My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 907

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 907

During their two years of relationship, Quinton created an illusory dream for himself, making her stay by his side. He thought he had gotten her love but later found that it was all just an illusion! He had woken up from the dream and it was time for her to go.

Quinton clenched his fists and trembled slightly. After getting her answer, he still couldn’t help his tears. Lowering his head, his tears dripped onto the table, falling down like raindrops. She had lost her memory and forgot what she had promised him that night. She forgot that he met her first and that Michael only met her later on! She lost her memory and forgot how he patiently answered her questions when they used to study together at Bayside University. She forgot how she smiled sweetly at him when they were walking through the verdant campus, melting his heart with her beautiful smile.

She had lost her memory and she had forgotten all the good things that he had done for her. Now, she only remembered his selfishness and cruelty. She only remembered that he had separated her from her husband, and that Carmen was once less than four pounds!

However, he asked himself… Who was the one who made her lose her memory? Wasn’t it himself who caused this? Quinton cried silently, never thinking that one day he would become so vulnerable. It felt as if he was destined to be abandoned by the world and exiled in the lonely wilderness.

After a long time, he choked out sadly, “Sophia, I don’t blame you. You’ve already paid off everything that you owe me but I still haven’t paid back when I owe you and Carmen. Still, why did you have to fall in love with Michael? What’s so good about him?” As he spoke of Michael, Quinton was filled with hatred. He hated everything that Michael had; even Sophia’s heart belonged to Michael.

Since birth, Michael had everything Quinton wanted. He had loving parents and a loving home, but what about Quinton? He had nothing! He hated him—he hated everything about him and hated him for taking away his lover!

Unfortunately, all of his hatred was in vain. Time could not be reversed. If Quinton could go back in time, he would risk everything and return to the hospital as quickly as possible to pick her up before Michael could.

Sophia choked on her sobs and finally said to him, “Hope, be a kind person and you will meet a better woman.” With that, she switched off the camera.

Watching her disappear from sight, Quinton remained silent for a long time before finally leaving the Edwards Residence. This time, he had decided to give up. He had now given up completely…

A car stopped at the entrance of the Edwards Residence and the car door opened, revealing Michael and Carmen. It was November and the weather was getting cold. Michael was wearing a black wool coat and Carmen was in his arms, dressed in a pink dress. She was happily holding onto Michael’s neck with one hand and grasping a pink balloon with the other.

Meanwhile, Michael had a cat mask on, his hair tied up into two small buns. The two of them had just come back from the playground. Although Cooper refused to let Michael see Sophia, he still allowed him to see Carmen once a week. Today was his visiting day, so he took Carmen to play with her favorite equipment in the playground.

When Michael got out of the car, he saw Quinton standing at the door in despair. Obviously, Cooper must have done something to him. Quinton also saw the father daughter duo and their eyes met as they looked at each other.

With a crown on her head, Carmen waved to Quinton happily. “Mister!” She recognized Quinton at a glance; he was the mister who played the good guy the other day.

She kept struggling to get out of Michael’s arms to go over to Quinton. Thus, Michael slowly took off his mask and said to Carmen, “Darling, Mr. Quinton is busy filming, so let’s not disturb him. Come on now; put your mask on and go show Grandpa your new mask.”

Carmen pouted her little mouth and finally put on her kitty mask. Michael then lowered her down, letting the Mitchell Family’s bodyguard take her home. Carmen waved to Michael from a distance as she shouted, “Goodbye, Daddy! I hope you’ll come visit me after you’re done filming!”

Michael waved back at her. Then, Carmen went in and the red lacquered door closed with a heavy thud. For a few moments, Michael continued to stare at the door that had been bitten by Judge and then repaired.

Only Michael and Quinton were left standing at the entrance. The two stayed silent for a while before Michael finally left; he seemed to have nothing to say to Quinton. On the other hand, Quinton looked at Michael’s departure, his face expressionless. In the end, he also turned around and left the Edwards Residence.

Soon, the investigation results of Irene’s case were revealed. Sophia was ruled to be not guilty as what she did was self defense and the victim’s family had no objections either. Thus, the matter was settled. Some people wanted to make a big fuss out of this matter but they couldn’t win against the wealthy Mitchell Family, so it wasn’t long before other news took center stage.

Meanwhile, Justin had left the research institute along with Celine and no one knew where they had gone. Michael also returned to the set to continue filming, while Carmen went to the new kindergarten to study. Sarah wanted Hope to win over Carmen as soon as possible so she hurriedly transferred him over to the same school, while Hale also transferred Ashton over to accompany Carmen. Thus, the three little kids gathered again in the kindergarten.

However, Carmen didn’t seem to like Hope very much. She thought that Judge was more suitable to be her boyfriend. Judge was big, made her feel safe, and had soft fur. On the other hand, Hope also sneered at the thought of dating at such a young age, so the two had not made any progress in their relationship. As for Ashton, the minute he was transferred to the new kindergarten, he secretly went and got himself a girlfriend…

The new kindergarten was located in the south of the city and was also an international elite kindergarten. The kids in the class were all very good looking and some of them were even descendants of celebrities.

For instance, there was a little kid who had participated in the first season of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ with his father, propelling the kid to fame. The girls in the class even lined up to give him love letters. Feeling jealous, Carmen would ask Michael when he would bring her to participate in the show every day after she came home. The crew of the show had begun to recruit participants for their second season so if they weren’t able to make it for this year, they would only be able to participate one year later!

She wanted to go on ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ badly, but didn’t know that her daddy and mommy were getting divorced. The divorce was a foregone conclusion; all conditions had been negotiated and the divorce agreement had been signed. Both parties did not have any objections or disputes regarding the divorce, and Cooper didn’t care about Michael’s money. Thus, he gave all the Kuwait and subsequent proceeds to Michael.

In terms of property, Sophia only asked for the shares of Plum Technology and Pourl that she managed. She also asked for some of her own real estate investment and shops. Compared with the huge amount of wealth that Michael had, she was basically leaving the marriage with nothing. She only asked for the right to raise Carmen and did not even ask for Michael to pay for spousal support. Meanwhile, Michael was allowed to see Carmen once a week. To protect Carmen, the divorce between the two would not be announced for the time being. They married secretly back then and now they divorced in secret as well.

Michael did not have any objections. After Sophia’s ‘death’, all her property was transferred to Carmen. He happily signed the divorce and the divorce procedures went through quickly. On the day of the formal divorce, Michael and Sophia met at the Civil Affairs Bureau. It was the first time they had met since Carmen’s accident happened.

They signed the papers without a word, completed the formalities and received the divorce certificate quietly. Then, the two left the Civil Affairs Bureau. They had entered the place with their marriage certificate but came out with a divorce certificate. Truth was, the divorce certificate felt particularly cold to the touch.

At the Civil Affairs Bureau, there were many couples who were getting a divorce. Most of them were either arguing furiously or crying sadly; only a few of them were as peaceful as the two of them. The two stayed quiet but they were even more depressed than those couples who cried or quarreled hysterically.

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