My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 910

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 910

Sandra had been keeping an eye on Sophia and Michael and she had learned the news of their divorce from others. Not only that, she even found out about the division of property during their divorce.

Sophia had left the marriage with nothing!

She now only had some shares and a few shops as well as Pourl. She had nothing else!

Although these were already very valuable, compared with Michael’s huge net worth, it was nothing.

At the same time, the alliance between Cooper and the Fletcher Family had completely collapsed!

Sophia killed the apple of the Fletcher Family’s eye. Although he was saved in the end, how could the Fletcher Family let her go so easily? They got a divorce right away and she didn’t even get any of the Fletcher Family’s assets. How miserable she must be!

Meanwhile, Sophia brought her pair of alpacas to the store to make a custom outfit. In the afternoon, she was about to go to the studio to shoot a new film but unexpectedly, she ran into Sandra, who came over to show off.

Recently, Sophia was too upset about her divorce and about Phantom Wolf until she had completely forgotten Sandra’s existence.

Now, Sandra appeared to have come over to make fun of her after learning the news.

Sophia, on the other hand, touched her alpaca and didn’t even look at Sandra; she didn’t want to respond to anything she said.

She knew that Irene would definitely not be able to do such major things alone, so she definitely had help behind the scenes.

Seeing that Sophia didn’t answer her, Sandra got even more excited. She walked into the store and said loudly, “You and Cooper finally got to live in The Imperial, yet you were driven out in such a shameful manner. You must be sad, huh? The Mitchell Family would love to take you and your father in as we have many more houses. We also have a two-bedroom and one-living room house in Ring Avenue and we can give it to you. Unfortunately, there is no toilet, but I think you won’t mind.”

Sophia snorted in response.

She had just been through a divorce. Although she didn’t take any money from Michael, she still had a lot of money. How dare Sandra mock her?

Sophia held 17 percent of Plum Technology’s shares and its market value was a few billion.

She lowered her head and continued exchanging details about the design of the alpaca outfit with Ivan, not bothering to respond to Sandra.

In the shop, no one paid any attention to Sandra. She kept flaunting and showing off, but no one took notice of her from beginning to end.

Sophia was definitely going to bring down Sandra one day. She was collecting evidence now and was almost done. When the right time came, she would then release the evidence.

Meanwhile, Sandra was unable to release her anger.

She didn’t buy that Sophia could be so indifferent, that she could be so calm after she divorced and left the marriage with nothing. She bet that Sophia probably wanted to hang herself at this time badly!

She rolled her eyes, raising her voice as she said in a high-pitched tone, “I already expected that you’ll get a divorce since a long time ago. Taylor is our nation’s idol and countless rich ladies want to hook up with him! Rumor has it that there were many young ladies who came to visit him while he was filming! News of his divorce has now spread in the upper class. I heard that he recently got very close to a young lady of our Mitchell Family and they even appeared in a hotel together.”

She carefully observed Sophia’s expression as she said this and saw a trace of pain in her eyes.

I knew it…

Sandra was overjoyed and tried to flame the fans even further. “They’ve probably been together for quite some time. It’s been more than three years since you left, so how can a man stay single just for you? I’m sure that if you didn’t come back, they would’ve gotten married a long time ago. After you appeared, they were forced to be separated. It’s good that you guys got divorced. Truth is, you shouldn’t have come back in the first place.”

Sophia remained silent.

Now that they were divorced, they had no right to interfere in each other’s love lives anymore. She would only wish him nothing but the best if he wanted to look for a second wife.

However, this heartache… It was too hard for her to bear! Perhaps she would get used to it over time.

She lowered her brows, hiding all her thoughts.

Sandra was still boasting about the relationship between the lady of the Mitchell Family and Michael. She spoke as if she had experienced it herself and knew all the details clearly.

However, Sophia knew that she was just bluffing.

Michael was still actively contacting Sophia now and she could also see that he still wanted to win her back. She silently accepted his pursuit, never rejecting him.

She knew her feelings very clearly. Although she and Michael were divorced, she still loved him, so she couldn’t resist his love at all.

Divorce was not what she wanted.

She did it just to make it up to Cooper and Quinton. She agreed to go with Quinton but in a blink of an eye, she married Michael. Although she had no other choice at the time, she still wanted to make it up to Quinton by divorcing Michael. She now had completely ended their doomed relationship.

As for remarriage… It was up to fate.

She didn’t have any specific plans or expectations. She just hoped that Carmen could grow up happily. She wanted to leave everything else to destiny.

Sandra, who didn’t know the inside story, wanted badly to hurt Sophia and make fun of her. She tried her best to hit her sore spot, as if in this way, she could hurt Sophia and increase the competitiveness of Alex and his companions. Unfortunately for her, Sophia was extremely calm and indifferent from start to finish.

That being said, Sophia’s patience had reached its limit and she blurted out, “Enough about me. What about you? Why did you suddenly break the marriage contract with Ian?”

Sandra and the young man from the Edwards Family had broken off their marriage contract not long ago. This marriage was originally arranged by their family but now, the alliance between the Edwards Family and Alex was fragile. Under Cooper’s powerful offense, the Edwards Family had long since taken Cooper’s side, so it was expected that the two would break up.

Sandra thought that Sophia was going to say something extreme to insult her and did not expect her to just say something like that after holding back for so long.

“Ha! You really are well informed!” Sandra sneered. “I indeed broke up with Ian and the alliance between the Edwards Family and my dad is gone, but it doesn’t mean we lost.”

Sandra was very confident, as if she was holding a trump card. “I now have a new boyfriend who is no weaker than the Edwards Family. The Mitchell Family will soon find a new partner. Pay attention to the news these days and you’ll find out!”

Upon hearing that, Sophia’s ears pricked up.

Judging by Sandra’s tone, Alex seemed to have found a new partner who was even better than the Edwards Family?

In Bayside City, only the Fletcher Family and the Winston Family were comparable to the Edwards Family.

It was unlikely that she was talking about the Fletcher Family. Cooper was now the most attractive target in the eyes of the Fletcher Family. They desperately wanted the top-secret military technology in his hands, so it was impossible for them to join forces with Alex.

The Winston Family maybe?

The Winston Family, on the other hand, were more mysterious. It was an underground force so it wouldn’t be beneficial for them to be too high-profile. In fact, Sophia didn’t know who the Winston Family consisted of right now.

Seeing that Sophia seemed to be trying hard to guess who she was talking about, Sandra was overjoyed and said proudly, “Then I will tell you who I am talking about. My future fiance belongs to the Michel Family of Northern Europe!”

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