My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 924

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 924

It was November and it had started to snow in Bayside City, with snowflakes falling from the sky all day long. When Michael climbed over the wall, he was covered in snow. As soon as Sophia opened the door, a gush of warm air blew toward him, taking the chills away from him.

After they closed the door and went into the room, it felt warm and cozy. Then, he reached out and pulled her soft, warm body into his arms. This was the first time they had intimate contact since that incident happened to Carmen.

He hugged that small warm body tightly, as if it was his entire world. Then, he gently kissed her face and her forehead, feeling her skin on his lips. At last, he gave her red lips a kiss before gradually deepening the kiss.

Feeling that long-lost warmth, he felt that he was a wayward traveller who suddenly found his home.

It was only after a long kiss that Sophia said, “Keep it down…”

Michael looked around her small room, which was decorated quaintly while an incense was burning. Meanwhile, Carmen was sleeping next door. She had her own room and would sleep with her nanny at night. Sometimes, she would come over and sleep with Sophia.

Sophia had taken a shower and changed her clothes and was waiting for him.

Seeing that, Michael didn’t hold back and threw her fragrant body over his shoulder. Then, he laid her on the bed and gently used his weight to press her down, as if she was a precious gem.

It was midnight when Cooper’s voice suddenly rang from downstairs.

“Darling, why aren’t you asleep?”

At the second floor in Sophia’s room, Sophia suddenly tensed up and she tightened her arms around Michael out of reflex, who was on top of her. He had been rubbing against her but she had resisted letting him in. Taking that opportunity, Michael rushed in and invaded, startling Sophia and causing her to moan softly. However, she quickly held herself back the next moment, because she was afraid that Cooper would notice someone was in her room.

That being said, she still had to answer so she raised her voice and replied, “I’m going to sleep now.”

Then, she turned off the night light, allowing darkness to devour the room. It was only then that Cooper’s footsteps receded downstairs.

Listening to the fading footsteps, Michael was finally bold enough to continue his business without scruples, whereas Sophia had her heart in her mouth for the whole night.

The next day before the sun rose, Michael crept out of the room. On the other hand, Sophia was paralysed on the bed like a puddle of melted snow after a whole night of vigorous exercise, trying to recover. The maid even had to send breakfast to her room. When Cooper asked about that, Sophia used the weather change and snow as an excuse, claiming that she didn’t feel well and needed some rest.

That day, Carmen woke up early and went to the dining room to have her breakfast. In the dining room, Michael and Cooper were staring at each other.

If Carmen wasn’t around, Cooper would have chased Michael off.

Carmen wore a pink cotton-padded jacket and a cute kitty hat, all the while sucking milk from a bottle, enjoyment written on her face. Noticing that Cooper was glaring at Michael with his huge eyes, she pouted her lips and asked, “Grandpa, are you hating on my daddy again?”

Cooper immediately tried to clarify the situation. “Of course not. Your daddy is my son-in-law, which is equivalent to my son. Why would I dislike my own son?”

Listening to Cooper’s words that were gritted out from clenched teeth, Michael suddenly felt that he was taken advantage of. Yet, there was nothing he could do about it, so Cooper took advantage of that opportunity.

Michael could only bow his head and eat quietly while holding Carmen in his lap.

Snow was falling and it was the right time to shoot the scene in the snowy mountain. Therefore, he had to grab the opportunity to finish filming before the new year so that he could go home.

Once he thought about spending two or three months without meeting his cutie-pie and darling, his heart felt bitter.

His baby was the most adorable being in the world. Every part of her was bursting with cuteness and even her breath sparkled with pink bubbles, tempting him to hold her in his arms for the whole day, giving her kisses and lifting her up in the air.

Michael hugged Carmen and stroked her head. At the same time, he kissed her cheeks and couldn’t help but graze his chin against her face.

At the side, Cooper watched them in jealousy while Michael hugged Carmen for more than ten minutes. When it seemed like he wasn’t going to stop soon, Cooper couldn’t stand it anymore and muttered, “Enough. You can hand me Carmen and leave now!”

He then reached out and snatched Carmen over, causing Michael to mouth some curse words at him. After finishing his meal, Michael finally left.

On the other hand, Linus was trying to suppress his laughter the whole time, amused by how childish these two were.

After Michael packed all his things, the car was ready as well. Walking out of the guest room, he glanced at the mistress’ residence. Sophia must still be asleep since she almost got wounded from last night’s activities, so she probably wouldn’t send him off. Anyway, he didn’t want his farewell to be too saddening, so he left dejectedly by car.

In the car, Michael somehow had an intuition that he had forgotten to bring something.

It was snowing again today and the yard was covered with a thin layer of snow. Since Cooper was still in the midst of an important mission to search for his son, he went out after bringing Carmen for a stroll around the yard.

Coincidentally, Linus was going to pass by Carmen’s new kindergarten when he went to work, so he dropped her off on the way.

Only Sophia slept all the way to noon. When she woke up and pulled the curtains apart to look outside, it was still snowing. She then got down from the bed on her two aching legs that she couldn’t keep closed. Not only that, she had to walk carefully with her butt perked.

Even worse, it was torture to put on her pants as everything was burning in pain.

After she got up and had some food, she realized that everyone had left home and she felt empty.

But when she finished her meal, she suddenly heard a few grievous howls of a wolf.

The next second, Judge rushed in wearing a flowery dress while howling unhappily at Sophia.

“Oh—haven’t you left? Why are you still here?”

Sophia patted his head. Last night, Michael promised to take him to shoot a movie. By right, Judge should be with him now since he had left, so why was Judge still here?

Could it be that Michael had forgotten about him?

Well… It might be a good thing that Michael had forgotten. She couldn’t imagine how ridiculous the film would be once it was aired, showing a husky among a pack of wolves. After all, that was a serious, heroic film so it shouldn’t be degraded by Judge’s dumbness.

“Alright, alright. He’s gone and will be on the plane by now. I’m afraid you won’t make it this time. How about next time? Next time, you’ll surely be cast in a movie as a wolf.”

Sophia comforted the dog by patting its head and saying, “I won’t work today. Instead, I’ll make a video of you and post it on Twitter so you’ll be famous, alright?”

Feeling indignant, Judge howled at Sophia and gobbled up a huge bowl of dog food at noon. Sophia thought that he was stuffing himself out of sadness but to her astonishment, he was filling himself with energy to later destroy the house.

Knowing that he was abandoned, Judge went berserk and started to tear apart furniture at home after his lunch. He not only ripped the table, stool, sofa and carpet, he even chewed Sophia’s shoes, shirt, dog and alpaca, causing Bubbles to whine and the alpaca to flee around the house. He was so mad that he even attacked his own sons, chasing them around the house and biting them. As a result of the dogs’ fight, the floor was covered with fur. Not only that, Judge even attacked his beloved kitten, Chrysanthemum, and almost pulled all its fur out.

Sophia knew that she was at fault but Michael had already left, and she couldn’t possibly ask him to come back because of Judge. Therefore, she locked Judge in his cage to calm him down.

Unexpectedly, he managed to chew through the cage bars and escape. He was like a ferocious wolf that ran out of the mountain, digging a hole through the door with its claw that was as strong as titanium. There were holes everywhere, as if a groundhog was let loose in the house. Judge even rushed into the living room and scooped out Cooper’s old tortoise from the huge fish tank in the living room and threw it into the pond outside.

Sophia started to panic and immediately asked someone to scoop the tortoise from the pool. However, the pond was about one or two meters deep and once the tortoise was thrown in it, it couldn’t be found.

That caused fear to take over Sophia since the tortoise was Cooper’s darling, which he had taken care of for many years!

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