My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 919

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 919

I have to get this house for Abbie. That’s the only way Vincent and I will stand a chance!

Finally, the door opened. A few bodyguards stood at the doorway; they used to work for the Mitchell family but now they worked for Cooper.

“What’s the matter?”

A person came to the door and Sandra recognized him at a glance. “Dimon, it’s you!”

Sandra had ordered Dimon to stab Faye to death in the past and later blamed it on Sophia’s lion. He was left on the island when it was bombed but was later taken in by Cooper, so Alex scratched his name off the genealogy book. Sandra didn’t expect him to be at Cooper’s place.

With a cold smile, Dimon asked, “I’m part of the Mitchell family. Why can’t I be here?”

Sandra was infuriated. “Traitor! You betrayed the Mitchell family!”

Hearing this, Dimon laughed. “I’m sorry; don’t you know that this is also the Mitchell family?”

The elders and genealogy books don’t matter at all! The Mitchell family will only be whole with Cooper in it. Without him, the Mitchell family will surely fall!

Sandra was furious and she ordered her few bodyguards to barge in and capture the traitor, Dimon. Seeing this, Dimon quickly retreated behind the door.

Sandra’s bodyguards had already rushed in and Sandra and Abbie followed in behind excitedly. They were going to use this opportunity to kick Sophia and Cooper out of the house and take this house as their own.

Sophia is still at the police station right now and it will be hard for her to get out. Cooper isn’t home either but if he is, I’ll ask Abbie to drag him out of here! I’m not a robber. Since Cooper and Sophia are part of the Mitchell family, their property should be controlled by the Mitchell family!

The group of people rushed in and saw that there was a screen wall with a carved dragon and phoenix in the center. Situated behind the gates, it made the whole house look imposing. The screen wall blocked the sight of outsiders. It was only after they passed through the screen wall could they see what was inside.

Right in front of them was the main building, which was an ancient, Western-style villa. It looked like it was built not long ago and its style matched the whole garden.

Looking over at the archway on the left, they saw a small bridge, a river, and a pavilion. On their right were several yards, rows of wings, and a small forest.

Land in Bayside City was really expensive. Even though the price of this land was not as expensive as Riverdale—which was in the city center—the cost of building such a large garden that resembled a park was also staggering.

This garden is amazing! Abbie and Sandra were amazed by the beauty around them and at that moment, they were even more determined to take over the place!

“Get everyone out of here!”

Sandra gave the order and the dozen bodyguards that she brought over immediately began to do their work. They rushed into the villa in front of them that seemed to be the main building.

Sophia and Michael had already gotten a divorce. Furthermore, Cooper’s daughter killed Irene so they had a falling out with the Fletcher family. They even offended Abbie and the Michel Family, so they had no power in Bayside City.

I shall be the one who gets rid of them completely!

But unexpectedly, as soon as they rushed into the place, the gates closed with a loud bang and it was quickly locked. All of sudden, Dimon, who had disappeared without a trace a moment ago, appeared with a group of men and instantly surrounded Sandra and the others.

Sandra was shocked and thought that she had fallen into a trap. However, she noticed that Dimon only brought five men while she had a dozen bodyguards, so it was impossible for them to defeat her.

In order to show her loyalty toward Abbie, Sandra acted like a qualified thug. When she passed through the gates, she pointed at the villa in the center and yelled, “Take over that building and drive away everyone in this house!”

The doors are closed anyway, so nobody will know what happens here. Besides, I have Abbie supporting me so I can do whatever I want! I’m going to help my father chase away Cooper, who shouldn’t be here in the first place!

The commotion in the garden was so loud that Cooper, who was on the second floor of the main building, could hear them. He had just returned home less than half an hour ago after heading out to search for his son for the whole day. Cooper did everything by himself because he didn’t want to miss any news about his other child.

Unfortunately, he did not manage to find anything. The nurse had died and they checked all of her past relationships and even investigated eighteen generations of her ancestors, but they still couldn’t find the Moore couple that she mentioned.

Perhaps those people are not her relatives, but patients she met when she was a nurse.

According to Michael’s investigation, the Moore couple were infertile. After hearing this, Cooper investigated the hospital again for infertile patients they received thirty years ago, but he still couldn’t find them. Twenty-eight years ago, the small hospital in the suburbs of Riverdale didn’t even have computers and all the information was handwritten. Over two decades had passed and they were long gone, which was why Cooper had taken a different approach to find the Moore couple who had immigrated twenty-eight years ago. Even though he was the mighty Cooper Mitchell, it was still very difficult to find a baby boy who was secretly taken away twenty-eight years ago!

The hospital could even be called a small clinic because they only had one doctor and three nurses. The equipment they had was outdated and it was impossible that they had surveillance cameras.

Back then, my darling Anna gave birth to my two children under such backward and crude conditions. How desperate she must have been to ask the nurse to take her baby away… When all of that happened, I was detained in the Mitchell family house for half a year because I was heartbroken after Anna’s departure. When I left the house half a year later, I was a completely different person. I became ruthless and unsympathetic because the person who taught me to be kind and gentle had died right in front of my eyes. At that time, I didn’t know that my darling Anna was giving birth to my two children in despair!

After Cooper returned home, he hid in the study and wasn’t willing to see anyone. He cried silently as he looked at Annabel’s ultrasound.

My child, where are you?

The door of the study opened quietly and a small head appeared at the door.

Standing at the doorway, Carmen asked in a sweet voice, “Grandpa, can I come in?”

Hearing her sweet voice, Cooper felt a strong surge of warmth fill up his pained heart.

Although I haven’t found that child, I found Sophia and Carmen, and that is the greatest consolation in my life.

Cooper wiped away his tears and smiled at Carmen. “Come here, Carmen. Come to Grandpa!”

Hearing this, Carmen ran over happily, followed by Judge, who had a headful of braids. Nathan, who also had two pigtails, stood outside the door. Cooper picked Carmen up and placed her on his lap. Looking at him, Carmen said happily, “Grandpa, my brother came to see me!”

Cooper glanced at Nathan, who was standing outside the door. He was as cold as ever and wasn’t close to anyone.

Petting Carmen’s head, Cooper said in a soft and doting voice, “Your mother is not here, so I’m afraid you have to stay home and play with your brother.”

Carmen smiled and looked at him. “Grandpa, I want to braid your hair.”

Upon hearing that, Cooper was rendered speechless.

When Sandra’s voice could be heard coming from the outside, Carmen was fully focused on braiding Cooper’s hair. Cooper had a pigtail on each side of his head as he read through documents, silently bearing something a grandfather shouldn’t bear.

Carmen was really excited and she was even humming a tune. With a head full of braids, Judge lay on the carpet and snored. As for Nathan, he silently stood in front of the bookshelves and read Cooper’s books.

In the past, Sophia collected many out-of-print books and she brought them wherever she moved. The books followed her from Villa No.8 to Villa No.2, and to this place. Nathan planned to borrow two books back home to read that day.

When Cooper found out that there were people causing trouble outside, he felt that it wasn’t suitable for him to head out with two pigtails, so he took a look at the surveillance tapes.

He saw that the group of people outside the door was acting very arrogant.

Abbie was standing tall and proud while Sandra yelled arrogantly, “This is Miss Abbie from the Michel Family! You have offended her, which means you have also offended them! Miss Abbie is the cousin of Mr. Fass, the family head of the Michel Family, and he is very fond of her! Miss Abbie is of noble birth and she likes this house, so the Mitchell Family should be honored!”

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