My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 922

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 922

There were only two of Sandra’s bodyguards left at the scene and they didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t right for them to leave or stay. If they left, they couldn’t just leave their other companions on the ground; they didn’t look dead and it was as if they were in deep sleep. However, if they stayed, it was possible that they may be the ones who fall next.

Fortunately for them, Dimon was kind enough to tell them what to do. After all, he used to work for Sandra’s side of the Mitchell Family. He told the two bodyguards to drive the car to the back door and one by one, they carried the bodyguards on the ground into the car. Moreover, he even warned them to never come back because they couldn’t afford to offend this family.

In the end, they drove away in two different cars filled with bodyguards who were sound asleep.

They are horrifying! As expected, Alex is no match for Cooper!

After this incident, a group of people who used to side with Alex chose to side with Cooper one after another. Cooper started from scratch after he returned to Cethos but now, he gradually became equals with Alex.

After Sophia entered the house, she went into the living room and saw that Michael and Sean had returned. After they left the police station, they went shopping for a while before they came home via the garage. However, when Sophia heard that Sandra was here again, she hurried to go in through the front door to watch the excitement and have a look at Abbie, who claimed that she grew up with her.

Cooper was also in the living room, getting ready for dinner. Carmen was in her father’s arms and Judge—who had a head full of braids—sat beside her, looking at Michael sincerely.

Then, Carmen asked, “Daddy, does Judge look like a wolf?”

Michael frowned and glanced at Judge, who had braids all over his head, before he gave an honest reply. “No.”

Hearing this, Carmen pouted and said, “You’re lying, Daddy. Grandpa said that Judge is a Siberian sled wolf!”

Michael stole a glance at Cooper, wondering what trick Carmen had up her sleeve. However, since Cooper already said that Judge looked like a wolf, he couldn’t say otherwise. Hence, Michael hurriedly nodded and replied, “Yes; Grandpa is right.”

Upon hearing that, Carmen was overjoyed. “Then can Judge play the role of a wolf in the movie?”

Michael had a sudden realization. So that’s what she wants.

There are some dramas which like to mock the audience by using Samoyeds to play the role of a fox and huskies to play the role of a wolf. However, my movie naturally won’t be such an eyesore so the director decided to use real wolves and special effects… If Judge enters the set, he might be shredded to pieces!

In a serious tone, Michael said, “I’m afraid it is not suitable for Judge to act as a wolf!”

Carmen continued to pout her lips and argued, “But Grandpa said yes! Are you questioning Grandpa’s judgement?”

Michael quickly glanced at Cooper, only to find Cooper glaring at him sternly. Seeing this, Michael hurriedly looked away.

This little girl is getting good at playing tricks! She knows that I won’t agree so she asked Cooper to back her up! Cooper already said that Judge is a wolf, so how can I refuse? Of course I can’t!

Which was why Michael had no choice but to agree. “Alright then. I’ll be heading to the set the day after tomorrow and I’ll bring Judge. I’ll let him be a wolf in the movie!”

A glint instantly appeared in Carmen’s eyes and she said, “Then, can I get Judge’s pay first?”

Michael frowned. This girl… She is doing all of this for money, isn’t she?

He pulled out 200 from his pocket and said, “Here’s Judge’s pay. Carmen, you’ll have to help me pay it to Judge!”

With that, Carmen happily took the money and left with the dog.

After she walked out of the door, she stuffed a 100 into her pocket and gave Judge the other 100.

“Judgey, the other 100 is my referral fee.”

With his tongue out, Judge licked his bill happily and carried it to his piggy bank in his cage.

Meanwhile in the living room. Michael commented, “I will take Judge to the set but I can’t let that silly dog play the role of a wolf. It will ruin the movie.”

Cooper silently agreed.

Raising a granddaughter is giving me a headache. In order to earn 200 from Michael, she was willing to drag me into this. The reason she wants Judge to play the role of a wolf is definitely because of the money. Knowing her, at least half of the 200 will enter her pocket. What a corrupt and shrewd capitalist!

Cooper untied the braids on his head and put the colorful little rubber bands on his wrists. However, a few seconds after Michael finished speaking, he suddenly heard a long howl filled with grief coming from the doghouse. Truth was, it was as ferocious as a wolf’s howl. Michael was so shocked that he hurriedly covered his mouth.

Oh no! I forgot Cooper installed Judge’s ears and his hearing is so good, he can hear people snacking on the third floor all the way from the first floor.

Judge probably heard Michael speak ill of him and he barked non stop as he rushed over, as if he was scolding Michael.

Who are you calling silly? You’re the silly one! Your whole family is silly! How dare you call me a silly dog? I’ll bite your wife as revenge!

Sophia just happened to finish changing into comfy clothes. As soon as she entered the room, Judge rushed over and bit the bottom of her pants.

“What are you doing, silly dog?”

Seeing this, Michael and Cooper stood up almost at the same time, rushing over to capture Judge. Although they were really noisy, the family looked harmonious. Judge ran around, as if he wanted to demolish the 5 million house. After chasing him for a while, they finally locked him in a cage. In the end, Sophia, Michael, and Cooper were covered in dog fur. They glanced at each other, feeling speechless.

Michael continued to stay in the house that day. After all, Cooper’s attention was focused on finding his son and had no time to care about him at all, so he could boldly eat and stay in the house.

The next day, Sophia and Michael jointly held a press conference and many reporters came.

Flash lights shone on them from time to time and camera shutters echoed throughout the room. The cameras captured Michael dressed handsomely in a suit and leather shoes, and Sophia, who had made the effort to dress up. The two of them looked like a great match and they even had their wedding rings on their fingers.

As soon as the press conference started, Michael began to make a few statements about the recent events.

“For starters, Miss Sophia Edwards and I are not divorced. We have a harmonious relationship and a daughter. We even plan to have a second child. As for the speculation of Sophia’s identity, I hereby announce that Miss Edwards is also Scarlett Mitchell, the daughter of Cooper Mitchell, chairman of Mitchell Energy and Technology. Three years ago, she and I were injured from being trampled by a group of crazy fans. Later on, she went abroad to find her biological father, Mr. Mitchell, and changed her name. Because of what happened back then, I retired from the entertainment industry and didn’t make any statement on this matter, ignoring the widespread news on the internet that Miss Edwards and I were killed.”

Back then, news about his death was reported everywhere, but he ignored all of them. Instead, he searched the world for his wife and had no time to deal with the fake reports.

As soon as Michael finished his statement, there was an instant uproar. Even though there were rumors about Sophia and Scarlett being the same person circling around Bayside City since a long time ago, it was just a wild guess. However, at that moment, Sophia had admitted it herself. The reporters were agitated.

Then, Michael began his second statement. “As for Miss Sandra’s irresponsible remarks, I will hold her accountable! Miss Sandra Mitchell is a former world champion. I cannot imagine that she would make such remarks. Not only did she spread rumors about my divorce, she even insulted my wife in public and colluded with underworld forces to go to our house in Riverdale and insult my wife for no reason! As Sophia’s husband, I’m infuriated by Miss Sandra’s actions and I have great doubts about her character!”

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