My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 927

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 927

The screen then changed to the scene where a group of reporters besieged Sandra.

“Miss Mitchell, what do you think about Mr. Taylor Murray’s accusation of you? Do you think that he has falsely accused you?”

“Miss Mitchell, you’ve been reportedly summoned by the police for hiring illegal forces to insult and hurl abuses at Miss Sophia. Do you have any comments regarding this issue?”

“Do you feel guilty for causing the plummeting of the Mitchell Group’s shares due to your actions?”

“What do you have to say regarding the video of you humiliating Miss Sophia at Pourl?”

Wearing sunglasses, Sandra hurried to the car under her assistant’s protection and hid inside. After that, she didn’t show up again.

The screen showed the scene at Pourl that day. After Sandra heard that Sophia left without inheriting a penny, she came to flaunt her victory. She even cooked up stories about Michael dating someone and vividly described their sex postures. Then, she mercilessly mocked a divorced and penniless Sophia. Sandra’s words were disgusting and heartless, which instantly tainted her reputation as a former national treasure athlete. Then, the screen smoothly transitioned to the video where Sophia and Michael collaborated in a press conference for revenge.

Some popular comments on the internet were even shown on the screen and they were all cursing Sandra.

‘The former champion of Universal Games, the ambassador of Cethos’ Women and Children Association has always appeared as a caring and amiable public figure for the past four years. Unexpectedly, she’s reeking of feudalism like an old woman from the former dynasty. I can’t imagine how she could say such things as a public figure.’

‘Don’t forget that she’s also the president of the Women’s Federation, the top ten outstanding women representatives of Cethos and the ambassador of Feminist Organization. On top of that, she’s a public figure that has always been active in women and children charities. It’s shocking that a feminist like her would humiliate and hurl abuses at a penniless, divorced woman.’

‘Young Lady Mitchell of the Mitchell Group? A noble lady of Bayside? It’s definitely bullsht because she’s clearly a btch with a foul mouth!’

Since the most interesting part was shown, Michael immediately changed the channel back to his movie. After seeing that, a smile bloomed on Sophia’s lips. Not bad. That is what I was aiming for.

Suing Sandra and getting compensation from her wasn’t Sophia’s final motive. She wanted to ruin Sandra’s image—the famous woman of Bayside and the former world champion that the Mitchell Family had invested so much in developing.

Now, Alex had lost to Cooper in every aspect so he could only exploit his daughter, Sandra, who had a few halos on, such as the world champion, the national treasure athlete and the outstanding women representative of a few fields. Once Sandra’s reputation was ruined, the reputation of Alex’s family line would collapse as well.

In the past, Alex acknowledged this illegitimate daughter and directed his own show of swapping his daughters, chasing his real daughter out and swapping her with Sandra, who was a world champion. That caused the shares of the Mitchell Family to skyrocket, which in turn stabilized his position. Now that Sandra was ruined, Alex’s family line would be affected too. This is a great opportunity…

The adult’s world was too complicated for Carmen to comprehend. Hence, she was painting her father’s nails seriously, though the outcome was dreadful. Beside them, Judge’s four paws were painted and he was lying on the floor, ashamed to meet anyone’s eyes.

Sophia looked at Carmen’s adorable figure, her heart going soft. She then took out her phone to record a video of the small figure. In the video, only Carmen’s back and Michael’s red nails could be seen while she painted the nails seriously. Her face was not revealed, whereas Judge was included in the video. Since Carmen would only be officially revealed to the public later on, her face was kept concealed at the moment.

After the video was taken, Sophia happily added a beauty filter and a pair of animated cat’s ears. Then, she uploaded it to Judge’s Twitter. As soon as the video was uploaded, Twitter’s servers exploded.

Fans were shocked to see Michael with braided hair, sitting there while a little girl painted his nails diligently. Not only did he attract much online attention, the lolita also garnered much interest from the audience. It was obviously an announcement that Taylor Murray had a child; most importantly, he had a daughter. The fans were overjoyed because their idol’s baby was equivalent to their baby. Soon enough, their national idol would be promoted as the national old father-in-law.

Sophia had been holding her phone for a long time, reading the fans’ comments. She realized that Michael’s braid and Carmen’s little back stole Judge’s halo although this account was about her cute pets.

During their daily hour of family time, Cooper would usually tease his tortoise, Linus would pat the dog, Michael would have a makeover by Carmen and Sophia would play with her phone. At ten o’clock, it was time to sleep so everyone was dismissed. Sophia then carried Carmen to her mistress’ residence while Michael went back to his guest room.

“Linus, come here; I have something to say,” Cooper said to Linus solemnly.

Linus followed Cooper to his study and the atmosphere was extremely stern and serious. Cooper spared him the suspense and got straight to the point. “Linus, if my son is found, your status in the Michel Family will definitely be affected.”

Linus was stunned. He didn’t expect that Cooper would bring this up now. However, if he was being honest, he had anticipated this when he learned that Cooper had a son. He was adopted by Cooper. Although his status was Cooper’s brother, he was more like his son and Cooper had been painstakingly nurturing him as his successor. However, if Cooper’s real son was found and was lucky enough to inherit his extraordinary intelligence and tricks, Cooper definitely wouldn’t treat his son shabbily.

Bringing back Sophia had already greatly affected Linus’ status in the Michel Family. If Cooper’s son was found, it would have an even greater impact on him. As an adopted brother, it was only reasonable for him to abdicate and make way for the real successor when the time came. Although Linus felt down-hearted, that was the fact and he couldn’t change it.

Patting his shoulder, Cooper said in a fatherly tone, “Even so, I’ve seen all your hard work and achievements in these years, Linus. Even if he’s my son, I won’t let him easily take over your achievements that you worked so hard for. It’ll be a fair competition between the three of you.”

Upon hearing that, Linus’ eyes became teary. Although Cooper was his brother, he had always treated him as his father. Linus was just an adopted child and wasn’t related to Cooper in any way. Yet, Cooper cared for him like his own and taught Linus everything he knew, painstakingly nurturing him. He even trusted him and allowed him to take over the Michel Family. Now that his biological children had returned, he still put Linus on the same level as his children.

Linus nodded in response. Surely, he was afraid to lose all he had now but he was even more afraid that one day when that person returned, he would snatch everything from him, especially his family.

Cooper sighed while looking at Linus. How nice it would be if Linus was his biological son! Yet, he knew that it was impossible.

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