My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 913

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 913

He was aware of Michael and Sophia’s divorce. Could Linus be Sophia’s admirer?

No way! I have to report it to Michael.

Though Michael was divorced, he had always wanted to restore their marriage, so he asked Ivan to keep an eye on Sophia and update him on her latest situation.

While Ivan was his spy in Pourl, Michael had someone watching over Sophia back in the Edwards Residence too. For instance, the nannies whom he hired for Carmen tagged along when Sophia moved back to the residence. Truth was, Michael ensured that his senses were as sharp as a bloodhound to be able to gain every information about Sophia.

Even Harry thought that Michael was a pervert; he should have sent him to a psychiatric hospital when he could.

While the days were getting boring, it was entertaining for Harry to see this pitiful, old divorced man breaking the silence to pursue his happiness and redeem his own life.

While giving his full focus when filming ‘The Winter Breakthrough’, Harry would sit back and watch Michael’s actions on his off days.

Meanwhile, Michael heard from Ivan about the incidents that had occured that day.

Abbie Michel?

Isn’t she Abbie Zouch?

All this while, Abbie had been swindling those in Bayside City’s socialite circle. She was the 99th successor of the Swedish royal family and a distant relative of the Michel Family, yet many celebrities in Bayside City had fallen for these intimidating titles. Nevertheless, those who were informed knew her true identity.

Abby and Sandra, the two small potatoes, would be settled by Sophia sooner or later.

However, Michael sensed something fishy about the incident.

After he had hung up the call, Harry saw him taking out his laptop and started searching for keywords in the news.

“What’s up?”

Sensing something unusual was going on, Harry quickly leaned close to Michael, thinking that he might be starting to make waves.

Michael typed a few keywords such as ‘Taylor Murray’s divorce’, ‘Taylor Murray and Miss Edwards’ in the search engine, resulting in a wide array of news appearing. He then clicked into them one after another.

Sensing that something interesting was about to happen, Harry quickly pulled out his phone and keyed in some tags in the search engine, managing to find some exciting news.

According to Ivan’s description, Sandra went into the store and mocked Sophia for the divorce. She then talked about Michael being close to one of the young ladies from the Mitchell Family; him visiting her at work, walking out from a hotel together, and shopping for baby and maternal products, even making an appointment together at the confinement center… Sandra had announced all these in a loud voice just to embarrass Sophia.

At that time, the store was packed with customers, staff and designers.

Sandra deliberately raised her voice so that everyone knew Sophia was divorced and that Michael was already seeing someone else. Hence, it was totally possible that the news of the divorce had been made known to the media.

Harry usually enjoyed scrolling through Twitter and looking up for news. Just as expected, the hashtags of ‘Taylor Murray divorced’, ‘Eddie Fletcher divorced’, as well as ‘Taylor Murray and Miss Edwards’ became the top trending searches the very next day.

If even a dog like Judge that had something to do with Taylor Murray became viral on the internet, what more to say about a human?

Reading the news, it was said that several entertainment platforms had received anonymous submissions regarding what their acquaintances had seen or heard at Pourl.

By word of mouth, news about Michael and Sophia’s divorce was soon spread across Bayside City.

Scrolling through the news, Harry accidentally pressed on the like button. Within an hour, ‘Harry Winston liked the post’ became one of the top trending news too, as it was deemed a confirmation of the couple’s divorce.

Reading the news, Michael wrinkled his face while Harry sighed. “How did Sandra know about your divorce? Bro, Carmen is going to be so sad if she knows about this.”

Getting divorce was a significant event. Sooner or later, the beans would be spilled no matter how hard they tried to bottle it up. Obviously, Sandra had been keeping an eye on them and was ready to pounce anytime.

Looking at the news, Michael suddenly stood up and left in his costume.

“Ask Celie to stand in for me for the next few scenes. I have to go back to Bayside City to settle some personal matters.”

Meanwhile, Celine, who was dozing off at the side, woke up with a start. “W-Who called my name?”

Justin quickly patted her shoulder and said, “Mikey is heading back to Bayside City, so he asked you to stand in for him the next few days.”

Celine huffed and pursed her lips as she saw Michael leave in a hurry.

Ever since Celine completely lost her memory, Justin had been guiding her to become acquainted with her surroundings. Though she could not remember a thing, she somewhat knew that there was this person who was extremely important to her. So, she followed Michael around like a kid and imitated everything he did, and had actually made a good job of emulating him.

Since she enjoyed imitating him, Michael allowed her to do so and even brought her to the filming crew so that she could act as his substitute. The two siblings had similar temperament and appearance; Michael would ask Celine to stand in for him whenever he wanted to sneak off, just so that she could be kept busy too.

Meanwhile, Celine mumbled gloomily, “Now that Mikey has left, when will he be back?”

Staring at Michael’s back as he left, Justin answered, “Soon…”

On the other hand, Michael returned to Bayside City in his private plane. When he arrived at Bayside City, the news had already caused an uproar. There were people who managed to take a video of Sandra’s boastful attitude and uploaded it onto the web. Furthermore, the media even unearthed the Miss Mitchell that Sandra had mentioned.

There was indeed a Miss Mitchell in the filming crew, and she was Drake’s younger sister. The paparazzi discovered Drake’s talented younger sister while doxing him. She was now playing the role of a random girl who was abused by the village invaders. Unlike her brother who was lucky enough to play a central role in his debut, she started off as an extra and only starred in a few scenes. She was currently a final year student in Bayside University and was barely deemed as the young mistress of the Mitchells yet.

Truth was, this girl and Michael were unrelated at all; Michael had not even talked to her before!

On that day, Carmen came back from the kindergarten with tears in her eyes and asked Sophia, “Mommy, people are saying you divorced Daddy!”

Sophia’s heart melted looking at her adorable daughter who was aggrieved. “That’s not true,” she murmured. “Daddy and I did not have a divorce. Daddy just went for filming; those people are spouting nonsense.”

She then added, “Daddy is a celebrity. If you become a celebrity in the future, people will spout nonsense about you too, so you have to get used to it.”

However, Carmen was already three years old. A three-year-old kid could easily be deceived at times, but they could be bright too. Having noticed something fishy long ago, Carmen asked, “Then why did we move out from Daddy’s place?”

Sophia replied, “Because Daddy’s place is too small and we have a bigger place here. Mommy keeps so many large doggies and we even have a pair of alpacas—the baby alpacas would fall sick if they lived in a cramped place. We have a big house and a spacious yard here, so the baby alpacas won’t be sad when they’re here.”

Nevertheless, Carmen was only half-convinced. That night, while she was having her nightly call with Michael, Carmen asked worriedly, “Daddy, did you and Mommy divorce?”

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