My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 928

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 928

He had used up all his luck when his daughter appeared out of nowhere so he bet that finding his son would be impossible. Besides, Linus and Annabel didn’t look the same at all and he was so much more different compared to her.

Back then when he inadvertently saw him on the television, where he was invited by the television station to solve a ternary problem on the spot, he watched the cruellest farce in the world on the screen. A genius was made fun of on the scene and was even watched as if he was a circus monkey.

Since that was a live video, Cooper rushed to the television station immediately and bought him from his parents with a few million.

That poor child was sold countless times before this. After Cooper brought him back, he found him a pair of adoptive parents and gave him an identity as well as a perfect family. Gratefully, Linus didn’t let him down and grew up to be a perfect successor.

He invested all his love and effort in Linus so even if his son returned, he would surely protect Linus. In his eyes, a flawless successor that he nurtured personally was as important as his long lost son.

Patting Linus’ shoulder, Cooper said earnestly, “If Sophia and her brother return to the Michel Family, your status will surely be affected. Therefore, I hope that you’ll marry Sophia.”

Linus was shocked. “Fass, this is…”

Cooper knitted his eyebrows. “Are you forsaking my daughter for having a past marriage and a child from her preceding marriage? ”

Linus immediately replied, “Of course not. But Sophia and Michael—”

“Don’t mention his name!”

Speaking of Michael, Cooper’s eyes were filled with disappointment. In the past, he once thought that Michael could bring Sophia happiness but he was wrong. Michael was a troublemaker and he would only bring trouble to his two darlings.

He then patted Linus’ shoulder again and said solemnly, “To me, you and Sophia make the perfect couple. You’re the best for her and if you marry her, your status in the family can be stabilized and no one will threaten it anymore.”

Linus was indeed tempted. Since young, he worked hard and yearned to be acknowledged by Cooper and the Michel Family and for that, he worked a hundred times harder than anyone else.

He wanted to be a real Michel whom everyone acknowledged.

He also wanted to be with Sophia and protect her forever so she wouldn’t be hurt at all!

That night, Linus was haunted with nightmares, where Sophia was crying in front of him.

He would dream of the park that late night where she was shivering in the frosty wind. Even her tears almost froze when he wrapped his arms around her body, which was as cold as ice.

Sometimes, he would dream of that strange luggage that she was stuffed into and brought away. When he walked up to it and gently opened the luggage, she was curled up inside and couldn’t even talk from the coldness, helplessness and desperation written all over her face.

He even dreamed of the day when she was brought back from Africa. Her skin was severely infected and she was like a ball of rotten, breathing flesh. She was literally at death’s door.

In his sleep, Linus couldn’t stop crying and grimacing in unbearable pain.

Will you allow me to protect you for the rest of your life?

Late at night, everyone that should be asleep had fallen asleep, yet those who were thirsty remained wide awake.

After almost a night of flirting on Messenger, Michael finally received a request from Sophia to give her a ‘rub’. Hence, he immediately changed into convenient clothes and a pair of sneakers before sneaking into the dark.

Sophia restarted Siri, which bought him ten minutes.

Glancing at the dumb husky that was sound asleep below his bed, Michael sneaked out the room. Unfortunately, Judge was surprisingly cautious that day. As soon as Michael moved, he awoke and when he noticed that Michael was secretly walking out, he thought that he was abandoning him again. Therefore, he barked loudly while running after him.

His bark was so loud that it triggered the voice-controlled light outside the guest room.

Damn it!

Startled, Michael retreated and held Judge’s snout while explaining in a low voice, “I’m not leaving. I’m just going to meet Carmen’s mom, so stop barking!”

Once this dumb dog barked, the entire house would be awakened!

Fortunately, Judge stopped barking but he followed Michael closely. He was afraid that Michael would leave him behind and not bring him to the film studio to shoot movies.

After Michael stepped out of the room, he looked around furtively. Once he made sure that no one was around and Siri was turned off, he dashed toward the mistress’ residence and climbed up the wall in just three steps after a short run. He did that skillfully, swiftly flying over the wall and landed on the ground perfectly, causing a splash of snow and dirt.

However, when he landed and turned back, he saw Judge come out from the dog hole, following him closely.

There was a dog hole!

Michael instantly felt that he wasted his energy in climbing over the wall.

It was snowing tonight and the wall was slippery. Looking at the dim light on the second floor, Michael knew that Sophia must have bathed herself, waiting for him to go to her. The problem was, he couldn’t make it up the wall.

Ten minutes were almost up and Siri would be restarting. Once it restarted, it would immediately notice him, who had climbed over the wall. By that time, Cooper would surely rush out and kill him.

No matter how anxious Michael was, he just couldn’t open the door nor climb up the wall. He wanted to tell Sophia to let a rope down but it was too late.

At the side, Judge saw that Michael panicked like an ant on hot bricks and Judge seemed to look down on him. Then, he turned back and easily found the dog hole. After that, he repeatedly walked in and out of the hole while intermittently glancing at Michael.

Looking at the dog hole, Michael hesitated for a long time and at last, he decided to crawl through it.

It sounded interesting to climb the wall for a moment of pleasure but it definitely sounded dumb to crawl through a dog hole.

However, that was a better option rather than getting killed by Cooper on the spot after noticing him.

Biting the bullet, Michael followed Judge and crawled through the dog hole.

After Judge entered the door, he walked up the stairs openly and found Sophia’s room. Then, he rudely kicked the door with his paws as if he was saying “I’m here. Open the door!”

Meanwhile, Michael furtively went in, afraid that he would be caught. As soon as Sophia opened the door, he immediately squeezed through the gap and shut the door.

At that exact moment, ten minutes was up and Siri was restarted and it began to scan the entire Edwards Residence. It was a 24-hour surveillance system, which wouldn’t miss a spot. Once it detected anything unusual, it would directly report it to the main system and inform the owner. Then, it would accurately fend off the intruders according to the owner’s instruction.

Once Michael went in, he closed the door and turned around. The next second, he hugged Sophia’s tender body close, held onto her waist and lifted her up. Then, he pressed her onto the bed.

The clock was ticking and they didn’t have much time!

Both of them were glued together and they rolled around on the bed.

Before getting divorced, this activity could be referred to as paying taxes; after divorce, it was called an underhanded transaction.

The former sounded boring but the latter sounded exciting!

In the heat of the moment, Sophia opened her eyes and saw a pair of blue puppy eyes staring at her.

Judge was sitting on the side of the bed, staring at them without moving an inch. His blue eyes stared at a half naked Sophia.

“The dog is here…” She murmured as she nudged Michael, who was on top of her.

Turning to look at Judge, Michael commented, “Don’t worry. He’s a dumb dog that doesn’t know a thing.”

Both of them continued their erotic activities but Sophia somehow felt weird. However, she couldn’t figure out what was weird in that surging pleasure until she saw Judge’s collar.


There was a camera on Judge’s collar and it was connected to Siri’s system by Sophia out of boredom!

Goodness! Perhaps Cooper was watching this scene live right now!

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