My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 906

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 906

Even after a few days, the Fletcher Family was still saddened by Irene’s death. However, what happened to Celine in the subsequent days completely diverted their attention.

After all, both Irene and Celine were the two most popular young women in the Fletcher Family. Irene used the platform that her parents had laid before her, which made her no different from a decoration. However, Celine had relied on her own abilities to become the first Young Lady of the Fletcher Family.

Back then, in order to protect Celine, Joel had almost fought with Cooper since she was more important to the Fletcher Family due to her position as the genuine descendant.

As the matter slowly died down, weeds started to grow on Irene’s grave. After Sophia was bailed, she worked from home.

At that moment, a guest had arrived at the Edwards Residence.

“Quinton, I’ve told you this before—if you continue to pester my daughter, I’ll turn you into minced meat!”

As soon as Quinton had appeared at the entrance of the Edwards Family, Cooper tied him up in the house.

Sophia heard the dogs barking loudly, so she ran out in her flip-flops just in time to see Cooper punching Quinton. Upon seeing that, she quickly tried to calm her father down.

“Alright; that’s enough. Dad, just let him off the hook for once. It’s because of him that Carmen is able to safely return to us. Stop turning people into minced meat at any time you like. When Carmen returns, she’s going to be shocked upon seeing you this way.”

At the mention of his darling granddaughter, Cooper finally calmed down and released his grip on Quinton’s collar.

Even though Quinton was almost punched, he smoothed the wrinkles on his black tuxedo while retaining the same expression after he was released. Then, he smiled at Cooper. “Mr. Mitchell I’ve just saved your granddaughter. Don’t you think that your attitude is a bit uncalled for?”

Cooper replied, “Get lost.”

Sophia knew the reason why Quinton was here. With just a video call, she was able to summon him to the place and caused him to be behind bars, where he almost lost his life in the process. Even though he finally came out unscathed, she wanted to at least thank him and give an explanation.

“Dad, let me speak to Hope. After that, I’ll send him away,” she quickly said.

Cooper obviously refused to grant her request. Even though Quinton had done something good once by rescuing Carmen, Cooper did not forget that he was still Phantom Wolf—the same one who killed many people. If he wants to kill Sophia, there are at least ten different ways for him to do so with his bare hands in seconds!

In the end, Cooper obliged and agreed for them to virtually bid farewell.

Just like the last time in Africa, Quinton was brought into a room and faced a screen that Sophia was in.

Quinton himself knew that it was reasonable for Cooper to forbid her from getting close to him, seeing how many murders he had committed. If there is a choice, who would want to choose the high-risk path with lots of effort but little in return?

Then, the video-call with Sophia started.

On the other side of the screen, she looked beautiful even though she had no makeup on. The video was in high resolution, which revealed every inch of her skin. It was obvious that her skin was now in great condition and the scars she had were also very faint. Even if she did not wear any makeup, her scars could no longer be seen.

However, Quinton could never forget how she looked when her entire body was rotten to the point where her bones could be seen.

It was a miracle that she could still sit there and have a word with him.

Upon looking at him on the other end of the video call, Sophia had mixed feelings.

Up until now, she still did not know her feelings toward Quinton. Is it hate? Or guilt? Or… love? He was the one who snatched me from my family. My life had just started yet he took it away, causing me to be separated from my husband and my daughter. Carmen almost died in Africa. I should hate him, but with my mixed feelings, I don’t even know what I’m feeling.

“Thank you for your help this time. Unfortunately… I can’t return to Africa with you.” Sophia looked at Quinton with an earnest expression.

He was still in his black tuxedo, looking like a novelty who was about to attend a banquet. As he crossed his hands on the table, the ring on his pinky finger gleamed brightly.

Then, he smiled bitterly at the table.

It was never his intention to hear her gratitude after coming all the way. What he wanted was to bring her away with him, but unfortunately, it was no longer possible.

If she followed him, she would have to travel around without a fixed house. She loved the city, the wealth, and running her own business—everything that she wanted, he did not have the means to provide her.

He could not bring her way and she had no intention to leave with him as well. It was something that Quinton was well aware of.

After a moment of silence, he finally asked arduously, “Sophia, have you ever loved me? Please don’t lie to me, alright?”

With a forced and rigid smile on his face, he looked at her.

However, Sophia hesitated for a while and did not reply.

It was not because she was unsure of her feelings; it was more like she was hesitant to tell the truth.

She knew very well that Quinton loved her. Otherwise, he would not have arrived alone to save Carmen.

However, Sophia could not deceive him.

She finally replied, “Hope, when I lost all my memories, my life completely became blank.

When you appeared and told me that you are my husband, I believed you. I also believed you when you said I loved you a lot. It was because you were the first person I met after I lost my memories and you meant the entire world to me back then. I treated you as my family, I relied on you, obeyed you, and loved you.” However, her tone suddenly became anguished. “But, why didn’t you tell me that you almost killed my child? You kidnapped me when I was pregnant and we were running around, trying to escape. You were the reason why Carmen was less than 2kg when she was born. My baby nearly died—did you know that? Do you know how much effort both Michael and I exercised just to have this child? He had stayed with her in a hospital for an entire year! She’s so young, yet she has needle scars all over her body. Are you aware of that?

Quinton remained silent with his head hung low, afraid to look at Sophia.

At the mention of her daughter, she became agitated—she could not stop sobbing and barely spoke clearly as her rage and accusation blended with each other.

Sophia’s family of three could have been blissful where Carmen could be delivered healthily and safely. But…

As soon as Sophia remembered all the scars on Carmen’s flesh while giving her a bath, she could not bring herself to forgive Quinton.

He brought her to many different countries since they were always on the run. Her pregnant body could not endure the stress and the malnutrition. Without a stable environment during her pregnancy, she went into an early and difficult labor. When Michael finally found Carmen, she was just a newborn who weighed less than 2kg!

When Sophia calmed down, she continued to speak, “Nicole was the one who found my father for me. He loved me and provided a better life for me. He also brought me to see my beautiful scenery. With my dad and my uncle, I finally understood what a home feels like. I finally know what I want, but you’ve never given me that. Hope, I can tell you that I loved you, but I have been clear that my love for you is nothing more than the platonic love for my family. I used to treat you like my family, but I can’t love you like how I love Michael. I’m sorry. He’s the only one I love.”

It was a cruel answer for Quinton, but Sophia still replied to him since she had nothing to be guilty of. Yes, he was the one who saved me, but he ruined everything for me at the same time. I will not fall in love with him just because he has treated me well for two years.

Quinton’s love for Sophia was incredibly selfish. He thought that he loved her by causing her so much pain, which did not resemble love at all! It was abnormal behavior!

She had used half her life to return his favor. They now owed nothing to each other!

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