My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 912

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 912

Just as Sandra and Abbie were surrounded by the staff, Sophia took the opportunity to slip away to the washroom and made a call to Cooper.

Meanwhile, Cooper was giving the dogs a bath at home. Nowadays, he stayed home to work and exercise, rarely going out to socialize. His only entertainment was to take care of his granddaughter, take a stroll in the yard, and give a shower to the four huge dogs. When he saw Sophia’s incoming call, he was relatively surprised. “What’s up, darling?”

Lowering her voice, Sophia asked, “Dad, do you know someone called Abbie Michel? I heard she is Uncle Linus’ cousin.”

“I don’t think so,” Cooper replied. “What’s up? Did she mess with you? No worries; just deal with her as you see fit. I have your back if anything happens.”

With that, Sophia hung up and made another call to Linus.

“Abbie Michel? She claims that she’s a successor to the royal family? Ha! Her grandmother was indeed from the Michel Family but she got married and moved to Cethos several decades ago. She doesn’t even have the right to adopt the last name of the Michels—Zouch is her last name. As for her title of successor to the royal family…”

Linus couldn’t help but laugh.

“Currently, the Swedish royal family has more than a hundred successors. She’s probably ranked 99th.”

Somewhat having a rough idea of what was happening, he asked, “Did Abbie Zouch mess with you? Give me a moment; I’ll come over now.”

Sophia hurriedly replied, “Don’t worry about it. It’s just a small matter and I can settle it.”

Upon hanging up, Sophia regained her confidence. Even though she had not regressed to the Michel Family, she was well aware of their rules—their bloodline was of utmost importance!

Normally, neither a woman nor a man from the Michels would marry someone outside of the family. Doing so would indicate that they had forfeited their identity as a Michel, along with the lineage and glory that came with the family name. As such, their offspring were not allowed to adopt the last name of Michel too.

Within the Michel Family, only those at the bottom would marry someone outside the family as they knew they were too far away from the ultimate power of the family and would rather give up the title.

A real young lady of the family would rarely marry an outsider. Even if it was someone of the same league, the man would marry into the family as a live-in son-in-law.

However, there was an exception.

Back then, Cooper’s mother—Beyoncé Michel—fell in love with Woody, who came from the East. He was in his fifties at that time and was the leader of a family, so it was impossible for him to marry into the Michel family. Hence, Beyoncé forfeited her last name and bowed out of the family to marry Woody. Unfortunately, she passed away not long after giving birth to Cooper. It was only when Beyoncé’s father was on his deathbed and missed his daughter that they discovered the existence of Beyoncé’s son upon investigation. It was made known to him that his grandson had inherited his talents and capabilities, and ran the Mitchell Family impressively. Hence, Beyoncé’s father ignored the objection of the family and recalled Cooper, making him an heir of the Michel Family despite the disapproval of the others.

Those who married outsiders and had offsprings were not allowed to adopt the last name of the Michels. Nevertheless, Cooper became the first, breaking the rules with his strong capabilities. Could it be that Abbie was even more capable than Cooper?

As such, Sophia decided to go meet her!

Abbie Michel?

It should be Abbie Zouch!

Abbie is not a nice name; I think I shall call her Abby!

Secretly giving her a name, Sophia then kept her phone, put on bold lipstick and left for the hall.

However, she could hear an uproar coming from the hall even before stepping in. Just as expected, they were stirring trouble in the few minutes she was away.

Sandra’s furious scream could be heard from a distance before Sophia entered the hall. “Whose alpaca is this? How dare it spit on us! Beat it to death! Sophia, where are you?”

It was then Sophia walked into the hall and saw the scene, which was in total chaos. The two graceful alpacas were being held back by Ivan. Initially, he wanted to seek an opportunity to take them away but Sandra dashed up all of a sudden and seized the alpacas’ collars, preventing them from leaving.

Screaming hysterically, Abby’s nicely curled, crimson-colored hair was covered with splatters of alpaca saliva and it was giving off a pungent odor.

This pair of alpacas had been tamed as pets by their forefathers decades ago. They rarely spat, but the odor was indescribable once they did.

Shrieking, tears welled up in Abby’s eyes as the stink overwhelmed her. She let out an ear-piercing screech, not daring to move though she knew her hair was stained with saliva.

Meanwhile, Sandra ordered her men to snatch the alpacas. Nevertheless, the moment she reached out her hand to touch the alpaca’s neck, it spat in her face.

Refusing to yield, the other alpaca spat in Sandra’s face too, leaving her crying at the stench.

On the other hand, Sophia laughed wryly upon witnessing the scene.

What on earth is going on…

Immediately, she ordered, “Ivan, send the alpacas away.”

“Andie, escort the two VIPs to wash their faces.”

“Mrs. White, incense please!”

The two young ladies were sent to wash their faces whereas Sophia ordered the incense to be lit. Finally, the odor in the shop faded away. While the two were cleaning themselves up, Sophia quickly asked the bodyguards to send the alpacas home.

Apparently, Abby was attempting to touch the alpaca’s bum and it irritated the creature so much that it spat on her.

Sandra was good at using animals to stir up trouble. Back then, it was Judge and Barney and now, it was these alpacas. What a sinful woman she was!

By the time Sandra and Abby came out, Sophia and the alpacas had left.

Instantly, Sandra flared up and she kicked up a big fuss at the scene. “Sophia, where are you?”

It was a high-end consumer area with high customer flow. Soon, the uproar attracted many passersby to gather at the shop.

Ivan and the security guards stepped forward and used a distraction to prevent the two from stirring up trouble.

“Ms. Mitchell, your makeup is all gone!”

The two young ladies who were prepared to kick up a fuss quickly covered their faces with their hands. Looking at the crowd who were craning their necks to watch the scene, their anger instantly extinguished.

Their dignity was of utmost importance!

As someone of mixed race, Abby inherited the Caucasian’s freckled skin type. The freckles on her face were revealed as her makeup was completely washed off.

Covering her face in shock, she snarled, “Just you wait! I’ll make your shop close down in three days!”

Ivan snorted and did not bother to give them a response. Then, the two hurried away gloomily, the complete opposite of their grand entrance just now.

Sensing something might have gone wrong upon receiving Sophia’s call, Linus hurried over to the shop. Though his location was not too far away from Sophia’s shop, it still took him around fifteen minutes to arrive. Just within that fifteen minutes, the chaos had ended while Ivan instructed the staff to clean up the place and burn some incense; the other customers had been pacified as well.

“What’s going on? Where’s Sophia?”

Ivan glanced up and recognized Linus. Though he didn’t know what was the relationship between Linus and Sophia, it seemed like they were pretty close since Linus visited the shop frequently.

“Sandra and your cousin came to stir up trouble,” Ivan replied. “Sophia already went home.”

Frowning, Linus mumbled, “Alright; thank you.”

With that, he spun around and made a call, thereafter heading home.

Staring at Linus from behind curiously, Ivan made a wild guess about the relationship between Linus and Sophia.

Could he be Carmen’s stepfather?

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