My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 909

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 909

Hearing him sing, she let her sadness turn into tears. From now on, she wouldn’t cry for anyone again.

Linus played the keys lightly, looking down at her from time to time as she leaned on his shoulder.

Since Carmen’s accident happened, Sophia had lost a lot of weight. She was now very skinny and her chin became even sharper.

This whole time, wasn’t she the most innocent one?

Yet why was it her who suffered the most?

Maybe it’s because Michael is her curse. I hope she can move on.

In fact, if Sophia insisted on not divorcing Michael, Cooper would not really force her. She agreed to the divorce probably because of Quinton… She said that she hated him, but in fact she still felt guilty toward him deep down. After so many things happened, she could no longer be with Michael without burden; she was not able to forget what had happened in a short time.

Sophia and Michael’s divorce had been carried out discreetly and not many people knew about it. Meanwhile, Michael also went to film in the studio after the divorce as he wanted to finish the filming of ‘The Winter Breakthrough’ before the end of the year. Carmen had also started going to the new kindergarten.

The first season of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ was over and it had a good rating. The show had made a few of the celebrities’ children famous and it was even made into a movie which managed to top one billion at the box office, shocking everyone.

Taking advantage of its popularity, preparations for the filming of the second season began. In the second season, the crew wanted a new batch of dads and kids. And so, the list of the second batch of participants was announced.

Because of the success of the first season, many male stars in the entertainment industry were interested in participating in the second season. Those male celebrities who had hidden marriages and had kids all revealed that they had children, while those who did not have children also rushed to make their wives conceive. Now, anyone in the entertainment industry who had no children would probably be left behind.

Michael called Carmen to tell her that he had already contacted the crew and that he had gotten the contract. After Cooper agreed, the contract could be signed immediately.

The problem was that Cooper firmly opposed the matter of Carmen being on TV.

Meanwhile, Sophia moved on from the divorce and focused on work and taking care of Carmen. She, too, was very concerned about the matter of Carmen appearing on TV.

“Dad, why can’t Carmen appear on TV? Why don’t we let her give it a go?” Sophia grumbled in dissatisfaction while holding a crying Carmen.

However, Cooper’s expression was cold as he argued, “No! It will never happen! The entertainment industry is too complicated and I don’t want my grandchild to be negatively influenced!”

There were too many perverts and pedophiles nowadays who specialized in tricking these little cuties. How could he rest assured to let Carmen make her debut?

There were tears on Carmen’s face and her little hands held Sophia’s clothes as she looked at Cooper, tears in her eyes.

She wanted to be on TV and she wanted to be on ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’. She dreamed of becoming famous and she yearned to act in a TV series. Also, she wanted the boys in kindergarten to line up to give her love letters too! She dreamed of it everyday!

“Wah—” Carmen cried in a low voice.

Upon seeing that, Sophia took Carmen into her arms and said, “Times have changed. In the past, celebrities had to sleep around to be successful. It’s not the same for idols and celebrities nowadays… Plus, our family has the resources. If Carmen enters the entertainment industry, others won’t look down on her! The Edwards, the Winston Family, and the Mitchell Family all have relatives who are working in the entertainment industry. Carmen’s father also has his own agency. With him paving the way for her, she will not be bullied!”

However, Cooper still had on an icy expression.

It’s no wonder that Michael so happily agreed to the divorce without any objections. It turns out that he had this in mind all along!

Sophia would definitely have to go to supervise Carmen if she starred in a variety show and as the main lead, Michael would have many chances of hooking up with her!

Dream on, sucker!

Seeing Cooper deep in thought with a dark expression, Sophia knew that he was hesitating so she patted Carmen and whispered, “Go and act cute in front of Grandpa.”

Immediately, Carmen ran into Cooper’s arms. She grabbed and tugged at Cooper’s clothes gently with her little fingers, sobbing as she begged, “Grandpa—”

Cooper simply couldn’t hold on any longer after hearing her calling out to him with her soft and gentle voice.

His dear daughter and granddaughter truly made him worried; he was constantly concerned about both of them.

Cooper then hugged Carmen and asked seriously, “Do you really want to participate in ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?”

Carmen pouted. “Yes.”

Cooper sighed and relented, “Alright then!”

It was only then did Carmen burst into a smile.

Of course, Cooper’s grandchild’s debut would not be an ordinary one.

The well-informed Michael soon learned that an experienced foreign agent had been poached to Cethos, even including their cleaner and driver. Rumor had it that the daughter of a Cethosian tycoon was about to make her debut and the tycoon spent a huge sum of money to poach that team to make the necessary arrangements.

Michael thought that this matter might have something to do with Cooper and when he inquired about it later, he realized that he was right.

Cooper set up a company specifically for Carmen and prepared a strong team to handle Carmen’s debut.

He must have spent an insane amount of money!

Even if Carmen really made a debut, her one year income would not be enough to pay for the wages of the staff.

Sure enough, she was fortunate to be the grandchild of a tycoon!

Michael and Sophia had always been in contact this whole while. Although they had not been seeing each other, they would talk a little when Carmen called Michael to say goodnight every night. Every day, they would check each other’s Messenger and Twitter. When Spohia posted a photo or status on social media, Michael would always rush to be the first one to give it a like.

Meanwhile, Michael began to update his IG Stories and Twitter frequently. He would post pictures of his abs and chest muscles. Sometimes, he would post a non-mainstream selfie of looking up at the sky at 45 degree angle, effectively showing off his sexy collarbone. However, these photos were only visible to Sophia alone.

If he tried harder, they would definitely be able to get back together in the next year!

How great it was to live in this era of information technology!

On the other hand, Cooper had poached an expert team to handle Carmen’s debut in the variety show. Soon, a management company dedicated to Carmen was established. Although it was a studio in name, its scale was much larger than that of ordinary management companies.

The people in the studio all had resources and connections in the industry. Adding Michael’s resources into the equation, Carmen would definitely act in great international blockbusters if she were to debut.

In order to act in international blockbusters in the future, Carmen began to practice her languages. During this time, her family would alternate between speaking in Russian, English, and French.

Speaking in multiple languages was as easy as pie to Linus and Cooper, but it was a bit difficult for Sophia. However, she still tried hard to keep up, not wanting to drag Carmen down.

In kindergarten, Carmen also began to learn how to dance, enthusiastically preparing for her prolific debut.

Cooper was the one handling Carmen’s acting career, while Sophia was busy with her own business. She had to handle the dog chain store’s new year products again and she had gradually taken over the affairs of Plum Technology.

During the divorce from Michael, she didn’t request to get his assets and had basically left the marriage with nothing. Moreover, all her Kuwait funds—her biggest wealth—had been given to Carmen.

However, when news that she divorced Michael and left the marriage with nothing was spread out, another version of the story came about.

“Sophia, I heard that you and Taylor divorced, yet you left your marriage with nothing. You and your father were also kicked out after you finally managed to move into The Imperial. Tsk… What a pity! You were driven out without being given even a single property. I heard that you’re now living in that slum in the south of the city?”

The unrelenting Sandra sneered as soon as she entered Sophia’s shop.

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