aura, Judge became silent. Its blue eyes focused on Michael and Cooper.

Under everyone’s gaze, Michael calmly crawled out and swatted the dirt off his clothes. Casually, he waved at Cooper. “Hey Dad, out for a run this early?”

At that moment, Cooper’s face was as cold as a frozen lake in winter as it cracked into pieces from his shock and anger.

He refused to speak to Michael.

In fact, he had nothing to say to the dog-door-crawling rat.

Hale, Gary, and the others had long been captured by Cooper’s men. They were all standing off to one side as they looked innocently at Michael.

Slowly walking away, Cooper’s black leather shoes left heavy footprints on the snow-covered ground. “Mr. Michael, I’ve prepared a hearty breakfast for you. Hit the road when you’re done.”

Upon hearing this, Michael was frightened.

Before he could say anything, Dimon came forward. “This way.”

It didn’t matter whether he wanted to, Dimon was already escorting them to the kitchen, where breakfast had already been served.

The breakfast was more sumptuous than ever. Michael, Hale and the rest sat at the table, Dimon keeping an eye on them.

“Mr. Michael, hurry up and finish up your food and be on your way!”

At that moment, Michael did not dare to refuse and he quickly finished his food.

After they were done, Dimon brought them to the garage, where the Mitchells had arranged a driver for them, in addition to a few Land Rovers with people to escort them on their way.

Meanwhile, Judge had been following Michael closely. It’s two pups tagged along when they realized that their dad was leaving, while Bubbles came over too.

Once the car door was opened, Judge hopped in along with its two puppies. Bubbles wanted to join too, but was stopped by Dimon.

“You’re a girl; you can’t go.”

When everyone had gone into the car, Dimon made a hand gesture indifferently. And so, the cars pulled out and hit the road before the sun could rise and the rush hour traffic could even start!

Cooper had arranged the flights and had Michael and the rest escorted to the airport to send them off.

Soon, the plane departed and Michael breathed a sigh of relief. He glanced at Cereberus that was looking out the window.

While the entire flight felt grim, the three of them were the only ones that were happy.

At that moment, Michael gently pinched Judge’s face. “You’re such a troublemaker! I give you a place to live and food to eat, yet you still give me trouble! I was almost caught in bed because of you! I… I’ll whack you!”

Meanwhile, Judge was unbothered as he stuck his tongue out and smiled.

The flight was headed to the filming location. Most of the scenes had been filmed in the film studio, and the scenes on the snowy mountains would be filmed at the next location.

One and a half hour later, the flight landed. It took two hours to get to the highway from the airport and another two hours on the country road before they reached the film set.

The location was on the mountain and off a beaten track, so the road was inaccessible. After getting out of the car, they had to walk about half an hour to the set.

Only this kind of location could recreate the hardship and tragedy of the olden days.

After settling into the hotel, Michael immediately went up the snow-capped mountain. The film crew had been there for several days and Celie had been filming as his double while they waited for Michael, the main actor, to arrive to fill in the close-up shots.

On the mountain, it was more than minus ten degrees. At that moment, the huskies were ‘activated’ as they escaped the grasps of a few strong men, instantly disappearing into the snowy mountains. When Michael arrived at the set, Celine was happily petting the dogs.


“Hey!” Celine skipped toward him like a child.

Just then, Michael took out a bag of chicken thighs that were kept warm with his body heat. “Here; it’s still hot!”

All at once, Celine was delighted. They had a tough time shooting these few days. The snow was thick and they could not drive up. They had to hike up the mountain with all the equipment, so they could not bring too much food, let alone snacks. Sometimes, the food would be too cold and they would have to starve all day. If they wanted to cook, they would have to carry the ingredients up and down the mountain, so the only viable option was to bring cup noodles.

The crew’s manpower was limited and the funding was tight. Celine looked like she found a treasure when she saw the chicken thighs and gobbled it up. It made Michael’s heart ache.

After learning about the situation of the crew, Michael suggested, “We can get horses or donkeys to haul the things up, or we could find local residents to carry them manually.”

However, Harry grimaced. “There aren’t any strong, young men around here; they’ve all gone out to work. Horses and donkeys could also get stuck in the snow too.”

Upon hearing this, Michael furrowed his eyebrows. How could they work without a full stomach?

With a lollipop in his mouth, he casually said, “It would be nice if we had someone who can run fast, adapt to the snowy environment, and has a lot of energy to run errands for us all the time.”

All at once, everyone turned to look at Cereberus in unison.

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