My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 921

alling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 921

Sophia really wanted to know when did she suddenly have a best friend that she grew up with. Her name, Lucile Michel, was a name that Cooper had come up with when they were returning to Cethos. This meant that she appeared out of nowhere and before her appearance, Cooper had always been bachelor with no children and no wives.

Even the Michel Family only knew about Cooper’s daughter and few have ever seen her.

How can Abby be lucky enough to have grown up with me?

“You probably don’t know this, but Abbie was brought up by the Michel Family and she is Miss Lucile’s best friend!” Sandra deliberately raised her voice, afraid that Sophia couldn’t hear her. She was a living example of a b*tch who relied on the power of others.

Sophia glanced at Abbie and noticed that she didn’t look guilty at all. Instead, she looked rather confident, as if she had really grown up with Lucile and was her best friend.

She has pretty good acting skills.

Sophia’s eyes looked around as she tried to guess at Abbie’s intentions.

Abby is definitely a liar. I don’t even know when I suddenly had a best friend. Is Sandra being deceived by her, or are they working together to blackmail people? If it’s the latter, their courage is admirable but if it’s the former, then it’s interesting… However, no matter what, this house belongs to me and it’s my name on the title. How can I let these two take away what’s mine?

“Well, I’ve met her now. People who can grow up together with Miss Lucile sure are extraordinary. Dimon, see them off.”

With that, Sophia carefully stepped on the green stones in the courtyard with the new fur boots that she had just bought and walked toward the house.

“Stop right there!”

Sandra suddenly grabbed at Sophia and she said in a serious tone, “Sophia, didn’t you hear what I just said? Abbie fell in love with this house. If you don’t give this house up, the Mitchell Family, and even Cethos, will suffer! The power that the Michel Family has is beyond your imagination!”

Sophia wanted to laugh. Even Cethos will have to suffer? I know a lot about the Michel Family’s power. Although they have power overseas, they don’t have much influence in Cethos. In the past, Cooper had no intentions of developing the power of the Michel Family, and only began to gradually develop the company in Cethos a few days ago. Even if the Michel Family has great development in Cethos, they are just a family. How would they dare to go against the world’s most populous country?

Sophia clasped Sandra’s hand that was holding her arm tightly and pushed it away. Then, she said, “I know that the Michel Family is powerful, but this is Cethos. If I don’t agree to give up this house, is the Michel Family going to send an army to forcefully take it from me?”

The left corner of Sophia’s lips curled upwards as she continued, “If you really want to lead an army to take over this place, please notify me beforehand. I’ll obediently move out.”

Even though Sophia wasn’t sure whether Abbie and Sandra were partners or Sandra was being fooled, she was too lazy to expose them. She just watched as the two of them continued to lie.

Sooner or later, I’ll settle these accounts and punish them for their crimes together!

After pushing away Sandra’s hand, Sophia walked toward the main building. All of sudden, she remembered something and without looking back, she announced, “By the way, I have already dealt with the matter. Sandra, you’ll be receiving the court’s subpoena soon!”

When Sophia walked past Abbie, she saw Abbie’s eyes glaring at her with resentment, contempt and anger, much like a superior staring at a lowly servant. Her makeup was really thick and the blue in her contact lenses was exaggerated. Staring at Sophia, Abbie said nothing.

Sophia merely glanced at her for a moment before she looked away and rolled her eyes. Seeing this, Abbie glared at her with her thick brows raised, which made her look a little fierce.

However, Sophia only took two steps forward before she heard Sandra give an order, “There’s no need to talk nonsense. Guards, drive everyone in this house out of here!”

Sandra was determined to take over the house that day. After all, Abbie liked the house and as her pet, Sandra had to do everything she could to please her. After kicking Sophia and Cooper out of the house, Abbie would be pleased and no one would hold her accountable.

To go against the Michel Family is to die!

The dozen men that Sandra brought over immediately rushed forward and headed to the main building. However, Dimon, Roger and the others stood still and folded their arms as they waited for a show to happen. Meanwhile, Sophia continued to walk slowly toward the main building. She was wearing a cotton bodycon dress that showed off her slender figure. Then, she slowly raised four fingers and said, “Siri, they brought four cars so just let four of them go. Take care of the rest.”

As soon as she finished speaking, it was as if the air was compressed and the atmosphere became tense. The people from the Mitchell Family all felt a great sense of danger but they didn’t know where it was coming from. Suddenly, the dozens of bodyguards dressed in black that Sandra brought over fell to the ground silently.

There was no sound, no resistance, and no struggle as they fell straight to the ground. Everything happened in one second. After taking a closer look, there were needle marks on their necks. The dozen of men fell to the ground in an instant and only Sandra, Abbie, and two other bodyguards were left standing. The people from Sophia’s side were all watching the excitement, none of them harmed.

It was a precise strike and was extremely accurate. The Siri system was a residential defense system that Cooper installed. When someone uninvited broke into the house, the system would intelligently identify the person before carrying out a precise attack.

This was something Cooper installed after being provoked when Carmen was captured by Celine.

After the attack, Sandra and Abbie were shocked and they stood there stunned as they glanced at the dozen men that had suddenly fallen to the ground. The other two bodyguards that were standing also turned pale and they hurriedly escorted Sandra and Abby toward the door.

Sophia looked back and glanced at the group of men on the ground. Then, she looked at the two bodyguards standing there but didn’t say a thing. All of a sudden, two huskies rushed out of the building and greeted her enthusiastically. And so, Sophia petted the two dogs and went into the main building.

Only the four people who were dumbfounded were left at the scene. Sophia was kind enough to leave them with four people, and two of them were bodyguards that could drag the others into the car.

Abbie trembled in fear as she opened the door and quickly ran out. When Sandra came back to her senses, her first reaction was joy.

“Sophia, you’re in big trouble now! Big trouble!”

Sophia’s alpaca spit on Abbie’s head the last time, but Abbie may let her go for the sake of the house. However, this time, not only did she not get the house, she was even humiliated by Sophia. Abbie will definitely make her pay for the consequences.

With that, Sandra ran away with Abbie. She was waiting for the violent storm to come because she knew that the Michel Family would definitely punish Sophia.

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