My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 923

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 923

Meanwhile in the Mitchell Residence, Sandra was watching the news and when she heard what Michael said, she was so furious she flung the remote control to the ground.

I didn’t expect the two of them to work together to deceive the public! It was clear that they were divorced. Are they trying to get back together?

After giving it some thought, Sandra called Abbie. After all, Abbie was a member of the Michel Family. The Michel Family’s power used to be focused abroad but now, it was gradually seeping into Bayside City.

Nobody in Bayside City will dare to disobey Abbie. As long as she gives the order, we’ll definitely find proof of Sophia and Michael’s divorce…

At the press conference, the agitated reporters asked numerous questions about their children, Sophia, and about Sandra, but Michael didn’t answer any of them and left in a hurry.

After the press conference, Sophia and Michael came out of the parking garage. Michael pulled the door open for Sophia and there was a shining ring on his ring finger that was part of a matching set with the ring on Sophia’s ring finger, as if they were destined to be together.

After they got in the car, Michael looked at the ring and said, “The rumors are still spreading and Sandra will definitely find a way to get proof of our divorce, so don’t take your ring off for the time being.”

Sophia nodded and lowered her head to admire her ring. This ring suits me very well. Michael and I must’ve spent a lot of effort in choosing our wedding rings back then!

Now that they had divorced, not only did they have to pay attention to Carmen’s feelings, they had to protect Michael’s public image, which was why they couldn’t disclose their divorce.

I wonder how Sandra found out about it. From now on, we must pay attention to not let the news leak out.

After admiring the ring, Sophia said, “I will follow up with the lawsuit so you can be rest assured to go to the set and shoot the movie.”

Michael nodded in response and the two of them drove home.

Cooper wasn’t home because he was out looking for his son. According to Michael’s subordinate’s report, they were investigating couples who emigrated out of Riverdale twenty-seven years ago, which was quite a wide range of people.

Michael planned to create some obstacles for Cooper and then appear when Cooper was at his most anxious and give some clues, effectively showing Michael’s importance…

However, this plan was extremely dangerous. Michael was dipping his toes in the water and he was at risk of being chopped into pieces. If Cooper found out about this, Michael would be shredded and be made into minced meat!

After dinner, Michael went back to the guest room when he received a call from Harry.

“Hey, hurry up and come to the set. You’re the male lead. If you don’t come back, the whole crew will be a mess!”

Harry already knew that Michael was up to no good and he was right. Michael was eating and living in Cooper’s house like a shameless person again!

I’m sure Cooper is dying to get rid of him!

“I’ll be back tomorrow,” Michael replied. “You’ll have to help me handle the situation first.”

After he hung up, Michael logged onto his Messenger to chat with Sophia. Coincidentally, as soon as he opened the application, he saw that Sophia had sent him a message.

‘Didn’t you say that you would make an announcement about bringing Carmen on a reality show? Why didn’t you?’

Michael typed out a response, ‘I won’t announce it for the time being. Carmen is young and inexperienced, so I’m afraid that she won’t get used to it. If she doesn’t like it, they will delete our scenes during post production. It’s written in the contract that I signed.’

Sophia sent him a red heart emoji as a reply.

Seeing this, Michael sent another text. ‘Furthermore, the goal of this press conference is to sue Sandra. If we make an announcement about Carmen, the attention of the reporters will inevitably shift to her.’

The two chatted and they sent voice messages, texts, and even video called each other, talking about Carmen and Sandra.

Sandra’s behavior this time truly offended Michael. People thought that he had abandoned his wife and there were even some small papers that spread rumors Sophia had a chaotic life, saying that she had an affair and was kicked out of the house. In the end, Sandra couldn’t stand it so she came forward to criticize them.

However, Sophia felt that it was not the right time to take revenge on Sandra yet. She wanted Sandra to be completely humiliated, just like how she treated Natasha back then! Sophia wanted to make her feel ashamed and ruin her father’s reputation again and again!

After Sandra came to Cooper’s house and made a scene yesterday, there were some people from Alex’s side who secretly came over to side with Cooper.

Cooper will be the one to crush them upfront and I’ll be the one who will trick them behind the scenes!

Sophia had hired someone to investigate Abbie and found out that she had been really active in Bayside City lately.

Sandra is probably tricked by her. In order to please Abby, she has already spent a lot of money. I have a hunch that she will do something foolish soon!

The two of them chatted until ten o’clock when Sophia said, “Carmen is asleep. I should go to sleep now.”

Hearing this, Michael hurriedly said, “I’m leaving tomorrow. I want to see you.”

There was a long silence, as if she was putting on a facial mask. Finally, she typed out a response, ‘I don’t think that’s a good idea. It’s my time of the month today.’

Time of the month…

Seeing this, Michael instantly felt enthusiastic and a glint appeared in his eyes. He hurriedly stood up and typed on his phone with one hand while he put on his clothes with the other.

‘It’s okay; I’ll be careful and I won’t take things too far.’

Sophia replied to him with a shy emoji and sent him a text. ‘The doors are already closed.’

Although she seems to be refusing me, I have a feeling that she secretly wants me there. Michael was so happy, he was on cloud nine. He hurriedly put on a pair of sneakers and walked out briskly as he typed, ‘No problem. Turn off Siri; I’ll be there soon.’

After a while, Sophia replied, ‘I’ve already turned it off. It will take ten minutes for the system to restart. Come over.’

Michael almost flew out of the living room and went outside to sneak around. It seems like no one is around. The Siri system covers the whole house and it’ll notice even if a mouse appears in the corner, let alone a human.

However, ten minutes was all Michael needed.

When he arrived outside the mistress’ residence where Sophia lived, he looked over the wall and saw faint light shining in a small room.

That’s where Sophia is!

Unfortunately, the door was locked. Michael touched the cold door and glanced at the high wall.

It was too late to ask someone to pick the lock, so the only option was to jump over the wall. Michael estimated the height of the wall and calculated the best distance for a run-up. He took a few steps back, sprinted, and jumped onto the wall in a few steps. His new sneakers didn’t even leave any footprints on the wall.

Then, he silently stood on the wall and looked around the Edwards residence under the moonlight. Michael was familiar with every corner of this house because he often came here to shoot movies and have a holiday. Later, he sneakily jumped to the ground, climbed up to the second floor from the outside of the building, and went to the small room with the light on.

Standing outside on the balcony, Michael straightened his clothes and knocked gently on the door. Soon, he saw a figure moving from inside the room and he even heard some laughter.

Michael turned around and glanced at the wall that he had just leaped over, feeling pleased with himself.

Fortunately, I have had some training so walls of this height aren’t hard for me to jump over! Hmm… Come to think of it, jumping over a wall to meet a beautiful woman is pretty heroic and artistic!

Sophia soon came and opened the door. Even though the Siri system was turned off, the surveillance cameras were still on. From the surveillance, she saw Michael jump and climb the wall and she was moved.

I won’t take things too far…

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