My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 920

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 920

“Miss Abbie and Miss Lucile grew up together and they are basically sisters! The Michel Family loves this house, so all of you should move out by the end of today!”

Hearing this, Cooper was rendered speechless. He switched off the surveillance tapes, fearing that it would be an insult to his intelligence. Fortunately, the sound insulation of the house was great so they couldn’t hear the sound outside at all.

All Cooper could hear was Carmen’s sweet humming and… Judge’s snoring. He glanced at Judge in disgust, who was sleeping on the carpet with his tongue out.

This dog is here to eat for free again!

All of a sudden, Carmen asked, “Grandpa, do you think Judge looks like a wolf?”

“No; he doesn’t,” Cooper muttered.

Carmen pouted her lips. “I promised Stanley to let Judgey play the role of a wolf in Daddy’s movie.”

Upon hearing that, Cooper frowned. He had read the script before; naturally, it was based on a true story. Back when Mark hid in the snow mountains, there were packs of wolves there. They had to deal with even more ferocious enemies after dealing with the wolves so they had to keep every single bullet to fight their enemies, which was also why they could only use bayonets to fight the wolves and use as little ammunition as possible.

It was like hell on earth—they not only had to watch out for the enemies who might attack at any moment, they had to be careful of the man-eating wolves! They lacked food and clothing and were always surrounded by danger. It was a miracle to have survived all of that!

Many people couldn’t afford to wait for Woody’s reinforcements to arrive. Even if they didn’t die from the enemy’s attack, they would be eaten by wolves. Having no energy due to lack of food, they were dragged into the snowy mountains and disappeared without a trace.

Naturally, they had to include this in the movie. After all, this was an extremely tragic scene.

The wolf packs in the movie would be made out of real wolves and special effects.

Let Judge act as a wolf…

Cooper glanced at Judge, who was sleeping with his legs spread wide apart and mouth wide open; there was even a pool of drool nearby. Cooper refused to let Judge be in the movie! However, Carmen pouted her lips and said grumpily, “Grandpa, does Judgey really not look like a wolf? But I already promised Stanley. If Judgey doesn’t look like a wolf, Daddy will definitely refuse…”

Cooper frowned hard. How could he disagree with her?

And so, he gritted his teeth and ignored his conscience as he replied, “Of course Judge looks like a wolf! Judge is actually a real wolf! He’s a Siberian wolf that is famous for pulling sleds so he’s really tough! All he has to do is to show his true character to play the role of a wolf!”

Hearing this, a smile appeared on Carmen’s face and she said, “When Daddy comes home, I’ll tell him that you said Judge looks like a wolf, so he will definitely not dare to say otherwise!”

Cooper went silent.

She probably knows that Michael will definitely refuse her so she came here to ask for my help. If I say Judge is a wolf, Michael won’t dare to say otherwise. She’s just as slick as her father!

In order to please Cooper, Carmen decided to braid more of his hair. However, at that moment, the commotion outside was still ongoing. Sandra kept talking nonsense and said that this house was cursed, as if they didn’t move out of here and give up the house to Abbie Michel, they would start a war and would be sinners.

“You should know how powerful the Michel Family is. It’s not just them, the Fletcher Family, the Winston Family, and the Edwards are no match for them too!”

Meanwhile, Dimon was silent and wasn’t afraid of Sandra’s threats at all. In fact, he wanted to burst out laughing.

I didn’t realize that I was once loyal to a family full of fools. Sandra is a classic example of what it means to be blind and foolish!

Dimon moved into this house with Cooper and realized that Linus Michel lived here too. However, Linus was really low-key and he directly entered the house from a secret garage door every day.

Nobody had ever told Dimon about Cooper’s relationship with Linus. After all, Dimon was just a security guard of the outer courtyard, so he fulfilled his duty and didn’t ask about his boss’ affairs. However, he knew that Linus greeted Cooper as ‘Fass’.

He also knew that other than ‘Scarlett Mitchell’, Sophia went by the name ‘Lucile Michel’. Dimon suddenly understood why Sophia and Michael didn’t bother about getting their names in the genealogy book at all, and realized why they were disgusted by Sandra’s provocation.

A true lion will naturally ignore the provocation of a barking wild dog who doesn’t know its place! In their eyes, rather than using the family name to threaten others, it is better to crush enemies using their own strength. A lion will definitely stay silent when it wants to eat a wild dog and a lion’s roar is meant to deter its opponent. It’s obvious that a wild dog is not worthy to be a lion’s opponent!

Dimon crossed his arms and watched Sandra continue to spew out threats. However, no matter how threatening she was, he didn’t let her through.

“Sorry, but this is a private residence. If you don’t leave, we’ll call the police!”

Seeing that her dignity was being challenged in front of Abbie, Sandra felt humiliated. In order to show her extraordinary position in the Mitchell Family and prove that she had the power to be friends with the young madam of the Michel Family, she stopped talking nonsense and ordered her men to attack!

“Capture that betrayer and beat him to death!”

Dimon was also tired from watching Sandra bicker and was about to attack. However, at that moment, they heard a knock on the door.

“Is anyone home? Open the door! I’m back!”

Dimon glanced at the surveillance and saw that it was Sophia, Roger, and the others who were taken to the police station. Among the four men—who were all two meters tall and fully dressed in black—stood Sophia, and they were waiting for someone to open the gates for them.

Dimon was confused… Usually, they never entered the house through the front door and always came in through the garage, taking the elevator in the garage and going straight up into the house. People who walked through the front door were mostly guests, or uninvited, shameless people like Michael.

Wasn’t Sophia taken to the police station? Why is she back and coming in through the front door no less? Moreover, it’s just the few of them; where’s Michael and Sean?

In the end, Dimon decided to open the door. As soon as he did so, Sophia smiled as she crossed the threshold and entered. Roger was holding a few bags in his hands, as if he had just come back from a shopping spree.

Sandra was shocked when she saw Sophia who suddenly returned. “Why are you back so soon?”

She had offended the Michel Family and was even involved in a huge trouble. How is she released so quickly?

Sophia walked over slowly. Her sea-blue eyes looked calm and she flipped her long black hair as she replied, “Haven’t you heard of diplomatic immunity? That’s why we were released!”

Diplomatic immunity?

Sandra glanced at the men behind Sophia. Judging from their skin color, she knew that they were not Cethosian. Foreigners who committed crimes in Cethos could not be judged, even if they were involved in a murder. Instead, they had to be transferred back to their country and judged according to the laws of their home country.

Sandra had obviously never thought about this and she looked extremely furious.

So what if she has diplomatic immunity? She had offended the Michel Family!

Sophia’s blue eyes were looking everywhere for someone. “I heard that there is a good friend of Lucile’s who grew up with her. Where is she?”

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