My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 918

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 918

After being thrown out onto the street, the old ladies lay on the ground and acted as if they were seriously injured. Some compassionate passersby called the ambulance, and even the paramedics furrowed their brows when they saw the scene upon arrival. Given the number of injuries, the medical cost could amount to over tens of millions!

Sophia sent Roger to follow up on the matter before going back to the yard and continuing with the barbecue. With that, the shocking chaos had come to an end. Nevertheless, everyone was not in the mood to have the barbecue anymore after the whole episode.

Sophia had stirred up a hornet’s nest!

If Sandra was really the one who was behind this, she would surely go after Sophia and kick up a big fuss about the incident.

Though Sophia had her strong family background as her support, the incident would still have a negative impact if the public made a big deal out of it. In fact, Sophia should’ve just sent Michael and Sean to scare the evil crones away. This approach would definitely work and would avoid the troubles that might follow.

However, Sophia thought her method was just fine. She couldn’t be leaving them to continue slandering her in front of the residence, could she?

To her, throwing the mob out was the best solution as it did not make sense to let them off even after they insulted her maliciously.

Damn it, you motherf*ckers!

Sure enough, Roger, who tagged along to the hospital, called Sophia moments later. He reported that the few old women could barely stand up and appeared to be severely injured. Their families demanded compensation and would not let the incident pass without a compensation of at least tens of millions.

Sophia replied, “It’s alright; just pretend you can’t understand them and slip away. You can leave the other matters alone.”

Meanwhile, the others were rendered speechless upon hearing Sophia’s response.

Following that, Roger managed to vault over the hospital’s wall, successfully avoiding the old women’s families who blocked the hospital’s entrance.

However, this matter was not settled yet.

In the afternoon, police officers came to the Edwards Residence and took Roger and a few other people away. Even Sophia was asked to go back with them to assist in the investigation.

At that moment, Sophia was the only house owner left in the residence as Linus had left for the office and Cooper was busy finding his son. The house owner would definitely be held accountable now that their bodyguards had beaten someone up. And so, Sophia followed Roger and the others to the police station with Michael tagging along worriedly.

As expected, upon arriving at the police station, they saw the old women’s families gathered around fiercely, awaiting their compensation.

On the other hand, a huge crowd arrived at the Edwards Residence within two hours after Sophia left for the police station.

A posh car stopped in front of the main entrance and Sandra got down, wearing a fur coat. Taking off her sunglasses, she was amazed at the magnificent building behind the wall.

She had heard about the huge residence at Riverdale and that it was owned by the Harper Family, the real estate magnate in Bayside City. The residence was a masterpiece created by a few generations of the Harpers upon their meticulous design and expansion, hence its magnificent appearance today. It was extremely spacious and resembled the size of a town park; every person who walked past the building was deeply attracted to it.

She had heard through the grapevine that this was Taylor Murray’s property and the film crew would occasionally shoot some scenes at the residence, but it was given to Sophia after the divorce.

It was only until recently that Sandra became aware of the existence of this magnificent building.

But all of that did not matter, because Sophia and Cooper would soon lose this glorious residence.

“So this is the residence that you mentioned. It looks pretty good!”

Gorgeously dressed up, Abbie too got down from the posh car as she took off her shades and marveled at the residence.

The residence was surrounded by high and thick walls which looked ancient and noble, and had probably been there for over a hundred years. Behind the walls were pavilions surrounded by greenery, which further complemented the majestic building. It was indeed a marvelous spectacle!

Abbie was amazed by the majestic and ancient residence in front of her.

“The interior is even better. Come on; let’s go inside and take a look!”

They sent their bodyguards to knock on the door while the two women continued to comment on the magnificent residence.

“Be patient and this residence will soon be yours! No one in Bayside City deserves to stay in this residence except you!” Sandra fawned over Abbie as she observed her fervent expression.

Abbie was extremely pleased by the adulation and she said triumphantly, “I haven’t even told Linus about that woman offending me. I let her off easily by only aiming for her residence. If my cousin becomes aware of the matter, she would have to pay more than that!”

Sandra’s scheme was finally taking place. She was determined to snatch this residence from Sophia as a price for her alpacas spitting on them. Now that Sophia was detained at the police station, she would not be able to secure this residence anymore.

Furthermore, the agents that Sandra hired to stir up trouble were from an infamous company run by the underground forces in Bayside City. Besides its ruthlessness, the company even had strong connections and was supported by professional lawyers, so they were highly sought after to settle businesses that remained unresolved.

Since she had decided to go after Sophia, she desired to get rid of her once and for all!

And then, this residence would belong to Abbie!

As much as Sophia would not be willing to give in, she should know her limitations.

Abbie would surely not let Sophia off if she refused to hand over the residence. After all, everyone in Bayside City had to obey Abbie Michel!

Though this residence was deemed as compensation from Sophia, Abbie recognized Natasha—the lackey—as the main contributor in this event.

Nevertheless, Natasha had her own motives too. On one hand, she wanted to make use of Abby’s power to punish Sophia; on the other hand, she desired to mingle with the socialites and celebrities through Abbie.

“By the way, what is Linus up to recently? I haven’t seen him at any events.”

Sandra asked casually while the bodyguards were knocking on the door.

Obviously, Linus was her target.

Having mentioned Linus, Abbie instantly became arrogant. “He’s been very busy lately. As you know, he’s the vice CEO of the Michel Group and the successor of the family. My eldest cousin, Fass, has left him in charge of the business, so he has always been on the go. Even I can barely meet him!”

Listening to Abbie’s response, Sandra was anxious. She had been trying to meet up with Linus but to no avail, and she knew that things would be made easier through Abbie.

As long as she appeased Abbie, she would have a chance to meet Linus for sure!

Meanwhile, no one opened the door even after the bodyguards knocked for a long time. Beating around the bush, Sandra tried to trick Abbie into exposing more information. “This residence will soon be yours. According to the Cethosian traditions, moving into a house is a significant event and a housewarming party is a must. By then, you can take the opportunity to invite your relatives from Northern Europe to attend the banquet.”

“Of course!”

Tilting her chin, Abbie wore an arrogant look on her face. She was extremely fond of the residence and it would be an honor to stay in such a marvelous place. She was determined to throw a grand banquet thereupon and have the members of the Michels over so that she could boast about the residence.

“By the way, you’ve always been wanting to meet my niece, Lucile, don’t you? Though I’m her aunt, we have been very close to each other since we were young. She will definitely show up at my housewarming party and by then, I’ll introduce her to you!”

Sandra was overjoyed.

Many other members of the Michels would surely show up at the banquet, including Linus and Lucile. That would be a golden opportunity for her and Vincent.

Their plan was to send the most outstanding members from the Mitchell Family to be married into the Michel Family.

As a national champion who brought glory to the country, Sandra was well-known at an international level and had been well-received by the leaders of various countries when she went overseas. Besides, many politicians and celebrities with decent qualities had been courting her upon knowing she was single. Hence, she was extremely confident that she would be able to conquer Linus as long as she was given enough chances to approach him.

Meanwhile, it would be Vincent’s duty to conquer Lucile.

For now, all they needed was a chance to approach the Michel Family.

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