My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 91-100

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 91

On second thought, she was already married to their idol. The thought lightened up Sophia’s mood a bit.

Xyla was very good at her speech and had managed to host the meet-and-greet in a harmonious and perfect manner. Michael shared his experience of being in the acting business for ten years with much passion and enthusiasm, even encouraging the students to study hard in their respective professions too. He then said, “First of all, I would like to thank my good partner, Ethan, for taking care of me all these years.”

“Ah!” A group of fujoshis below the stage screamed in excitement. The atmosphere hit its climax once again.

For safety purposes, the military camp had sent their regular troops to maintain the order of the meet-and-greet. The soldiers surrounded the stage below, forming a human barricade to prevent the students from storming up the stage due to their overexcitement.

Sophia stretched her head and looked at the duo on the stage; the spotlight was focused on them, and they were at the center of attention as everyone kept their eyes on the actors and looked at them in admiration. They shone so brightly that it was somewhat blinding to her eyes; she was mesmerized by them.

Soon, the interactive session began where the students below the stage could ask the award-winning actors several questions. They raised their hands frantically, and several lucky students were picked consecutively. After the microphones were passed to them, the lucky students asked their questions. In return, Michael and Harry answered their questions skillfully.

However, the final question was a bit awkward. One of the fujoshis asked excitedly in public, “We heard that you guys registered for marriage in the Netherlands. Is this true?”

There was a sudden change in the atmosphere and everyone felt awkward for the two award-winning actors. After all, it was just the fans’ wild imagination to consider them as a couple. On a surface level, the award-winning actors had always been good friends and partners.

Sophia held her breath too as she guessed what Michael would answer. Will he confess immediately, or will he just shrug it off quickly without providing any detail on the matter? He’s not going to tell the world about my existence, is he? Didn’t he marry me just to conceal the fact that he’s gay? Perhaps he will tell the world about me for real.

Sophia was ready to be revealed to the world. As Michael held the microphone in his hand and smiled, he looked gentlemanly and pleasant with the expression on his face. His deep sexy voice echoed throughout the whole place as he said, “I’m afraid I can’t tell you the details about this.”

Is he confessing to it?

Screams of excitement from a group of fujoshis could be heard from below the stage.

A huge amount of gay pornographic novels featuring Taylor and Ethan as the couple was about to be published very soon. The couple had actually gotten married for real, and many of their fans melted upon seeing their affection for each other.

Sophia, who was standing among the crowd, suddenly felt a little disappointed.

Most good-looking men were scumbags. Those good-looking men who were not scumbags were either married or homosexual.

Sigh! She let out a long sigh and glanced at Nathan in her arms. Suddenly, she felt sorry for him. She had never met Nathan’s mother before; perhaps his mother was just a surrogate mother.

Both of them were equally pitiful. Unlike that perverted moron named Michael, he already had a handsome guy as his partner. Yet, he still liked to touch her all the time. She wondered why Harry didn’t control him.

Michael pretended to be a gentleman on the stage; he thought that he must have looked really handsome with his appearance today, and was certain that his young wife must really be mesmerized by his looks and would definitely agree to sleep with him tonight.

Soon, the interactive session was over. The students were happy since they got to ask many questions, and the atmosphere was quite merry indeed.

Joel arrived as well, and he went up on stage and sat together with the main cast.

As usual, Joel wore his solemn and intimidating military uniform, which showed off his cold and mysterious temperament. His style was completely different from Taylor’s gentlemanly, courteous temperament and Ethan’s cool, haughty demeanor.

The presence of the three idols with different personalities caused a huge stir among the crowd below the stage as they kept screaming over and over again. It was almost impossible to control the crowd.

Next, it was the most exciting moment of all time—the lucky draw and giveaway session!

Harry held an album in his hand, and his striking blonde hair shone brightly under the spotlight. He glanced across the crowd below the stage and announced, “This is an album I worked on with Taylor a few years ago. It has both our personal signatures on it. I’ll give it to the girl with the loudest and most pleasant scream!”

Within seconds, deafening screams were heard echoing through the air, and Sophia covered Nathan’s ears immediately.

As the students screamed frantically, their screams echoed through the quiet woods. The sleeping tigers and lions in the woods of the hunting grounds were startled when they heard these deafening midnight screams. So, they howled along with the screams too.

In the end, Harry picked a male student who went up the stage and took the present. After being on the stage, the boy couldn’t control himself and gave Harry a bear hug. It caused another stir among the students who screamed in excitement.

Then, it was Michael’s turn. He took out an iPad calmly; it was the latest iPad model from Apple.

It didn’t matter what brand the iPad was; almost everyone present owned a dozen iPads themselves. However, it was different since the iPad belonged to Taylor.

Michael explained, “This is my personal iPad. I saved all the movies I’ve starred in the last ten years and some unpublished bloopers…”

“Ah! Give it to me! Give it to me!”

The girls really looked like a scary bunch of fanatic demons when they became overexcited. The drill instructors were freaked out by it as they hurried over to maintain the order of the meet-and-greet, dragging disobedient students back to their groups.

Sophia was petrified by the students’ frantic behavior. She didn’t expect that Michael’s popularity would be so incredible to the point that it was scary. She actually felt stressed out being Michael’s young bride in a flash marriage! If his fans found out that she was married to Michael, they would definitely kill her!

Excitement continued on the stage. Holding the iPad in his hand, Michael looked very courteous. “Let me see both of your hands; I’ll pick one of you randomly to come up on stage to get this iPad.”

The students threw their arms up in the air frantically.

Right at that moment, Nathan—who had been in Sophia’s arms—escaped suddenly and dashed out into the crowd. He forced his way through the human barricade formed by the Special Forces with his little body. He was the first one to dash up the stage, and the athletic Nathan ran forward and snatched the iPad from Michael’s hand.

Sophia, Michael and the fans were surprised and speechless with his antics.

The fans were so furious that they thumped their chests and stomped their feet. How could they let a kid snatch the iPad away? Nevertheless, Nathan was just a kid after all. They couldn’t fight with a kid, could they? Therefore, they had no choice but to watch someone else snatch the iPad which belonged to them away in disappointment.

Michael grabbed onto Nathan as he was about to escape with the iPad, surrounding the little guy together with Harry. You little rascal! You can run pretty fast, huh? Are you thinking about running away once you’ve gotten the iPad? In your dreams!

The vigilant Michael caught him instantly and asked with a gentle expression, “Hey there, little guy. What’s your name? Are you here alone? Who are you here with?”

Failing to escape, Nathan switched on his acting mode. Putting on a cute and adorable face, he said into the microphone sweetly, “I’m Nathan. I came with my Mommy!”

Playing along with him, Michael asked, “Where is your Mommy? Ask her to come up here and let me see her.”

Since Nathan was the only child in the camp, his mother naturally caught the attention of everyone else. Even though everyone knew that Sophia wasn’t Nathan’s real mother and was just his father in his video games, they heard that she was the nanny hired by his family.

Right at that moment, everyone still had their gazes on Sophia. She was shocked at first, but after that, she actually felt a bit excited despite being in a daze.

Nathan knew that Michael wouldn’t let him take the iPad away so easily, so he waved at Sophia sweetly on purpose. “Mommy, hurry and come up here!”

Sophia covered her face. As everyone looked at her with envy and jealousy, she went up the stage.

On the stage, Michael held Nathan in his arms. He teased the little guy on purpose and said, “Come on, Nate, you have to say something to make me happy. Otherwise, I won’t let you take the iPad away!”

Nathan put on a sour face when no one could see him. Grabbing the iPad tightly, a hesitant look flashed through his face. In the end, he decided to put aside his pride. He took the microphone and called out to Michael obediently. “Daddy!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 92

It caused a stir among the crowd. Can he do that? Did he just call Taylor ‘Daddy’?

Michael seemed extremely pleased. He caressed Nathan’s head and said, “Good boy.”

Harry, who couldn’t stand being ignored, asked, “What about me?”

With his back facing the audience, Nathan pouted his lips and addressed Harry reluctantly. “God Daddy.”

The fans screamed again. Nate is a really smart kid!

The two award-winning actors were overjoyed after hearing Nathan call them ‘Daddy’. They took turns to caress his head. Even Joel, who had been quiet since the beginning, smiled too. He caressed Nathan’s tiny head too.

Nathan was indeed an outrageous existence in the camp—everybody liked him!

Even Sophia had the chance to be so close to the award-winning actors because of Nathan.

At last, Sophia got on the stage stiffly with an awkward expression on her face. Nathan escaped from Michael’s arms immediately the moment he saw her coming and ran into Sophia’s arms.

Michael took the opportunity to ask Nathan and said, “Nate, can you tell Daddy where’s Mommy?”

Nathan pointed at Sophia. “Mommy’s here!”

Sophia was so embarrassed that her face turned red. What a strange family…

The fans screamed again. They were so excited that their noses almost bled after Nathan called Michael and Sophia ‘Daddy’ and ‘Mommy’. They wanted to be Nathan’s mother so badly at that moment.

Michael asked Nathan again. “Is Mommy pretty?”

Nathan nodded and said, “Yes!”

Michael caressed his head. “Okay then, be a good boy and take Mommy down the stage.”

Feeling relieved as if he just survived a death penalty, Nathan grabbed Sophia and ran away.

Covering her face again, Sophia went back to her original place as everyone looked at her in envy and jealousy.

What the hell is wrong with Michael? Why did he call me up there? Was it just to make Nate call them his ‘Daddy’ and ‘Mommy’?

She had a feeling that she would definitely be torn into pieces by the fans of the Winston couple tomorrow.

The fans meeting ended in a happy and harmonious atmosphere. Nathan became instantly popular as he won Michael’s iPad successfully. He held onto the device dearly like it was a precious treasure.

After the meet-and-greet was over, the filming crew left and the students were dismissed in an orderly manner, leaving in their military camp buses.

Since Xyla was the host, she went down the stage along with the guests. She then took the opportunity to step forward and ask for Michael’s autograph.

“Uh, Mr. Murray—may I have your autograph?”

Michael took several big steps ahead and left, seeming as though he had not heard her at all. He didn’t even turn around. Putting her pride aside, Xyla called him twice again. However, she was ignored over and over again. She couldn’t do anything but stomp her feet in disappointment and left.

Taylor and Ethan were extremely arrogant, and they couldn’t even be bothered to meet the wealthy investors. Therefore, it was difficult even if it was Xyla who wanted to see him.

She barely had the chance to get close to the two mysterious and low-profile award-winning actors, but to her surprise, she couldn’t even get his autograph.

Just then, Richard came to escort her back. Noticing the resentful and disappointed look on her face, he comforted her and said, “It’s okay. My uncle is a movie director, so you’ll definitely get a chance in the future.”

Everyone left in their respective buses. However, two buses had broken down. As a result, two companies would have to stay overnight here at Audistin.

Among two of the buses which had broken down, one of them belonged to Company 23. The bus had broken down due to a mechanical problem in the vehicle itself. The other bus belonged to Company 49, but it seemed like someone had pierced the tire and no spares could be found. Therefore, they had no choice but to repair it now.

In the end, both Company 49 and Company 23 were forced to stay overnight at Audistin. Luckily, there were enough rooms here for everyone.

However, Sophia felt like the buses had broken down at such an odd timing! Somehow, she had a bad feeling about this! She had to stay one night at Audistin. If she was correct, Michael would be spending the night here as well.

Feeling fearful, she took Nathan to the hotel room.

Their company commander was the one responsible for putting them in their respective rooms. Two students shared a room, and Sophie had been put together with Gemma.

Sophia became alert when she discovered that she would be sharing a room with Gemma. Just as she expected, when she opened the room door with her keycard, Gemma was nowhere to be found. Instead, she caught sight of Michael. He had just finished showering and smelled great, and he was waiting for her on the bed…

Sophia finally realized now that it wasn’t a coincidence for the meet-and-greet to be held here and for the bus to break down at a time like this! She wasn’t going to keep her virginity tonight!

She thought of leaving the room immediately, and pretended that she had walked into the wrong room. However, Michael already saw her. In fact, he was waiting for her to fall into his trap. How could he possibly let her go so easily?

“My chica, you’re finally here. Come on, come inside.”

Michael got down from the bed. As he stood barefooted, his tall and muscular figure was cladded in thin pajamas. Sophia could vaguely see his tantalizing inner chest line through the loosely-buttoned collar, and his thin pajamas couldn’t conceal his overpowering masculine scent emitted from his body.

Sophia reluctantly entered the room, holding onto Nathan’s tiny hand tightly. Nathan was her only ‘shield’ tonight.

Michael walked over toward her and slammed the door shut. He then embraced Sophia and kissed her loudly at the same time.

Sophia pretended to be embarrassed and freed herself from Michael’s embrace. She then said shyly, “Hubby, Nate is still around.”

Michael attached his lips onto hers tightly, seeming as though he wanted to suck her in through his mouth. He even cornered and pressed her against the wall before kissing her passionately on her skin with his warm lips. While taking advantage of a gap in between kisses, he said, “It’s okay. He doesn’t understand either.”

Nathan simply watched the couple kissing each other passionately just like that. However, he realized the couple was displaying an inappropriate amount of affection in front of him.

Sophia struggled to free herself. As she looked at Nathan who was staring at them with his large and bulging eyes, she protested shyly, “We can’t mislead our son!”

At last, Michael released Sophia reluctantly. He opened the door and got Hale to take Nathan away.

Nathan took a glance at Sophia and Michael.

Sophia winked at him desperately. Oh please, darling, don’t go!

Michael looked at him with a gentle and loving expression on his face. “My dear boy, Daddy and Mommy are going to work hard tonight to give you a younger sister, so don’t come and interrupt us, okay?”

A younger sister! Suddenly, Nathan hoped he would have a younger sister. With that, he left with Hale.

The door slammed shut with a loud bang, and Sophia’s heart skipped a beat too. Michael stretched out his naughty hands toward her again.

Petrified, Sophia took a step backward. Michael, the perverted bisexual freak! You’re already married to Harry in the Netherlands. You can’t just dump him like that!

She protested, “Hubby, let’s not do it; we don’t have condoms here. It’s very dangerous!”

Michael smiled slyly. “That’s great—we can have a bunch of kids then.”

Sophia put on a sad face as she tried to come up with some excuses to stay away from Michael. “Hubby, I’m rather smelly from all the sweating. Why don’t I take a bath first?”

She planned to drag it on for as long as she could.

Michael actually complied and gave in to her wish. He patted her on her bum and said, “Go then!”

Sophia hurried into the bathroom quickly. However, she felt speechless as soon as she was in the bathroom instantly. The room was a romantic honeymoon suite! The glass wall of the bathroom was transparent!

It was transparent! The wall was completely transparent without anything to cover it up! Besides the transparent wall, the bathroom was even equipped with strange-looking neon lights!

The bathroom light switched on completely with a tap and shone in a pinkish hue. Hot water flowed out of the tap automatically and the room was immediately covered in thick mist. Under the pinkish lighting, the atmosphere in the bathroom became erotic immediately…

Michael wore his pajamas with his shirt unbuttoned halfway, revealing his attractive clavicle and abdominal muscles. Biting a red rose across his lips, he lay down on the bed, ready to watch Sophia’s live strip show.

Sophia was speechless. What should I do?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 93

Sophia stood stiffly in the bathroom as she removed her shoes slowly. She really wanted to take a bath since it was like rushing to war whenever they took showers in the camp—they only had three minutes to shower and five minutes to wash their hair.

Moreover, their hot water was supplied in a limited amount; she had never felt truly clean ever since joining the military camp twenty days ago. Now, there was a shower and a fully-automated bathtub in the hotel, making Sophia drool upon catching sight of these facilities.

However, how could she possibly relax, remove all her clothes, take a bath, and scrub her back when a pair of lustful eyes kept leering at her outside the glass?

Michael even put on various seductive postures. He took the rose off his lips before plucking the petals off one by one and threw them all over the bed.

Sophia almost cried seeing him like that. She removed her shirt in slow motion, but when she was about to remove her undershirt, the doorbell rang rapidly. Ding-dong! Ding-dong!

Michael frowned as an impatient, vicious look flashed through his eyes. Who the hell is here to interrupt us? Harry? Impossible! He’s not that ignorant. Perhaps it’s Nate?

Michael got dressed and went to open the door moodily. When he opened the door, he saw a man and a woman standing outside the door wearing similar military uniforms.

The man was tall and handsome whereas the girl was energetic and cute, looking like a fairy. “How are you, Mr. Murray? My name is Richard Harper. I’m a student of Bayside University,” the man greeted Michael politely.

Richard? Stuck in the bathroom, Sophia listened to their conversation attentively.

Michael put on his award-winning-actor temperament and a professional smile on his face. He asked courteously, “Is there anything I can help you with?” Isn’t he my current wife’s f*cking ex-boyfriend? So this is what he looks like. He’s really ugly!

Richard held Xyla’s delicate hand, and the latter was very excited. He explained to Michael in an utterly polite manner as he said, “My girlfriend is a fan of yours; she practically grew up watching your movies.

Mr. Murray, I was wondering if we could take a photo with you and ask for your autograph? My girlfriend has been waiting for this opportunity for years now.” As he finished, he stared at Michael nervously in fear that the latter would reject him.

Taylor had never taken photos with anyone or given his autograph before. He had always been very low-profile, mysterious and arrogant. Those wealthy investors hardly ever saw him—not even once. Even if Xyla was the wealthy daughter of the Huff Family who had the opportunity to join the celebrities’ inner circle, she wasn’t fortunate enough to see Taylor.

She had put a lot of effort into finding out Taylor’s hotel room number today. Hence, she came over at night and asked for his autograph.

She initially thought that Taylor would reject their request, but much to her surprise, his lips curved into a warm smile as he answered, “Of course you can. Come in, and we’ll take the photo inside.”

What the heck? Is he inviting them in? The bathroom is completely transparent! Besides, if they come in, my identity will be exposed! Sophia looked around the bathroom for something to cover herself up.

Just then, Michael pressed a button and the bathroom’s transparent glass wall became opaque immediately; one could only see a vague figure moving around inside.

Michael invited Richard and Xyla into his room. As soon as they were inside the room, they realized that his room looked very peculiar. The air was filled with the fragrance of essential oil, and the pink room had a romantic feeling to it. Rose petals were scattered on the large, round twin bed. Instantly, one could tell that there was another person in the room besides Michael.

Xyla was a bit surprised. As a girl, she could immediately sense that there was a girl in the room. As expected, she saw a petite, dark figure moving around in the bathroom. “That’s…”

Was that Taylor’s woman? He was seldom involved in scandals ever since he ventured into the acting business for over ten years. There was a rumor going around the upper class society that he had thought of marrying the wealthy daughter of the Edwards Family to become their live-in son-in-law before.

However, he had failed to do so. Since then, there hasn’t been any news on his personal life anymore. Is that woman… someone unrelated to the entertainment industry? A young model? A supporting actress from the movie? Xyla was startled by her own speculations.

Surprisingly, Michael was very honest. “That’s my wife.”

Richard and Xyla were very shocked by that. It turned out that the award-winning actor was married! The woman must have saved the entire Milky Way in her last lifetime to be so fortunate to marry the award-winning actor!

Taylor got off to a good start since he had graduated from Bayside University. All the movies he acted in were international blockbuster films, and he was one of the few actors in Cethos who had won two Oscars awards; he was also the youngest First Class Actor in the country.

He was a national idol. With his current assets, he could marry a wealthy daughter from one of the Four Great Families in Bayside City. As such, Xyla wondered who his wife was. Is she a popular diva? Or a girl from a noble family? Staring at the blurry figure in the bathroom, Xyla felt nothing but envy and jealousy.

In the bathroom, Sophia listened closely to the situation outside. She heard snapping noises as the three of them took some photos and the couple asked for autographs.

After snapping several photos, Xyla took out her cap excitedly and said, “Mr. Murray, please sign here. Do give me a special autograph!”

Michael complied and even gave her a special autograph. After interacting with the actor for quite some time, Xyla and Richard left together. Before they left, Michael reminded them, “Regarding my marriage, I hope that both of you can keep it a secret.”

Xyla nodded quickly and said, “Of course we will!” After all, Taylor was no ordinary actor. She heard that he was a 5% shareholder of Asco International, the top corporation in Bayside City; his wealth and influence was extraordinary.

If she let the cat out of the bag, he would definitely destroy the Huff Family within minutes with his abilities. She even flattered him and said, “Mr. Murray, the girl who married you must be someone who is just as outstanding as you!”

Michael nodded. Of course, his little woman must be someone special and different from the others!

As for Richard, he had taken some photos with Michael excitedly just now, for he admired the guy very much too. Unlike Xyla, who idolized Michael for his looks, he admired Michael from a man’s perspective.

For someone without any family background like Michael, he only took around ten years to become an international superstar; he started out as an unpopular lead vocalist of a teen band when he first got into the entertainment industry in his teens, and had even failed to marry into a wealthy family. This was enough to make Richard admire Michael for the rest of his life!

After seeing Xyla and Richard off, Michael looked at himself in the mirror. I look really handsome! Even Sophia’s ex-boyfriend looks at me with his ‘lustful’ eyes.

Why can’t Sophia look at me with just a slightest bit of silly admiration look on her face? He pressed the button and the bathroom glass wall became transparent again. Sophia, who was still a blurry figure moments ago, became clear immediately.

Instead of seeing her naked body like he had anticipated, he just saw Sophia lying in the bathtub; the tub was filled with bubbles with only her head protruding outside, and he couldn’t see anything down below her head. Sophia was enjoying her bubble bath happily, feeling as though she was in heaven.

Looking at the bathtub filled with bubbles, Michael didn’t complain even if he didn’t see his young bride’s beautiful naked body. After all, it was impossible for Sophia to run away again today.

Sophia spent over half an hour enjoying her bath and felt really comfortable after soaking in it; her skin had almost turned white after the long bath. She wanted to go out, but there was a sly and lustful guy waiting for her outside. If she went out now, she would get screwed immediately.

Michael half-leaned on the bed while reading his script. When he wasn’t looking, Sophia got out of the bathtub immediately and changed into her pajamas.

She brushed her teeth and washed her face before going out of the bathroom. She had used up all the methods she could think of and knew that she could no longer drag it on anymore. Fine, I’ll just get laid then. It’s not like I have anything to lose anyway!

Realizing that she had come out of the bathroom, Michael put down his script. He stretched out his arms, waiting for her to throw herself into his embrace. Just as Sophia snuggled into his arms, someone knocked on the door again before he could even kiss her.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 94

Michael was furious at this point and barked, “Who’s there?”

He opened the door to see Hale and Nathan standing there, and the former looked apologetic as he said, “I’m sorry, sir. But the Young Master insisted on sleeping with you.”

As soon as Hale said that, Nathan quickly ducked under Michael’s arms and ran straight toward the bed. Kicking off his slippers, he jumped onto the bed and hid himself under the blanket.

When he was taking a shower just now, he realized that he wouldn’t be the only child in the family anymore if Michael and Sophia were to have a baby girl.

By then, Sophia would be too busy taking care of the baby and wouldn’t play with him anymore. How boring his life would become!

Upon seeing Nathan, Sophia’s face lit up as if she had been thrown a lifeline, and she asked, “What happened, Nate? Are you afraid of sleeping alone?”

“Yes,” Nathan answered, a gloomy look on his face.

At the same time, Michael closed the door with a gloomy face as well. He stalked over to see both Sophia and Nathan had made themselves comfortable on the king-sized bed. The red blanket was tucked up to their chins, and they stared at him with sparkling eyes.

With a motherly smile in place, Sophia said, “Dear, Nate said that he was scared to sleep alone.”

Hearing her words, the child quickly nodded in agreement.

Michael merely stared at them in silence. After a while, he adjusted his clothes and switched off the lights, only leaving a night lamp on.

All the while, Nathan stared at Michael with wide eyes, as if he was afraid that Michael would really stuff a baby sister into Sophia’s belly. If his mother were to get pregnant, she would be too weak to do anything, let alone play with him.

On the other hand, Michael couldn’t fall asleep and stared at the ceiling for a long while. He glanced at Nathan, only to find the child’s black eyes staring back at him warily.

Annoyed, Michael glared back before looking at Sophia. Exhausted from her military training, she had fallen into a deep slumber after taking a comfortable shower, and was sleeping like a log.

Michael averted his gaze, and it wasn’t long before Nathan had fallen asleep as well. The child looked extremely adorable with his chubby face and long eyelashes fanning his cheekbones. He was such an angel!

Turning over, Michael fell into a deep thought as he stared at Nathan’s sleeping face.

He had once lost everything dear to him; if it wasn’t for the newly born Nathan, he might not have gotten through that dark period in his life.

There was nothing in this world that could compare with Nathan.

On the other hand, Sophia was already in her dreamland. Sleeping soundly, she habitually held onto Nathan out of fear that he would roll off the bed. She clutched him tightly, ensuring he was sleeping on the innermost part of the bed.

As he stared at the mother and son duo, Michael’s lips lifted into a gentle smile. He leaned forward to kiss Nathan on the forehead before kissing Sophia’s cheek.

When Sophia woke up the next morning, she saw that Nathan had already gotten up as well. Shocked, she quickly looked down and was relieved to see that her clothes were still in place. It seemed that Michael didn’t do anything to her yesterday.

Speaking of which, he had left early since he was the protagonist of his current movie. If he was late, he would be dragging the entire production’s progress. So, he had to arrive two hours early to get his hair and makeup done.

In the meantime, Sophia took Nathan for breakfast, and they got on the Company 49 bus and returned to the barracks. After settling down, she went about and started her busy day.

Perhaps everyone was too excited when they saw the idols yesterday, so they didn’t seem to be in the mood during the morning training. Even the energetic Nathan looked spiritless and had fallen asleep while munching on a slice of watermelon.

Once the morning training was over, everyone gathered under the shade, whereupon a wave of girls surrounded Nathan.

“Oh, Nathan, can you give me the iPad that Mr. Prince gave to you yesterday? I’ll buy you a new one!”

“Nathan, I have something more interesting over here!”

“Natie, if you give the iPad to me, I’ll give you ten back!”

Although everyone had seen the idols from afar yesterday, they seemed cold and distant, so no one dared to ask for their signatures. However, there were two lucky people who had received gifts from the actors—one boy got Ethan’s signed album, but traded it away for a luxurious bungalow in the capital, while the other gift was Nathan’s iPad.

However, Nathan only looked at the girls with a long face, obviously rejecting their proposals.

Even so, the girls continued to pester him, but to no avail. In fact, Nathan had nothing to give since the iPad was with Sophia. She had never seen Michael’s acting, and wanted to catch up with his movies.

Just then, there was a sudden commotion on the training field, and everyone quickly went in the direction of Company No. 23.

After inquiring, it turned out that Xyla had gotten Taylor’s autograph, and she even got him to sign on her cap and take a photo together!

This made the other girls really mad—how did Xyla manage to get an autograph when no one else did?

Green with envy, the girls complained, “Who does Xyla think she is? How could she take a photo with my idol?”

“That’s right! I was chased away by the bodyguards when I wanted to take a photo yesterday!”

“All of you are so ignorant. The Harper Family invested ten million in the production of ‘Doctor Invincible’. I heard that Xyla got the signature through her connections with Richard Harper!”

“This is so frustrating! If that’s the case, I’ll have my daddy invest fifty million in the production, so that I can take a photo with my idol too!”

As everyone was talking, the atmosphere suddenly became awkward, and they turned to look at Sophia. After all, she was Richard Harper’s “mistress”.

It looked like Richard treated his real girlfriend very well; not only did he manage to let her take a photo with her idol, she even got a special autograph on her cap.

Apparently, it was also due to the Harpers that Xyla was able to become the emcee!

Unlike the mistress who, as expected, received nothing. Indeed, the girlfriend’s position was much higher than that of the mistress.

However, Sophia was focused on watching the movie, and wasn’t aware that people thought of her as a mistress.

In fact, the iPad that Michael gave had a really big memory storage. Not only was it filled with movies and MVs since his debut, the videos were all in HD!

To be honest, Michael was truly a great actor. He had participated in over twenty productions and each movie was a blockbuster; from posing as an adorable child to a solemn middle-aged man, his acting was flawless.

How could someone so powerful exist in this world?

Sophia felt that she was about to fall in love with him.

On the other hand, Xyla had become the envy of many girls in the barracks, and she wore the cap with Taylor’s signature with pride.

But it wasn’t enough, and she wanted to show it off to Sophia as well.

Xyla knew that Richard had put in a lot of effort to help her to become the emcee, as well as getting Taylor’s room number for her.

As expected, her dear Richard would do anything for her!

As for Sophia, he probably had forgotten about her existence.

This went to show that Xyla had not only received a special autograph from her idol, but also Richard’s special love for her!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 95

Nathan didn’t seem to be interested in trading his iPad for anything, no matter how much the others offered him. He wasn’t even using it himself and had given it to Sophia, as if he had purposely snatched the prize for her.

On the other hand, Sophia was too engrossed in Michael’s movies that she kept watching whenever she had time to spare, even during her lunch breaks.

Looking at his mother’s infatuated expression, Nathan sighed and shook his head, thinking that his mother was completely hopeless.

As if she sensed Nathan’s feelings, Sophia sheepishly stopped the movie and placed the iPad in her bag before she started to eat her lunch.

At this very moment, Xyla and Richard arrived at the cafeteria.

“Let’s sit over there, Richard!” Xyla suggested coquettishly as she observed Richard’s expression, pointing at the empty seat beside Sophia.

In fact, she was aware of Richard’s affair with Sophia, but she had never brought up the topic.

A smart woman would not reveal her feelings, and Xyla would never let the slightest hint of upset show on her face. She only observed them in silence.

Furthermore, as a way to express her generosity and consideration, she would even give Richard the chance to approach Sophia. As a smart woman, she would never bring up his secret affair to his face, as that would only put him off.

As expected, in the face of her generosity, a flash of guilt appeared on Richard’s face and he said nervously, “Let’s find somewhere else to sit…”

Knowing that her plan had worked, Xyla decided to act even more generously and kindly; sooner rather than later, Richard would definitely return to her side.

She deliberately sat beside Sophia and said, “No, I want to sit here! Look, Sophia is here too!”

Turning around, she greeted Sophia happily, as if the latter was her good friend. “Hi Sophia, what a coincidence!”

Busy with her lunch, Sophia only waved at Xyla. “Hi.”

Once Richard sat down as well, Xyla purposely put the signed cap in front of Sophia and said in a nasally voice, “Look, Sophia! This is a special autograph signed by Taylor! Isn’t it cool?”

Sophia raised her head and glanced at the cap, feeling a little curious at Michael’s signature.

True to Xyla’s words, it was indeed a special autograph that read, ‘To: Xyla, wishing you great success and a happy life.’

Although the signature is pretty, the words are way too tacky!

Averting her gaze, Sophia tried to hide her distaste in her eyes. After all, she knew Xyla was here to show off.

Then, Sophia responded in a cold voice, “Yeah, cool.”

Xyla continued to show off, and said, “If it wasn’t for Richard, I wouldn’t have had the chance to become a supporting actor, not to mention getting Taylor’s signature! In fact, he looked even more handsome in person!”

Listening to her, Sophia merely mumbled and nodded.

Knowing that Sophia was definitely jealous of her, Xyla retrieved her cap and hugged it tightly. “Richard brought me to Audistin yesterday, and after asking around, we finally got Taylor’s room number! I heard that you were at Audistin yesterday too. What a pity, I could’ve brought you along to look for Taylor if I knew about this earlier! After my military training, I’ll be acting as a supporting character in ‘Doctor Invisible’. It’s just a small character, but I’ll still get to see Taylor and even work with him!”

Sophia kept on eating as she listened to Xyla’s boastful words.

Xyla was too engrossed in her own world, as she continued to brag about yesterday’s incident. “Taylor was extremely handsome, and he was very nice too! Those rumors that painted him as a cold and uncaring man are all untrue!”

Sophia only mumbled in reply, “Yeah, yeah.”

Suddenly, Xyla held onto Richard’s arm and said proudly, “It must be because of Richard that Taylor was so nice to us!”

Hearing this, Richard only smiled awkwardly. Some things were better left unsaid.

It was true that he had put in a lot of effort to let Xyla become the host of the fan meeting yesterday. However, Taylor was a big star, and he had no way to inquire about the actor’s room number. Furthermore, the Harpers were not exactly welcomed in Audistin, so he couldn’t even ask about it.

It was only when he overheard the conversation between the staff that he finally found out Taylor’s room number.

Of course, he could never confess to such a thing, as Xyla still believed that it was the Harpers’ power that made her dream come true. Needless to say, he was extremely nervous when he heard how she boasted about it to Sophia.

Ignorant of his anxiousness, Xyla deliberately tugged on Sophia’s arm and continued to boast, “Sophia, I promise we’ll bring you along the next time we go to meet Taylor. Right, Richard?”

With that, she turned around to look at Richard.

Although his expression was still awkward and unnatural, Richard nodded in agreement. “Of course.”

In all honesty, Xyla had expected Richard to be nervous since he was cheating on her. However, she would never point out his flaws, and would wait for him to realize her charms and return to her on his own.

It was her mother who used this exact same method to secure her place as the legal wife of Mr. Huff, and her mother’s advice had never been wrong.

However, Sophia didn’t seem to be affected by Xyla’s words and only focused on her meal, glancing at the wall clock from time to time. On the other hand, Xyla was eating elegantly and kept flirting with Richard, while Nathan drank a packet of juice as he watched the three adults in confusion.

There were a lot of people in the cafeteria, and everyone was watching the drama gleefully.

Sophia seemed very pitiful compared to the radiant Xyla, her expression lonely and full of a mistress’ helplessness.

Xyla suddenly thought of something and blurted, “Oh! Sophia, I haven’t added your new number on Messenger after you’ve stopped using the old one. It’s a pity that I didn’t bring my phone along, or I could’ve shown you the photo that I took with Taylor. How about you give me your number first?”

Deep down, Xyla didn’t believe that Sophia would actually add her number.

If she did, she would only be agonized when she saw Xyla’s posts on the lovey-dovey moments between Xyla and Richard.

Unexpectedly, Sophia agreed. “Sure. Richard has my number; you can ask him for it.”

In reality, Richard did have Sophia’s new Messenger number. He had shamelessly gotten her number before, but was promptly ignored the moment he added her.

However, Sophia’s words had a different meaning to Xyla. Is Sophia actually bragging about her close relationship with Richard by saying they added each other on Messenger?

Hmph, what a b*tch!

But Xyla only responded, “Sure, I’ll add your number after the training.”

After this, the three fell into silence once more.

Sophia turned to look at the clock on the wall and suddenly put down her chopsticks. She looked at Nathan and asked, “Darling, have you finished your meal?”

The minute Nathan nodded, Sophia picked him up and ran out of the cafeteria; she didn’t even have the time to say goodbye to the couple sitting beside her.

There was an unspoken rule in the camp—there would be a penalty if a trainee exceeded a certain time limit during lunch.

Hence her rush as she held onto Nathan’s hand and zoomed out of the cafeteria.

However, to those present, it looked like “the mistress” Sophia was running away after her confrontation with Xyla.

Just like that, the rumor made the rounds in the camp, and by night, it had become something along the lines of Xyla berating Sophia, who then ran out in tears, while Richard only watched in silence.

From this incident, it was obvious that Xyla was tougher than Sophia. She was confronting the mistress with the most typical method!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 96

After Sophia had her hands on Michael’s iPad, she couldn’t keep her hands off it, and had been enjoying his movies all day long.

How was it even possible that such a good-looking man existed?

In all his movies, Taylor could act in any type of role naturally, without any flaws. It was as if he was born to be an actor.

And now, Sophia realized that she knew too little about her husband, whom she flash married. She knew almost nothing about him, let alone his background. It was only recently that she found out about his job.

After the meeting with the crew of ‘Doctor Invincible’, it was all everyone in camp could talk about for the next few days. As such, Sophia took the opportunity to listen in to some gossip.

No one knew about Michael’s background, for his personal information had been protected from the public with extra precautions, including his real name, not to mention his father’s identity.

But rumor had it that his mother was a famous celebrity around 30 to 40 years ago, who went by the name of Elizabeth Murray. She used to perform operas, but had later switched to singing and acting. It was when the television was first invented, and Elizabeth who had both beauty and talent, became well known to the public.

She wasn’t only the queen of TV drama ratings, but was also the box office champion. She dabbled in operas, films, dramas, and even the music industry, all of which were so remarkable that they even became famous overseas.

Once a beloved national treasure, she influenced the entire world and became the top Asian celebrity. If it were today, she would’ve been a global star, receiving awards from Oscars non-stop.

Despite that, Elizabeth had a dark past. It was believed that she used to act in adult films during her early years, and was later discovered after she rose to fame. As a result, she suffered from severe depression and tried to take her own life several times.

Later, Elizabeth left the entertainment industry without a trace. Since then, there had been no news of her.

No one knew where she had gone. Some said that she was married and retired while others said that she was banned from the industry because her involvement in adult films had a negative impact. There were also some who believed that she had committed suicide.

No one knew exactly where Elizabeth was, and her fans had missed her so much. Even after decades of pop stars dominating the industry, people hadn’t forgotten about her.

After all, the woman represented an era!

After almost 30 years of her disappearance, Taylor Murray turned up. Elizabeth’s fans saw shadows of Elizabeth in him—his facial features, temperament, and even his singing and figure. Although Taylor had never talked about his personal life, people had regarded him as Elizabeth’s descendant.

For that reason, there were a lot of middle-aged and elderly among Taylor’s fans. He had an extremely strong fan base among the general public, from little kids to teenage girls, and even square-dancing older men—the age range was huge.

This humongous fan base had allowed him to sit firmly on the throne as the number 1 movie star in the country. He sometimes starred in dramas from big production companies, and all of his movies were box-office hits, alongside his dramas.

There were many who were rich among the freshmen, and they usually had more insider information than others. It wasn’t long before Sophia found out some juicy information that wasn’t a well-known fact—years ago, Taylor had attempted to marry into wealth, but ultimately failed in doing so.

There was even such a thing?

As everyone was busy discussing, Sophia listened in secretly, her ears like an antenna catching signals. She was extremely interested in gossip about her husband.

Michael had been the topic of conversation at most of the recent slumber talks in the camp. Everyone would talk about his movies, outfits and even his face for the whole night. Sophia thought that these girls were unbelievable, and was trying to figure out why they wouldn’t just sleep when they had the time.

Yet, what was even scarier was that she had been enjoying listening to all the talk!

“I’ll tell you guys, but you can’t tell anyone about it!” warned the girl who told the story, acting all mysterious and enigmatic. Upon hearing that, everyone nodded and listened carefully.

The girl started to narrate, “This is what Faye told me. You guys know that she’s one of the Edwards, right? She said that Miss Taylor has gotten engaged twice!”

The girls were all surprised. So the man wasn’t heartless! He was engaged and might’ve even been married for years!

Many hearts were broken at that moment.

Sophia was a little dumbfounded as she didn’t know that Michael had this marriage history.

But hey, the guy was an outstanding man. His admirers, both women and men, could probably line up all the way from Bayside University’s main gate right up to the camp’s gate. Aren’t I one of them?

She continued to listen in, wanting to know more about her husband’s exes.

The girl who was spilling the tea had a mysterious look on her face. “Miss Taylor’s first fiancée was very influential in the society. From what I heard, she’s a literary soldier from the Central Military Commission Political Department Song and Dance Troupe. She was also in the literary and artistic circle, and her rank isn’t a low one!”

Wow, that’s so cool!

Sophia was shocked. Working in the literary and artistic circle was a whole other level from the entertainment industry, and could be considered as a real artist. And if she had a high ranking as well, that would make her amazing!

Michael had to be equally incredible to be engaged to such a stunning woman! Only someone with a similar family background could do that!

Come to think of it, he was one of the Fletchers. This in and on itself was already magnificent.

Just then, the girl continued, “It’s a pity no one could find out anything about the woman, but she was very famous. Rumor has it that the woman met with an accident and fell seriously ill, which caused the marriage to eventually fall through.”

Everyone let out a deep sigh. But at the same time, they were happy that their idol was still single.

As the girl told the story, those from the upper and lower bunk had popped their heads out, eagerly wanting to know more about Taylor’s story. Even Nathan listened in attentively, wanting to know what everyone thought about his uncle.

“Miss Taylor’s second fiancée is even more unbelievable!” The girl held her chin up proudly as if she was the one being mentioned. “The second fiancée was one of the Edwards, and was a direct descendant of the family.

Apparently, they were engaged, but on the day before the wedding, the fiancée almost died in an accident. That was why Miss Taylor’s marriage plan fell through again.”

Everyone felt sorry, but rejoiced at the same time. They couldn’t help but be reminded about Taylor’s curse of being a wife-jinxer.

Thinking about the sudden accidents of his fiancées that blew off the marriage plan, they doubted all of these were just a coincidence.

As Sophia had recalled the gossip she heard in the camp from the past few days, she noticed that everything that had happened to Michael was odd.

They said that when he debuted in his first movie, he had an intimate scene with his co-star. When the movie was released, it became a box office hit, and they had went on to receive lots of awards. But not long after that, the actress took her own life due to depression. Till today, it was unconfirmed whether she had committed suicide or it was a homicide.

Taylor had been in the industry for more than 10 years and didn’t have a lot of scandals, but there were a few with some female celebrities. One of them was when a reporter got him on camera going to a hotel with a female celebrity, discussing their script in the middle of the night. Not long after, the female celebrity broke her leg in a car accident.

There were others who had been embroiled in a scandal with him, but oddly, most of them were either involved in some kind of blood-shedding disaster, or they lost their fame, or were even banned and vanished from the public eyes.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 97

Word was that there was a wealthy girl who had set her sights on him. She even bought out the whole cinema for his movie, and had purposely gone to all the places that he had been to. Unfortunately, before she could even succeed, her family went bankrupt, both of her parents committed suicide and she disappeared.

There were many similar examples, but one thing was clear—all the women who came close to Taylor would not have a good ending!

As everyone recalled this curse, they were frustrated yet happy at the same time—if I can’t have him, no one else can!

Sophia remembered when Joe sold her off to Michael, the middleman Daniel Levine said something along the lines that Michael was born to jinx his wife. If those who were weak went close to him, there would be no return. Even a female dog could go bald!

It was said that in the past, when Joe’s business almost went bankrupt, he brought his children’s horoscopes—including Sophia’s—along with the Energy Map of his house, and went looking for metaphysics masters. Unfortunately, none of them could tell him the reason. But when Daniel took a look at Sophia’s horoscope, he was sure that it was her horoscope that went wrong.

After selling Sophia off, Joe’s company really took a turn for the better! This made him even more convinced that Sophia was his curse. These days, he didn’t even ask about Sophia’s wellbeing. He had completely forgotten about her existence, and even wished for her to vanish from the world.

The slumber talk ended late at night. Sophia tossed and turned, not able to fall asleep. She couldn’t for the life of her understand why she married Michael.

Was it really because of my horoscope? Do people still believe in stuff like this?

I really don’t care if Daniel lied to others, but why would he lie to one of his own?

She couldn’t come up with a valid reason, and so she had to make one up. She told herself that Michael Fletcher was a sicko, a one-in-a-thousand kind of psycho! The things that were going through his head was surely not something an ordinary person would come up with!

The training went on as usual the following day. With the final assessment approaching, everyone was working hard on the formation practice, wanting to get good results during the military parade.

This time, Sophia didn’t try to get out of it with an illness. She practiced with the team earnestly, and had even volunteered to help out other students who still couldn’t do well.

It was during their lunch break that Sophia asked Nathan out of the blue, “Tell me, why did your daddy choose me to be your mommy?” Before Nathan could say anything, she whispered to herself, “It must be because I’m pretty!”

She’d always thought that she looked pretty good, not to mention the plus point of having a lucky face. Back in the day, Richard’s grades weren’t the best.

Sophia, who was only in her junior year, had to tutor him, a senior. She even made him a record of his past mistakes. Before his exams, she was more nervous than him, supervising him throughout the night to make sure he memorized all of the questions.

Without her, Richard certainly wouldn’t have been able to score such high marks.

When Nathan heard her muttering to herself, he rolled his eyes. He would never tell that he was the one who’d picked Sophia!

Michael had never thought about getting married, but he couldn’t stand Daniel’s nagging, so he pacified him by choosing a mother for Nathan.

Daniel had found him 20 to 30 single girls, all with compatible horoscopes, and most of them from an ordinary family. He even sent people to investigate their backgrounds to ensure that they had no problems before choosing the ten most suitable candidates for Michael.

Daniel wanted someone with a good horoscope, a nice personality and a good appearance. It would be great for her to have a not-too-low IQ as well.

When he showed Michael the girls’ photos, Michael didn’t even glance at them. He simply showed them to Nathan, asking him to choose himself a mother.

Nathan had chosen the frumpiest-looking one of the lot.

He would never forget the moment he saw Sophia’s photo. Her face was bare, and her hair was tied up in a ponytail, her forehead full of baby hair. The circles underneath her eyes were dark, something she accumulated after long nights of studying.

Daniel had even specifically listed down the characteristics of each girl. It was written that Sophia was a star pupil with good grades, and was one of the best students in Bayside University.

Little did they know that when Nathan was making his decision, he simply thought that it would be great to have someone who could help him with his homework. Besides, a frumpy girl would disgust Michael, who had been trying to be his dad the whole time!

For the bidding, Michael had given him a total of 10 million. Daniel had made up excuses like him being strong enough to survive all hardships, to ensure that he could keep the price down. This had earned him a good deal, and he only spent 80 thousand to buy Sophia, and kept all the change for himself.

All this while, Sophia had her head up in the clouds. She stopped abruptly when she noticed that Nathan didn’t even care to entertain her, and so she continued with her lunch.

After lunch, Sophia asked again, “Is it true that your dad jinxed his wife?”

Nathan rolled his eyes again. “Do you really believe it?”

Sophia frowned but said nothing.

Does this mean that Michael Fletcher didn’t jinx his wife?

Scratching her head, Sophia became more determined that her appearance was the reason why Michael had chosen her to be his wife.

Nathan was mature and smart for his age, and he knew certain things.

He was sure that Michael didn’t jinx his wife.

That 40-ish depressed co-star who had taken her own life was trying to take advantage of the young Michael when they filmed the movie together. She had even told Michael directly about wanting to be his sugar mummy, threatening to end his career and ban him from the industry if he refused her offer.

But strangely, it was the actress who was banned, and all of her endorsement contracts were terminated. She knew she had offended some big shot, but she didn’t know who it was. In the end, she was so terrified that she went into depression, and had killed herself by jumping off a building.

The other women who had been in a scandal with Michael were also after his fame. They had contacted reporters on purpose to take misleading photos, trying to spread and hype up the situation. They clung onto Michael’s popularity, but turned around and accused him. All of them deserved to be banned after all those things they did to Michael!

As for the wealthy girl who went bankrupt, Michael was extremely annoyed by her actions, so he did a background check on her family business. He later found out that the company had been manipulating their accounts to avoid paying taxes, so he had reported it.

Furthermore, what happened to that actress was all Harry’s doing. He was trying to frame Michael into the wife-jinxer character as a joke.

Regarding Michael’s two fiancées, Nathan had no idea about them since that was a long time ago. Michael had never mentioned them, not even for the sake of showing off to Daniel and Harry.

But overall, Nathan thought that he had done a good job in picking out his mom because she could play games with him.

While Nathan was looking satisfied, Sophia was in deep thought.

No matter what Michael’s motive was, it wouldn’t change the fact that he was a sicko and her life would still be tough in the future.

The training in the afternoon was brutal as usual, but everyone seemed to have gotten used to the intense training mode. They were even enjoying themselves, and had been anticipating the final military parade, hoping to get a high score and have a meal with Joel.

Throughout their afternoon break, the Siamese twins Xyla and Richard had been appearing in front of Sophia on purpose. Xyla bragged about her signed cap and her charming boyfriend, but Sophia continued to watch movies the whole time, murmuring a response at whatever Xyla said.

There had been a rumor spreading around the camp that Sophia and Richard had made up, but Xyla didn’t confront Richard. She knew that if she asked, she would lose the first strike and would be no different from Sophia.

Although Richard had explained it to her personally, the fact remained that on that night, Sophia was indeed carried by a man into the infirmary, her body covered in hickeys. Besides Richard, who else would Sophia allow to give her love bites?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 98

Xyla knew that they had gotten back together secretly, but she wouldn’t expose Richard’s lies, much less quarrel with him like a crazy b*tch. She had to act better than before, so that Sophia had no way to come between them. Richard could only belong to her.

It was night, and their training was over. After Sophia cleaned herself up, with her hair still soaking wet, she went out for a walk in her slippers, letting her hair dry naturally. Nathan followed behind her wordessly, and Sophia started to speak. “Son, say Mom.”

Nathan answered in response, “Foolish.”

“Son, how could you say that to me? You’re going to regret it when I don’t play games with you anymore.”

Nathan stopped talking. When Sophia was out for training during the afternoon, he had sneaked into the game, and found out that her account had already become the greatest Monster in the Swordsman Game. This was the first time in ten years that this had happened in the game. The whole server had been hunting Sirius233 for years. Feeling guilty, Nathan had been trying his best to behave for the past two days.

At this moment, Sophia found a pavilion and sat down in it. Turning on the iPad, she continued to watch Michael’s movie. Nathan also leaned over and joined. After all, it was his uncle. Even though on the outside it seemed like Nathan hated him, he still loved him deep down.

Shortly after, Xyla made her way over, still in her uniform. Her eyes seemed to shine in the night and her delicate facial features were unusually fine. Like a mischievous kid, she ran over when she saw Sophia, looking quite happy. “Sophia, whatcha doin’?”

However, Sophia didn’t look up. “Watching a movie.”

The conversation stopped there after her sentence. But Xyla seemed to be in a chatty mood, and she kept on talking to Sophia, telling the latter about the dream she had of Michael last night as well as her engagement with Richard and also them wanting to study abroad. Sophia, on the other hand, only responded to her cursorily.

All of a sudden, Xyla called out, “Sophia, look! There’s a mosquito on my face! I’m so scared! Get it off of me! Quick!”

Sophia looked up and saw a small black dot on Xyla’s cheeky little face. The lighting in the shed was really bad, and Sophia couldn’t see clearly. It looked like a mosquito, so she raised her hand and slapped it.

Slap! A slap landed right on Xyla’s face. Immediately, the atmosphere changed. As though she had been wronged, Xyla stood up all of a sudden, hands covering her face with an unbelievable expression. Her voice trembled as she spoke, “H-How dare you hit me? Sophia, you—”

Raising her head, Sophia looked at her in speechless amazement. Holding onto her face, Xyla cried in distress. In the blink of an eye, her cries attracted the students nearby and they’d surrounded the pavilion, pointing and gossiping about them.

“How could you slap me? Don’t you know that I’ve actually been trying to befriend you this whole time?!” Xyla covered half of her face, tears rolling down her cheeks.

There were a lot of students who were walking nearby. In fact, a while ago, they had seen Xyla going into the pavilion where Sophia was in, and because both of them were famous figures, everyone had been paying attention to what was happening. Although they couldn’t hear them speak, some did see Sophia slapping Xyla; the sound was rather loud, after all. In the blink of an eye, everyone whispered excitedly.

“Oh my God, a live scene of the lover confronting the girlfriend! How thrilling!”

“Tsk, that smack was definitely on point!”

“I wonder why she hates her so much. Xyla’s face is all red!”

Mixed with all the voices, Xyla’s cries attracted more and more spectators, who surrounded and judged them. Sophia’s expression turned cold, and she knew that no one would believe her if she said that she was only helping Xyla to kill the mosquito.

Nathan was wearing the same expression; he didn’t know what to say. He merely squeezed the little frog in his pocket, trying to express his loss of words. “Ribbit.”

Finally, Richard had made it to the scene. He cut through the crowd in a hurry and shouted anxiously, “Xyla!”

“Richard!” Covering her face, Xyla ran toward him. As soon as he appeared, he hugged Xyla and looked at her. Her eyes were puffy, and coupled with the red slap mark on her delicate face made her look even more pitiful.

Xyla sobbed and leaned into Richard’s embrace. “Richard, she hit me!”

Looking at the slap mark, Richard frowned and looked at Sophia with accusing eyes. She’s still as impulsive as ever! Richard recalled that one time where there had been a misunderstanding between them, Sophia kept on insisting that he was in a relationship with Xyla. Out of anger, she had slapped Xyla in the face, and Xyla cried innocently too. That was the first time he had thought that Sophia was unreasonable, and it was also the very first time he felt a strong desire to protect Xyla. A year later, he did not expect Sophia to still be so unreasonable. But right now, his responsibility was to protect Xyla.

Without hesitating, Richard shoved Xyla behind him and scolded, “Sophia Edwards, what are you doing? Why are you always messing with Xyla? If you’ve got a problem, come to me! Just leave her be!”

In addition to that, Xyla sniffled. “Richard,” she pleaded.

Seeing that, Sophia rolled her eyes. Go on, continue with the acting. All of a sudden, it occurred to her that Xyla was an acting major, and this was literally her profession!

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Faye had appeared, just in time for the drama. Standing close, she mocked, “Wow, that slap was hard! Don’t you feel ashamed? How dare you, a measly lover, hit others?”

Everyone was looking at Sophia with contempt and disappointment. She’s just a lover. Wasn’t she trying to get herself into trouble messing with the girlfriend? After all, Xyla had Huffs Technology backing her, but Sophia had nothing. She was just an ordinary girl without a penny to her name. Even Richard knew who he should choose. Looking at the situation, it seemed like Richard had to make his choice by today. Choosing one would mean that he would have to give up on the other one completely. Looking at the circumstance, Richard would obviously choose the pitiful-looking Xyla.

With just one of Xyla’s acts, Richard and Sophia were immediately standing on opposite sides. Xyla had kicked the lover out from her relationship with Richard effortlessly! What a bad*ss! This could be written into the guidebook of how to treat lovers!

Everyone was so excited that they even wanted to broadcast the event live on their phone, but unfortunately for them, all of their phones were confiscated.

Her expression not changing, Sophia said calmly, “I didn’t hit her.”

Richard was originally out on a walk with Xyla, but he had been caught up when he went to get them some drinks. He had seen Xyla walk in Sophia’s direction, and saw Sophia slapping Xyla with his own eyes. Vision going red, he reproached, “Why are you still trying to deny it? I saw you hitting her with my own eyes! How could you be so evil?”

Still giving the same answer, Sophia repeated, “I didn’t hit her.”

Xyla tugged at Richard and suggested, “We should go now, Richard. It won’t look good on her if we continue with this. Let’s go.”

Richard was impressed by Xyla’s kindness; his girlfriend was always so caring. Even now, she was still trying to help Sophia! And because of that, Richard refused to leave. “If you don’t apologize to Xyla, don’t you even think about leaving here today!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 99

Sophia stood there with an unreadable expression, her arms crossed. She then laughed lightly, “You’re saying that I slapped Xyla? How? Where’s the mark? What proof do you have?”

Still sobbing, Xyla stepped out from behind Richard. Pointing at the slap mark on her face, she cried, “Just admit that you slapped me!”

That was merely a gentle slap. Sophia could easily do the same thing on her thigh and it would also take a while for it to fade.

With her tears running down her cheeks, Xyla rushed and grabbed at Sophia. “I deserve this. I was the one who came between the both of you. There’s nothing wrong with you hating me. If hitting me makes you feel better, do it! Just please stop going after the Harpers and Richard!”

The situation seemed familiar. Sophia remembered that when their affair was exposed, Xyla was also playing the victim card. Back then, Sophia was so mad that she couldn’t help herself from slapping Xyla. However, times had changed, and she was no longer the same old Sophia. Nothing was stopping her from hitting Xyla when she had asked her to do so willingly.

Raising her palm, Sophia struck her. This time, she wasn’t using the same force she’d used to kill the mosquito. Instead, it was an extremely hard and open-palmed blow. Sophia used everything she’d learned from Gwen, making sure to smack Xyla until she bled.

Whoosh! A loud, piercing noise came along with that one slap. Everyone stood still, shocked for a whole second. In that second itself, Sophia slapped Xyla again with the other palm. Only now were the slap marks well balanced.

Xyla was feeling dizzy after the two slaps, and she tasted blood in her mouth and nose. Covering both of her cheeks, she looked at Sophia unbelievably. Bewildered, she staggered backward, falling into Richard’s arms. This time, she wasn’t pretending. She genuinely felt weak, as if the slap had given her a concussion.

After a brief silence, Richard broke into a shout, “Sophia Edwards!”

Xyla’s expression was blank. She didn’t react, not until she tasted the blood flowing from her mouth and bleeding through her nose. Then, she wailed, burying her face into Richard’s chest.

Richard’s eyes glowed with twin blazes as he held Xyla, and he looked like he wanted to skin Sophia alive. Gritting his teeth in anger, he pointed at Sophia. “Sophia Edwards, I never knew that you were this sort of person!”

Much to his bewilderment, Sophia answered confidently, “What’s wrong? Doesn’t she deserve the slap? How about you tell me. When did we break up? And when did you and Xyla get together? If you’re bold enough to cheat on me, shouldn’t you let your ex-girlfriend get some revenge from your lover here?”

Feeling guilty, Richard looked at her, not knowing how to reply. Before breaking up with Sophia, he’d been flirting with Xyla. After the pregnancy scare, Xyla had been staying by his side and supporting him. Naturally, they got together, way before he and Sophia went their separate ways.

Richard clenched his fists, looking enraged. “It was all my fault. If you’re still blaming me, just let it all out on me! This is on me!”

Sophia shook her head. “I wanted to hit you too, but I knew you would retaliate.”

This hit a chord, and Richard said, “Come on then. Hit me! Punch me! I’m the one who wronged you! Even if you beat me to death, I won’t fight back!”

“You asked for it!” Sophia snapped. With that, she marched forward, pulling Xyla out of his arms. Everyone thought that Sophia was going to throw herself into Richard’s arms and French kiss him, but they were all caught off guard when she suddenly kicked him in the stomach!

The atmosphere changed in a flash—a school drama had suddenly turned into an action movie! Everyone stood looking at them in shock. Sophia striked out with her foot, kicking Richard down, and he rolled twice before coming to a stop. Before he could respond, he was met with Sophia’s simultaneous punches and kicks.

Under her leadership, Company 49 had managed to feast on high-end buffets everyday. Her physical strength was shocking; even though she was only wearing a pair of slippers, her force was no joke. Richard was screaming the whole while; the most brilliant student in the university was losing his pride in front of everyone.

But of course, he couldn’t just stay down and do nothing. He curled up his fist, ready to fight back. Immediately, Sophia widened her eyes and warned, “What happened to saying that this is what you owe me, and wanting me to hit you as I wished? Are you trying to go against your own words in front of everyone?”

Richard grunted, but didn’t say anything in the end. If he fought back, he would be going back on his words. While he was still in a state of confusion, Sophia removed her slippers and slammed his bruised face with it.

The sound resonated in the air, and those surrounding them wanted to help, but were frightened away by Sophia’s threatening expression.

“Are you guys trying to poke your nose into our business?”

The bystanders held back, and could only watch as Sophia punched Richard vigorously. True to his word, he did not fight back. Xyla, on the other hand, was dumbfounded. She crawled over, wanting to help him, but Sophia turned around immediately and slapped her. “Stay out of this!”

The students almost cheered at that. They had just realized that Sophia was the one who was being cheated. As it turned out, it was Xyla who was the lover! Sophia is really something; she even dared to punch a man!

The slapping sound from skin on skin and slippers were coming non-stop. Accompanied by Xyla’s high-pitched scream and Richard’s muffled grunts, the camp was unusually energetic tonight.

The hitting continued until the drill instructors had to come over and stop Sophia. At that point, Richard was bruised all over, and Xyla’s face was covered with slap marks. The couple’s faces were so swollen that they were beyond recognition. As a result, all of them were brought to the general’s office, and Joel would be questioning them personally. Even the commanders and company commanders were demanded to be present.

Meanwhile in the general’s office, the lot of them stood neatly in two rows. The first row consisted of both of the parties involved and their respective commanders and drill instructors, while the second row was made up of the innocent bystanders led by Faye.

Sophia, who was standing in the first row, stood upright in standard military posture and looked straight ahead. She was confident, and did not feel an ounce of guilt even after beating someone up. Standing right beside her were Xyla and Richard. Earlier on, Xyla had been sent to the infirmary for examination. Other than having one of her teeth loosened from the fight, she was fine. But her cheeks were still swollen like a balloon, even after being treated by medication. Meanwhile, Richard had a bruised face, and it was covered with marks from Sophia’s slippers, looking even more pitiful.

The atmosphere was so oppressing that one could even hear a pin drop. While everyone was on edge waiting for Joel’s punishment, Nathan was the only one sitting to one side, his legs swinging in excitement.

As usual, Joel was looking flawless in his neatly pressed uniform, reviewing some documents with his head held low, as if no one was in the room. It seemed like this whole group of people were being punished to stand at attention.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 100

They stood like that for half an hour. The whole time, the office was deathly quiet. Even a crying Xyla dared not make a sound. There was a storm brewing in the office, and right in the center of the storm was Joel Fletcher.

It was calm before the storm, and the atmosphere made everyone breathless. The air conditioning had not been turned on, and everyone was sweating. However, no one dared to breathe too hard, much less wipe their sweat.

Seeing that it was already ten thirty, Joel finally flung the file in his hand, and it landed on the table with a smack. Everyone jerked to attention, their body strung tight with tension.

Joel stood up with a predatory gaze, and something shifted in the air. It was as if there was an invisible energy wave, and it made everyone stand up straighter subconsciously.

Joel marched up to the group, boots thudding on the floor with force. Everyone felt the vibrations down to their bones, and some were even shaking in fear.

“What the h*ll happened?” Joel looked distant and untouchable, and his voice was unbearably cold. “The one who got beaten up speaks first,” he said in a cold voice, pointing at Richard.

Richard stepped forward and pointed at Sophia. “She started it; she hit my girlfriend first, and when I went to stop her, she beat me up!” Richard had had enough of Sophia being unreasonable. She had done so many repugnant things in order to get everyone’s attention, and he wanted her to be expelled immediately from the barracks.

Joel did not respond, but looked at Xyla and asked, “What about you?”

Tears running down her face, Xyla said, “She hit me first, and when Richard tried to save me, she even hit Richard.”

Joel remained quiet, pacing in front of three for two whole laps. The brim of his military cap cast a shadow which covered his whole face, but they could still see a pair of piercing eyes staring at them.

Looking at Sophia, Joel finally asked, “Did you hit them?”

“Yes, sir. It was me who hit them.” In a strong voice, Sophia replied in accordance with the rules of the barracks.

Joel’s face was expressionless, but his voice carried a hint of anger. “Reason?”

Sophia looked at him straight in the eye and said, “This is our private matter. These two were feeling guilty, and begged me to hit them.”

Everything went still for a few seconds. It was Quinton Clark who broke the silence by laughing out loud. The rest couldn’t bring themselves to laugh, as the general was staring at them like a tiger would its prey.

Richard was the first to protest. “General, this is not what happened. How can someone be so stupid as to let others beat them up? It was Sophia who started it! If you don’t believe me, you can ask everyone present. They saw clearly what Sophia had done!”

The others nodded in agreement. Between a commoner and a rich student, they were naturally biased in favor of the latter. They just wanted the interrogation to end and see the guilty party punished, so that they could quickly head back for a rest.

That being said, they despised Richard for pushing the blame upon someone else, when it was indeed him who offered to let Sophia hit him.

Faye added in her two cents and said, “Yes, General, it was Sophia that started it by hitting Xyla and Richard! The beatings were so violent and scary that our hearts are still pumping up till now.”

Faye thought that Joel would take the opportunity to check her out, but he only spared her a brief glance. Then, his eyes surveyed those in front of him, only to return to stare at the three involved. He looked at the bruised Richard and composed Sophia before asking coldly, “You, a man, were hit by a girl?”

Richard choked and did not know how to answer. He was 180 cm, while Sophia was only 160 cm. In comparison, he looked tall and big, while Sophia was petite and small. It seemed unbelievable that she could beat him up.

Toward the end of the beating, he started to panic and wanted to fight back, but found that he simply couldn’t go against Sophia’s brute force! Back in high school, she was a part-time courier in the girls dormitory, carrying two buckets of water up seven or eight floors, and was still able to walk fast!

A brawl in the barracks was a serious offense, and it could result in being expelled from the military training course. At that moment, Xyla couldn’t stop herself from adding, “Richard and Sophia have a past, and he wanted to go soft on her, but she ruthlessly hit him!”

Joel looked at the three of them and asked, “What past?”

Richard opened his mouth to speak, but was stopped by Joel’s glare. “Shut up. Let her speak.” He was referring to Sophia.

Richard closed his mouth, but if Sophia dared to talk nonsense, he would certainly refute.

“Yes general. Richard used to be my boyfriend, but he cheated on me and hooked up with Xyla Huff. These two felt guilty, so they voluntarily let me beat them up, to let their conscience feel a little better,” Sophia answered with a straight face.

“Pfft!” Quinton sputtered and started laughing again.

Richard immediately retorted, “We do have a past, but Xyla and I have never asked her to hit us!”

Xyla also vowed, “How could we be stupid enough to voluntarily let others hit us? Sophia has always held a grudge against us, trying to cause us trouble all the time. This time, she even beat us up! People like her staying in the barracks will surely cause lots of trouble!”

There was no mobile phone in the barracks, so there was no video or audio evidence. The students present already knew deep down which side they were going to stand on. Sophia will not get away with beating people up!

Joel looked at Richard and Xyla doubtfully. “Is this true?”

Richard nodded and answered, “I swear by my personality; what I said is true!”

Xyla also nodded in agreement. “I vouch for it personally; it was really Sophia who started it!” We did not fight back because we wanted to discuss it calmly, but she started to hit us even harder!”

All of a sudden, a voice boomed from a corner. “It was all my fault. If you’re still blaming me, just let it all out on me! This is on me!”

“Come on then. Hit me! Punch me! I’m the one who wronged you! Even if you beat me to death, I won’t fight back!”

Isn’t that Richard’s voice? Everyone looked at that corner and saw Nathan holding an iPad, playing a video with the audio turned up loud enough for everyone to hear. He swiped to another video, and this time it was Xyla’s voice which rang out.

“I deserve this. I was the one who came between the both of you. There’s nothing wrong with you hating me. If hitting me makes you feel better, do it! Just please stop going after the Harpers and Richard!”

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