My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 926

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 926

Call Cooper his dad?

How could he do such a shameful thing?

However, Carmen stared at Michael vigilantly, causing him to be in an awkward position.

All this while, he had been trying his best to create a perfect family atmosphere for Carmen, where all family members loved and cared for each other. He felt that children would only grow happily under that harmonious atmosphere.

Seeing that Michael refused to call Cooper ‘Daddy’, Carmen pouted her lips and asked, “Did you and Mommy really have a divorce?”

“Of course not,” Michael immediately replied. “That’s not true!”

Out of anger, Carmen put her feeding bottle down and argued with Michael, “Then why don’t you call grandpa ‘Daddy’? Even our neighbor Luna’s father calls Luna’s grandfather ‘Daddy’!”

Furrowing his eyebrows, Michael looked at Cooper while Cooper looked back at him.

At last, Michael bit the bullet and said, “Dad!”

Upon hearing that, Cooper was utterly disgusted.

He refused to have such an old son!

The feeling of being called a dad by someone only a few years younger than him was indescribable and absolutely disgusting!

Noticing the disgust that was hidden in Cooper’s eyes, Michael scolded him inwardly.

How dare he feel disgusted after receiving such honor? How rude of him!

Since young, he had never liked Cooper because he always set himself above the masses, suffocating his peers with his superiority. Now, he disliked him even more but because he was Sophia’s father, he forced himself to grow fond of him no matter how much he hated him.

Michael’s acting skills were superb and it seemed like he was very willing to call Cooper dad. Seeing that, Carmen was satisfied and she continued to drink her milk.

After that awkward moment, Michael and Cooper got down to business.

“Actually, I think that you should change your method of finding your son. Why don’t you go to the mountain to burn some incense, worship gods and read your own fortune? Perhaps you’ll receive some hints…”

Annoyed, Cooper knitted his eyebrows and said, “Can you pay attention to your food, Mr. Fletcher?”

Michael shut his mouth and stopped talking, afraid that he would expose his intentions. It would be disastrous if Cooper realized what he was up to.

However, Carmen got mad. She put down her bottle again and shouted angrily at Cooper, “Mr. Fletcher? He’s Mikey!”

Michael was rendered speechless, and so was Cooper.

Carmen continued, “Even my forefather calls Daddy ‘Mikey’, so you must call Daddy ‘Mikey’ too, Grandpa!”

Seeing that Cooper refused to obey, Carmen pouted her lips and asked, “Grandpa, don’t you love Daddy?”

Again, Cooper gave Michael a disgusted look.

Him? Mikey? He must have watched too many Mickey Mouse cartoons!

Perhaps Old Goofy would suit him better!

Besides, love him?

That would be impossible!

However, being stared at by Carmen with her sparkling eyes, Cooper had no choice but to swallow his shame and disgust while saying, “Mikey Fletcher, you’d better rest early after you have your meal. Tomorrow will be a good day and it’ll be snowing at night, so make sure to leave early and have a safe trip.”

He was hinting Michael to get lost as soon as he could!

With that, Cooper finished his food early and left. Behind him, Michael beamed with delight when he said, “Dad, you should eat more!”

Cooper muttered, “I have no appetite.”

After worshiping his God of Wealth and checking on his darling tortoise, he went into his study.

Sophia had come home late. When she rushed over from the mistress’ residence, Cooper had finished his meal.

Therefore, she didn’t know what took place and thought that Cooper didn’t feel like eating because he hadn’t found her brother. Sighing, she murmured, “I wonder where my brother is and what he looks like…”

Looking at her dejected face, Michael wished it could be settled soon too. He wanted them to be united as a family, siblings as well as a father and son. However, Cooper seemed to be determined to block him out of the family so he had no choice but to harden his heart and cook up a plot on this matter.

Therefore, Michael quickly hinted at Sophia. “I couldn’t find any clue when I tried to find him for almost two years back then but I went to enquire about the future at the temple, it is said that you and your brother are destined to be reunited. So, you don’t have to worry about that.”

Sophia was interested in the temple that he mentioned. “Temple? Which temple? Is it effective?”

Michael nodded repeatedly. “It’s amazingly effective. If you’re free someday, you may go there and burn some incense or ask about your future. Perhaps it would be helpful. Look at Dad; he’s worshipping the God of Wealth every day.”

Sophia took it to heart. She’d rather believe it was true rather than the opposite. After all, it didn’t hurt to say some prayers.

After dinner, she bumped into Dimon on her way out, so she asked, “Is there any temple around Bayside that’s effective?”

Dimon replied without hesitation, “Reverie Mountain—it has always attracted a large number of pilgrims. ”

After pondering, he added, “If you are looking for a temple that’s further, you may visit Dragon Mountain. There’s a mountain top and the Buddha in that temple is effective too, attracting many pilgrims in recent years. ”

Dragon Mountain… Sophia felt that the name rang a bell. After pondering, she realized that it was her business which she collaborated with Daniel.

In her work diary, the brilliant people and the strategic location of Dragon Mountain caught her fancy back then so she applied for its development rights and undertook the contract for the entire mountain top. She then developed a nursing home, a holiday villa and a rejuvenating program on the mountain top. She also renovated and expanded the temple that was once occupied by only two or three monks.

In these years, the business on the mountain prospered and grew enormously under her collaborating partner, Daniel, as well as Michael’s management.

During her previous meeting with Daniel, he firmly refused to have a meal in her house. Speaking of which, Reverie Mountain belonged to him too. Perhaps she could ask him for some privilege.

Sophia made a mental note and brought the topic up when everyone gathered around to watch television that night. “Dad, let’s visit Reverie Mountain and ask about our future. It might be useful!”

Cooper didn’t believe these superstitions in the past but after going through countless ups and downs lately, he started to think otherwise.

Perhaps everything had its own destiny, just like how he got a daughter out of nowhere.

It might be better to ask about it rather than not asking at all.

Besides, Reverie Mountain was the Levine Family’s territory and that family had always been a magical existence in Bayside. Although it wasn’t as powerful as the Four Great Families, it had a mysterious prestige. The current person in charge of the Levine Family was Daniel and he was the one who sold his daughter for 80 thousand.

After Sophia came back, she seemed to have had contact with Daniel but Daniel didn’t dare to appear in front of Cooper.

Therefore, Cooper hadn’t had a chance to meet him!

A fierce look appeared in Cooper’s eyes as he said, “Alright; we’ll check it out.”

Overjoyed, Sophia added, “Oh—I heard from Dimon that Dragon Mountain in the South is also effective. Plus, it’s my business so we might as well visit there too. I can take this opportunity to inspect the progress of my business.”

Looking icy, Cooper agreed.

On the other hand, Michael didn’t dare to say a word throughout the conversation and pretended to watch the movie. Meanwhile, Carmen was braiding his hair whereas Judge was staring at him with glaring eyes. The dog even waited outside the door when Michael went to the toilet, afraid that he would abandon it.

After Sophia and Cooper ended the conversation, the family continued to watch television. All of them were usually very busy but they would still gather around and watch television together every night after dinner, even if they were just around to pat their cat, dog, alpaca, or just to play with their phone.

When Michael knew about their habit, he would show up on time every day, hoping that they would get used to his presence.

Carmen was trying her best to braid her father’s hair. After that, she started to paint Michael’s nails.

Michael lay down while she played with him. When he got the remote control, he deliberately changed the channel to the movies, where his old film ‘Doctor Invincible’ was airing.

Everyone was forced to watch his good-looking figure.

During the commercial breaks, he changed the channel to the news, which was coincidentally reporting the financial news.

“Due to the series of false statements said by the daughter of Mitchell Group Sandra Mitchell, also known as the former champion of Universal Games, the shares of the Mitchell Group have been plummeting lately…”

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