My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 911

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 911

Sophia was shocked when she heard those familiar words.

The Michel Family?

She must have misheard.

Puzzled, she raised her eyebrows and questioned, “The Michel Family? Which Michel Family? The Michel Family in Northern Europe? How many Michel families are there in Northern Europe?”

Sandra also knew that she should not publicize this matter too much but she didn’t want to let go of the great opportunity to show off, so she lowered her voice and exclaimed, “Which Michel Family could it be? It’s obviously the Michel Family that has existed in Northern Europe for thousands of years. Now, every computer uses components made by the Michel Group!”

Sandra was extremely proud as she talked about the Michel Family

“I can’t believe you don’t even know the Michel Family… You are really a bumpkin. Well, people of your level are unlikely to know about such things anyway. Looks like I’ll have to teach you a thing or two today!”

Sophia kept silent and continued petting her llama while she listened to Sandra’s bragging.

“The Michel Family is the oldest aristocratic family in Northern Europe and have been around for more than a thousand years. They are ancient and mysterious, and they have huge financial resources. They are the Northern Europe vampires! Nowadays, the electronic products produced by the Michel Group are sold all over the world and almost all computers in the world use components produced by the Michel Group! Not just the high-tech electronics industry, they are also involved in firearms, minerals, crude oil, and even aerospace technology! My boyfriend is the vice president of the Michel Group and is now the person in charge of the group in Cethos.”

Sophia was shocked again when she heard it. Wasn’t the head of the Michel Group in Cethos Linus?

Wasn’t Linus gay?

This was what Sarah secretly told her. She said that Linus had always been one of the important sources of inspiration for her elegant Yaoi painting career!

Even Cooper knew about it but he never interfered with Linus’ sexual preference. Linus didn’t seem to have a girlfriend or boyfriend in recent years… Perhaps he was tired of men, so he wanted to find a girlfriend?

Judging from what Sandra said, they were even going to get married.

Sophia was shocked to the core.

Sandra, on the other hand, was very proud, thinking that Sophia was stunned by her words. She then announced proudly, “It’s just a matter of time before the Mitchell Family and the Michel Family join forces and we’ll have to announce it. My brother Vincent and the lady of the Michel family, Princess Lucile, are very close. Their relationship is about to become clear, and my father and the Michel Family have a strong alliance in place… I’m afraid your father has no chance of winning!”

Upon hearing that, Sophia thought to herself, Damn you, Lucile Michel!

No wonder Vincent had been saying from time to time that the car he had spent a lot of money on had problems. Sometimes, he would say the engine would be defective or the symbol on the seat was unreadable; other times, the automatic function was not working, or there was dog hair on the back seat. Using these excuses, he asked to speak to the seller of the car, but Sophia refused.

He decisively bought the car back then but after he bought it, problems kept popping up one after another. It turned out that he had planned this long ago!

Vincent didn’t know who she was at all, yet Sandra dared to say that Vincent was close to her. Maybe Sandra was just exaggerating her relationship with Linus!

Sophia looked at Sandra, suddenly feeling better.

This little b*tch was truly laughable; she was such a joke!

Sophia suddenly burst out laughing. “Congratulations! The Michel Family is indeed very powerful!”

Cooper was the head of the Michel Family, so of course they were powerful.

In the past, the Mitchell Family was also a powerful existence. Under the leadership of Cooper, the Mitchell Family was full of talents and became a world-renowned electronic giant. Back then, their family’s components were used in almost all the computers all over the world. Manufacturers paid sky-high royalties to them every year.

But when the Michel Family appeared, it caused the Mitchell Family’s products to gradually lose their competitiveness. Now the Mitchell Family’s products could only be regarded as second-rate in the international high-tech market and they were only holding on due to the foundation built by Cooper during his 20-year reign.

Not only did they not think of making any sort of progress, they just thought of marrying off their daughter to curry favour with others.

Come to think of it, it was quite a sad situation…

They only had themselves to blame for their deterioration, since they were so complacent with living off their capital.

After receiving Sophia’s ‘admiration’, Sandra couldn’t help but feel a little bit more proud as if she had already beaten Sophia.

Sandra’s assistant put down her leopard cat and she said, “Sophia, since I am in a good mood today, I will introduce you to an important customer. The important customer will be coming soon.”

Introduce her to important customers?

She was probably plotting something!

Sophia sneered.

Sandra petted her leopard cat and she said with her prominent orange lips, “Her name’s Abbie and she’s my best friend. She is the heir to the Swedish royal family and the cousin of my boyfriend, the lady of the Michel Family. Remember—be nice!”

Sophia was also interested in the woman she mentioned. She wanted to see who the best friend she was talking about was.

The boyfriend Sandra mentioned should be Linus… Did that mean Abbie was Linus’ cousin?

The Michel Family was very large. After Cooper found Sophia, she had not had time to meet the relatives in her home in Northern Europe yet. Cooper actually didn’t want Sophia to contact the Michel Family. He wanted her to return to Cethos and be a part of the Mitchell Family so that she could be in charge of it in the future. Therefore, she only knew Cooper and Linus. Was this Abbie her relative in Northern Europe?

It wasn’t long before Abbie came.

She was a beautiful girl in her early twenties, decked out in jewels with a Persian cat in her arms. Sophia took a closer look and deduced that she appeared to be of mixed race, as she had both Cethosian and Western characteristics.

“Sophia, this is my best friend, Abbie Michel.”

Sandra introduced the mixed-race beauty she had brought along with a bragging tone, as if she was introducing her own rich relative.

Sophia carefully observed the mixed-race beauty with bewilderment… Who is this?

However, the beauty spoke aggressively the moment she opened her mouth. “I heard that this store sells good quality goods, so I came here specifically today! I want to customize a collar for my Persian cat!”

Sandra curled her lips and smiled. It was obvious to Sophia that the two of them were looking for trouble.

Truth was, Sandra had brought her best friend to trouble Sophia today!

Sophia would never have the guts to provoke the young lady of the Michel Family!

Sophia, on the other hand, was in trouble.

Damn it! I don’t even know anyone from the Michel Family.

If she was really a relative from her home in Northern Europe, wouldn’t it be awkward to see each other in the future if she offended her?

Deciding to just bear with it for now, Sophia sat up straight and said with a smile, “Welcome! Pourl is the best high-end pet luxury brand in Cethos. With international cutting-edge designers, we will definitely be able to meet all your requirements!”

Hearing Sophia’s greeting, the staff in the shop naturally came over to tend to the customer. A wave of staff surrounded Sandra and Abbie, and Sophia took the opportunity to sneak away. She wanted to ask Cooper about Abbie, because it would be bad if she offended a relative.

When Sandra saw Sophia sneaking away in distress, she gloated secretly.

She was determined to make Sophia’s shop close down today, no matter what!

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