My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 904

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 904

Apart from Phantom Wolf himself, no one knew who his financial backer was. Normally, after he had completed the mission given, they would turn the gun in the other direction and wanted to catch him instead, making it ironic.

When Quinton arrived, he knew that he would have to somehow reveal his trump card. Even so, he still acted as if he was high and mighty, thinking that it was the Fletcher Family and Sophia who owed him.

He planned to elaborate on the fact that he was the one who saved her. However, he never expected that Cooper would break through his mental defense and made him admit defeat with ease.

It was because Quinton’s love for Sophia was genuine!

Even Michael almost broke down after learning what had happened to Sophia for the first time. At this moment, we should stop talking about good and bad deeds. Daniel is right; she’s meant to be the recipient of other people’s karma. The karma which Cooper and I should receive have all landed on her. If we’re talking about owing someone, it’s all of us who owe her! She is the most innocent party!

In the ward, Quinton wore a doctor’s robe and started Celine’s treatment with a few psychiatrists.

At that moment, she was awake with her original personality. However, she had no idea what she was about to experience.

“Justin, can I really be cured?”

Her face looked extremely haggard. Although she was of the same age as Michael, she already had wrinkles and looked ten years older than him. Apart from that, she also had gray hair.

As tears swam in Justin’s eyes, he forced a smile. “Yes, don’t worry. Once you’re awake, we’ll visit Nate.”

She nodded as tears streamed down her cheeks. So what if I’m cured? I hurt Carmen, Nate, and Sophia. I don’t have any rights to see them again!

With Justin’s help, she lay down on the bed where Quinton already had prepared his apparatus.

Justin glanced at Quinton in his white robe and face mask. He did not trust Quinton, but other than him, there was no one else who could rectify the situation.

He wore a helmet for Celine—the one that could affect human’s brain waves and their emotions.

After Celine fell asleep, Quinton tied her limbs to the bed and started the apparatus.

It was not long before Celine, who was lying in bed, seemed to have nightmares that she could not accept. As she slept, she screamed painfully while violently twitching her body. However, she could not wake up from the nightmare—as it followed her around, not providing her with a respite!

Justin went berserk. “Stop! Stop! Let her go!”

Quinton glanced at Justin coldly. “I’m erasing her memories. Do you want everything now to go to waste?”

Justin angrily glared, but there was nothing he could do about it in the end.

Quinton had already explained to them before—to wipe out all of the different personalities that she had, all of her memories needed to be erased.

It was an arduous effort to erase someone’s memories. The so-called ‘forget potion’ in the dramas never existed in reality—it was a mere confidence that when Irene fell, the doctor said that a blood clot had affected her memories. Most of the people who fell and landed head-first would die on the spot, so they could not possibly crack Celine’s head open to make her lose her memories.

Phantom Wolf’s plan had always been to completely destroy a person’s will to live and hypnotize them at their weakest. With that, he would be able to completely erase their memories.

At that moment, he was doing exactly that to Celine.

It was a mental torture—one harsher than physical torture. By influencing her brainwaves, he mechanically created nightmares so that she would become insane and unable to differentiate between dream and reality.

After a day of treatment, Celine was completely insane—she hid in a corner in the ward and screamed fearfully whenever she saw anyone.

She had completely broken down after seeing her son, her brother, and her husband die in front of her. Thinking that it was real, she lost her mind and was unable to recognize anyone.

Standing outside the transparent ward, Michael finally turned to leave after looking at Celine, who was screaming fearfully in the corner. My chica lost her memory under the same torture as well.

Seeing that they were both twins, he felt that he was experiencing her helplessness and fear.

He seemed to become her and went through everything with her.

As soon as he closed his eyes, he could actually see Sophia.

Carmen was still in Sophia’s pregnant womb as she was helplessly trapped in the dark. Sophia felt extreme despair yet she could not die even if she wanted to.

Michael seemed to be able to hear her soft pleas.

“Dear, where are you? Save me…”

But I couldn’t save her!

Celine’s painful shrieks rang in Michael’s ears. No matter how far he walked, he could clearly hear it. That sound came from deep within his heart.

He was suffering the same pain that Celine and Sophia had endured.

The pain and the despair were etched in his memories forever.

“Uncle Michael! Uncle Michael! Have faith!”

Stanley’s voice rang next to Michael. Before that, everyone was worried that the magical telepathy that twins had would affect Michael. After seeing him sobbing silently in a corner and looking slightly disoriented, Stanley quickly went to shake him awake.

However, Michael did not respond to him and continued to sob.

Hence, Stanley and Sean quickly sent Michael to a location that was as far as possible from the research center. They arrived at the other end of Bayside City and had him live in Stanley’s beach villa.

Michael still looked disoriented even after being sent there. He would not respond to anyone who called him and only slept after having a few sleeping pills.

When Michael managed to catch a long sleep, Stanley wanted to give Sophia a ring, but decided against it in the end to prevent her from worrying.

Michael slept from afternoon to midnight before Carmen’s call woke him up.

He finally felt more refreshed and the hysterical shrieks that he had been hearing also disappeared. However, his head was still throbbing in pain.

After taking a deep breath, he picked up her call and tried to make his tone lighter.

“What have you been up to, my sweet baby?”

Carmen’s happy voice rang on the other side of the phone. “Daddy! I went to a new kindergarten. There are many classmates there and I’m the prettiest in the class!”

No matter how much pain Michael was in, he felt that he was cured as soon as he heard that voice. Then, he smiled. “Good; that’s good. Carmen, remember to study hard and listen to your teachers in the new kindergarten. Don’t bring any dogs to bite your classmates.” He even reminded her. “If anyone pulls your skirt up, you must tell Daddy and Mommy!”

She replied, “Okay! Daddy, when are you coming back? Grandpa said you went abroad to film a movie!”

Michael smiled bitterly. “After I finish filming my movie, I’ll visit you.”

After chatting with Carmen for a while, he hung up and looked at the picture of the three of them on his phone. Then, he got up, showered and went downstairs to the living room.

In the sea view villa, the air had a slightly salty feel to it. Nathan and Judge were watching ‘Peppa Pig’ together in the living room. Nathan wanted to watch ‘Animal World’, but as soon as he changed the channel, Judge would throw a tantrum. It insisted on watching Peppa Pig; otherwise, it would destroy the television so that no one could watch programs at all.

This is my house! I’m the head of this house! I have the widest bed, the biggest bowl, the most food, and my dump is the smelliest. Everyone has to listen to me—they have to follow whatever channel that I want to watch!

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