My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 905

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 905

As a result, Nathan could only follow suit and angrily watch ‘Peppa Pig’.

Judge’s favorite films were ‘Peppa Pig’ and ‘Brother Bear’. Apart from that, he was picky and did not watch films where the main character was another animal.

Michael walked downstairs and sat on the couch in the living room before joining them to watch ‘Peppa Pig’. As it was rather late, Nathan was about to head upstairs to sleep. He was here to accompany Michael since Stanley and Sean were still at the research center.

Before Nathan went to bed, he shot a glance at Michael before finally going upstairs without saying another word.

Michael slouched on the couch, but he was unable to think rationally. His head was throbbing in pain because his other twin was suffering from inhumane pain.

Even after a long time, his heart still felt as though it had been ripped into pieces. He could not calm down and did not dare to allow his thoughts to drift. Since he was unable to sleep, he merely sat there in silence as he watched ‘Peppa Pig’.

After watching the film, Judge took another movie and placed it in front of Michael. The husky was indicating that he wanted to watch ‘Cats and Dogs’, so Michael changed the disk for him before they watched the film together.

They then continued to watch ‘Hero Dog’, ‘Air Buddy’, ‘Eight Below’, and ‘Firehouse Dog’ followed by hundreds of episodes of ‘Tom and Jerry’.

Judge continued to watch those films with Michael while looking obedient and cute. Once they were done with ‘Eight Below’, it left the film’s cover on Michael’s lap.

Michael glanced at it—the film was about huskies that were stranded in the South Pole and successfully survived a snowstorm. In the end, they managed to save themselves and wait for their owners to pick them up.

After looking at the box, he placed it aside. However, Judge brought the box to him again and exposed the side with a few handsome huskies. Then, the dog raised its head and looked at him.

Michael’s reaction was rather slow. After a while, he finally understood what was going on—Judge wanted to be in a movie like those huskies in ‘Eight Below’. No wonder it’s so obedient today! Seems like Judge has some plans in his mind. Idiot dog!

After rubbing Judge’s head and holding it in his arms, Michael continued to watch the movie with the husky.

The next afternoon, he woke up in the kennel after receiving Justin’s call.

With a heavy tone, Justin announced, “It’s done.”

Michael rose to his feet and patted the dog fur from his thighs. After having some food, he headed out the door and brought Nathan along to the research center on the other side of the city.

When they approached the place, the shredding pain Michael experienced before was gone—it was replaced with peace and blank confusion.

In the ward, he finally saw Celine, who looked as white as a sheet of paper. She had a blank and vacant expression in her eyes as she curiously looked at Justin as if he was a stranger.

Letter by letter, Justin taught, “Celine Fletcher. C-e-l-i-n-e. F-l-e-t-c-h-e-r.”

Celine had the innocent smile of a child as she repeated after him. “Celine Fletcher.”

Justin took a mirror and pointed at her reflection as he continued to patiently teach her. “You are Celine Fletcher. I am Justin Mitchell.”

She then responded, “Justin Mitchell.”

It was evident she had lost her memories.

Even though all her past memories were lost, her instincts were still there and she was able to learn things quickly. After hearing her name once, she was able to understand that it was hers.

Upon looking at the scene, Michael did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

In the end, he turned to leave.

Nathan walked into the ward. When Justin saw him, he asked Nathan to come closer. The younger fellow then sat right in front of his mother, who no longer recognized him, with a stony expression on his face.

Justin continued to teach Celine. “Nathan Fletcher. Son. Your son.”

Celine looked at Nathan. Even though she could not recognize him, she felt that the young man in front of her looked smart and handsome while making her feel comfortable and happy. Hence, she could not stop smiling as she said, “My son. He’s my son.”

A crack seemed to have appeared on Nathan’s cold expression as he quietly hugged his mother.

It was the first time he hugged her for the past few years.

As he held her in his arms, tears rolled down his cheeks when he closed his eyes.

Sophia also heard from Sean that Celine had lost her memories.

With that, her past was completely buried and a new Celine would emerge. Although she was still Celine Fletcher, she was not the same person as before, just like Sophia.

In the end, Phantom Wolf decided to save Celine and ended the malicious cycle—once and for all. All the grudges he had with the Fletcher Family was finally settled.

He also accepted the secret pardon that the government of Cethos offered and stopped causing troubles in Cethos.

The reason for Quinton’s hatred toward the Fletcher Family was simply because they were not the ones who raised him up. Now that he had tortured both siblings for many siblings, it was about time to end the grudge.

An incredulous Sean asked again for confirmation, “Are you really going to divorce Uncle Michael?”

Sophia smiled bitterly. “I’ve already promised my dad.”

A lump formed in his throat. After all, he had witnessed how loving the couple was in the past and how Michael’s hair had turned gray overnight as a result of her death. Sean had also seen the anguish and grief Michael had endured. If Uncle Michael loses her, how would he continue with the rest of his life alone?

Sean could not help but ask, “What about Carmen?”

Sophia sighed and poured a cup of tea for him. The aroma of tea permeated the entire room. “Carmen is still young, so I’m not planning to tell her about this. For now, we’re just telling her that her daddy is filming a movie interstate.”

Sean was at a loss for words, so he took a sip of the wine while feeling sorry for the former couple.

He was a part of everything that Sophia and Michael endured and also witnessed their love for many years. However, he never expected that they would end up in that manner.

After Sean placed his tea cup down, he remained silent for a moment before saying, “He cares about you a lot. Divorce is too cruel for him. I believe that you still love him. If you request, I’m sure Uncle Cooper will agree.” Back then, Cooper and Annabel were also forcefully separated by others. Hence, he should be familiar with that feeling, so how could he allow his own daughter to experience the same thing?

Even if Sophia lost her memories, he believed that she still loved Michael. After all, loving someone wasn’t merely a part of their memory, especially when they loved with all of their heart.

The same was for Celine. Even though she forgot who Justin was, she was the happiest when he saw him because she had loved so much that it became second nature to her. It was a fact that could not be changed.

Unfortunately, Sophia did not reply.

Ever since she was involved in that accident, she had been recuperating at home. After all, Irene’s matter was still ongoing, so Sophia waited at home for more news.

She had taken full responsibility for Irene’s murder and the Fletcher Family wanted to use it to gain the upper hand in their battle with Cooper. However, since Celine had kidnapped Carmen, the Fletcher Family did not even dare to raise that topic. Naturally, the advantages that they wanted were forgotten. On top of that, Sophia had a powerful legal team, so nothing would happen to her once the tide has passed.

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