My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 914

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 914

Michael comforted her, “Not at all! Don’t listen to such nonsense. Daddy and Mommy are fine and we’ll never get a divorce this lifetime. Next time, take down the names of those who said Daddy and Mommy divorced; I will teach them a lesson!”

It was only then that Carmen felt relieved and hung up the call.

After washing up, Sophia came back to see Carmen still playing on the bed, her big round eyes staring at Sophia.

“Baby, why are you still awake?” Sophia asked while putting on a facial mask.

However, Carmen asked in a serious manner, “Mommy, are you going to have more babies in the future? If you have another baby, will I still be your dearest baby?”

Sophia knitted her brows. “No matter how many babies I have in the future, you’ll forever be Mommy’s dearest baby!”

Following that, Sophia asked on a whim, “What kind of baby would you like Mommy to have?”

Though she was unsure about the possibility of having a second child, Sophia thought it was a good idea so that Carmen did not have to be alone, as she seemed to be quite pitiful now.

Giving it some thought, Carmen said, “Mommy, can you give birth to two bunnies? I want some bunnies!”

Upon hearing that, Sophia was rendered speechless.

Meanwhile, Michael—who had hotfooted it to Bayside City—and Cooper and were staring at each other in consternation.

“What did you just say, Mr. Fletcher? I beg your pardon; I’m afraid I didn’t catch that. Could you repeat yourself?”

Cooper was inhospitable as always.

Michael repeated his request, “For the sake of Carmen’s wellbeing, I hope you will agree to let me remarry Sophia. Don’t worry; it’ll just be a marriage in name but not a real remarriage. As you know, it is impossible to conceal a celebrity’s divorce as the media will make up stories about it. You’ve seen how the media exposed us just a few days after our divorce and I saw paparazzi right outside Edwards Residence when I came this morning.”

Cooper blew a fuse.

How dare this b*stard make such a shameless request while acting unaffected?

Wishing he could tear Michael into pieces, Cooper turned down his ridiculous request instantly. “In your dreams!”

Expression changing, Michael argued, “But now, we can no longer hide our divorce. Carmen will surely be heartbroken if she knows about it. This…”

However, he gave in and continued, “In that case, let’s forget about remarriage. Sophia and I shall hold a press conference to clarify and insist that we didn’t get a divorce. Please allow Sophia and Carmen to visit me once in a while at the film set. Besides, I shall move from The Imperial to stay with you all. There are ample rooms here and I promise I’ll stay in a room that is further from Sophia’s. As such, we would be able to avoid tongues wagging. Furthermore, I won’t be around often since I’ll be filming outstation most of the time. Don’t worry!”

To Cooper, both were equally ridiculous requests. Nevertheless, this request appeared to be more mild and was nothing as compared to a remarriage.

However, Cooper still turned Michael down ruthlessly. “No way!”

Move in to stay with us? In your wildest dreams!

Again, Michael took a step back. “Then, please allow Sophia and I to hold a press conference and let her visit me at the film set from time to time.”

Cooper snarled, “No way! Never!”

Michael gave in further. “We’ll just do a press conference then. That’s not too much to ask for, isn’t it?”

Cooper remained silent. Indeed, the request of holding a press conference was much more reasonable than his previous ridiculous requests.

Pinching his nose, Cooper finally agreed, “Fine!”

Delighted, Michael was about to leave to prepare for the press conference. However, just as he walked out from the living room, something popped into his mind and he returned to where Cooper was. “Mr. Cooper, I’m afraid I won’t be able to leave tonight—the paparazzi are out there and it would be difficult to explain to them if I step out now.”

Tomorrow’s headline news would surely be ‘Taylor Murray chased out of Edwards Residence late at night. Rumors of divorce confirmed!’

After pondering for a moment, Cooper said to the housekeeping robot, “Siri, bring him to the furthest guest room from Miss Sophia’s.”

The housekeeping robot followed the instruction and led Michael to a guest room.

This place had always been Sophia’s residence. With an ancient garden design, the residence was splendid and occupied a vast area. There was a small river in the garden, which further constructed a serene and harmonious scene. Looking glorious, the residence consisted of a bungalow, which was the main building where Cooper lived in, wing rooms which served as guest rooms, and the mistress’ residence where Sophia stayed, which was the furthest from the guest rooms.

Staying in the guest room, Michael couldn’t see the mistress’ residence from his windows. Nevertheless, he could see the many paparazzi outside the gates, who had been waiting outside the residence since they discovered this place and saw him walking in.

This mysterious residence had always been a private place with a high level of security. The paparazzi were extremely curious and had flown numerous drones to peek into the residence. However, all the drones were detected and struck down by the robots even before they entered the residence.

Cooper was very fond of the residence and had started equipping it with intelligence technology, as he had decided to stay there for good.

Meanwhile, Michael was scrolling through his phone in the bed when Bubbles came in excitedly, as it knew Michael was here.

Though Sophia was the one who brought Bubbles back, Michael had been taking care of it all this while, so it was more familiar with Michael and came in right away upon catching his smell. Michael took a picture with Bubbles in his arms that subtly showed off his abs, which had always been a favorite of Sophia’s. Following that, he posted the picture on Twitter and made it only visible to her.

Soon, Sophia liked the picture and commented, ‘Are you back in Bayside City?’

Michael knew that his figure and handsome looks were his most powerful weapons, and Sophia would not be able to resist his charm. He quickly sent her a series of selfies taken in the guest room, in some of which he subtly flaunted his body. With that, he replied, ‘I just arrived. Mr. Cooper has agreed to let us hold a press conference to prove that we didn’t get a divorce.’

It took a while for Sophia to reply, ‘Sleep well.’

The next day.


It was only seven o’clock in the morning and the sun was barely out, but Carmen was already calling for her father downstairs. Michael was brushing his teeth in the washroom when he heard the crisp voice, so he quickly went to the balcony and saw Carmen and Sophia standing downstairs.

Instantly, Michael beamed. “Come on up, baby!”

With his upper body naked, he bared his firm chest and sturdy abs. On his neck was the amulet that Sophia had given him, which she herself too had a similar one. Seemed like he had forgotten about the existence of the amulet and had been wearing it all this time even after their divorce.

Excitedly, Carmen dashed upstairs. Meanwhile in the room, Michael applied some lotion on his body after brushing his teeth. He wanted his body to appear glistening and charming so that Sophia would be totally enchanted by his half-naked state upon seeing him.


Carmen sprinted toward Michael and he carried her, throwing her into the air.

“Did you miss me, baby?” Having not seen each other for a few weeks, it seemed like his precious daughter had grown quite a lot!

Swinging her feet back and forth, Carmen answered ecstatically, “Yes! I’ve missed you, Daddy!”

The father daughter duo were overjoyed as Carmen gave her father a huge kiss. Standing at one side observing the two, Sophia couldn’t help but smile.

Sure enough, Carmen loved her Daddy more!

After kissing her, Michael put her down on the ground. Suddenly, Carmen lifted up her head and stared at Sophia in a serious manner. “Mommy, why didn’t you give Daddy a kiss? Are you two divorced?”

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