My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 902

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 902

“That was when you were just rescued and the doctor said that you wouldn’t be able to make it. Fass cried outside the ward for an entire day and said that he would do anything to save you. When the doctor said that you couldn’t survive for more than two days, he didn’t even dare to blink for the fear that you would be gone.” A lump formed in Linus’ throat as he spoke.

On the other side of the door, Sophia did not feel good either. She hugged her knees close to her chest as she sat behind the door, staring at the ground as tears rolled down from her cheeks.

He sobbed for a while before he continued, “When Fass saw you being tied up on the pillar and drenched in gasoline as you awaited death as well as Carmen being dragged to the balcony on the tenth floor by others and about to fall to her death at any time, do you know how angry… and how sad he was? Sophia, losing your mother was the most painful experience in Fass’ life. He wouldn’t be able to endure the pain if anything happens to you. You are now an adult and a mother yourself. So, you should know very well that he won’t hurt you.”

With that, both of them remained silent for some time. Then, he broke the silence. “How about this? I have an idea—Fass and I will settle Quinton’s side for you and end this cancerous relationship once and for all while you listen to us this time and sever all ties with both brothers. Is that okay? Carmen will still be with you and we will stop communicating with their family. Can you accept this? If you agree, knock twice on the door. Otherwise, just knock once.”

After ten minutes or so, Linus heard a light knock on the door before the second knock came seconds later. Both of the knocks seemed to have reached into a spot deep in his heart. With his head lowered, he did not feel relieved whatsoever. He merely had a heavy feeling in his heart and even breathing was difficult for him.

At the research center, Celine had committed suicide once again. Her wrist, which had stopped bleeding only moments ago, had been slit by her again. Blood in the color of a red flower oozed down her hand. Once she woke up, she could not face herself at all. As soon as she closed her eyes, she had flashbacks of her pushing Carmen, who was crying loudly, to the balcony on the tenth floor without any railings. Celine saw herself aiming the gun at her husband and her son. When the shot rang, she saw the shock and pain in Nathan’s eyes. She could not find any peace in herself and she could barely wait to end her life.

Michael stayed at the research center, taking turns with Justin to keep an eye on Celine. They were worried that if they did not pay attention for a second, she would find an opportunity to kill herself. After all, she was an experienced assassin!

After enduring all of the trouble until midnight, Celine finally fell asleep after being injected with tranquilizer. However, it was not something that could be given to her all the time because her body was unable to endure the effects. A physically and mentally exhausted Michael sat on the floor in despair. Without Quinton, Celine could not be saved. Yet, he refused to spill the beans—no matter how hard they tried to torture him—since he believed he could pull through. It was impossible for Michael to give up on his only sister and Justin could not bear to do that as well. However, Michael was unable to convince himself to allow Sophia to face Quinton again.

Even though it was dusk, Michael was unable to sleep with a throbbing headache and Carmen called again at that hour. “Daddy, why haven’t you visited me?”

Upon listening to her cute and lively voice, he felt that he had received infinite strength. His emotions improved as he answered, “I’ve recently been busy with work. Once I’m done, I’ll visit you!” No matter what had happened and how serious the situation was, he would never allow Carmen to know about it. Her only job is to be a happy kid.

However, Carmen let out a small sigh. “Mommy had an argument with Grandpa. Grand-uncle Linus said that because Judgey bit the door, Grandpa asked Stan to pay for the damage. Mommy didn’t like it, so she argued with him.” They had a fight?

Michael knew that it definitely was not because of the husky biting the door. Instead, it would have been Sophia’s desire to talk to Quinton to save Celine. Cooper was aware that if Sophia came, she would probably agree to Quinton’s unreasonable, disgusting requests, which was why her father did not agree to her intention. If I’m in the same shoes, I will also never agree to such a request. Hence, Michael said, “Those are matters that adults have to deal with. You don’t have to care about them. You just have to be a happy baby!”

Carmen laughed and replied in her baby voice, “I’ll take the money that I earned from the night scene I filmed last time to fix the door that Judgey damaged. Then, Grandpa and Mommy will stop fighting.” She felt as if she had done a great deed because of that.

However, Michael teared up upon hearing that. “You’re such a sweet child, Carmen. I’m so proud of you. Sleep soon!”

“Good night, Daddy. I love you!”

“I love you too, Carmen!” After hanging up on the call, Michael looked at the wallpaper on his phone of them as a family of three and smiled. However, tears streamed down his face as his lips twitched upward.

Suddenly, the wallpaper was gone when Cooper called him. After the accident, it was the first time that Cooper took the initiative to ring. Michael looked at the phone, but he lacked the courage to answer the call. Without even realizing it, the phone rang multiple times and stopped after no one picked it up. In no time, Michael received a message from Cooper. His breath stopped after he saw the content of the message.

In brief words, Cooper mentioned that he could settle Quinton, but with one condition—after it was done, Sophia had to divorce Michael and she did not want anything from him except Carmen. After looking at the message, Michael remained still for a long time.

In the midst of the night, he smoked one cigarette after another while quietly looking at the message for a long time. After some time, he realized that his tears had extinguished his cigarette. He gritted his teeth and replied with trembling hands, ‘Okay.’ After that, he put the phone aside and lowered his head. The night was full of his restrained, silent sobs.

Cooper had always been efficient in his work and arrived with Linus the next day. Michael prepared a discussion room for Cooper and Linus with only them inside while the rest monitored the situation from the surveillance room. Everyone thought Sophia would appear, but it was Cooper instead. Will it work if it’s Cooper?

Everyone watched them nervously.

While Michael was respectful toward Cooper, Quinton was not. He had a polite smile on his face, but his tone was extremely flamboyant. “So, my father-in-law, how are you? Are you here to negotiate on their behalf? It’s useless for me, unless your daughter, who is my wife, shows up.” He continuously emphasized that Sophia was his wife. Although it angered Michael, it had no effect on Cooper. After he entered the room, his expression remained impassive—no matter what Quinton said, as if he wore an impenetrable armor.

Both of them gazed at each other for a long time before Cooper started to speak.

“When I knew that I had a daughter, she was lying on the cold, hard ground like a decaying corpse. I hugged her, but I couldn’t feel any weight or warmth from her. She mustered her final strength to look at me with her rotting eye. Half of her face had been eaten up by the virus. I didn’t even dare to touch her because I saw the bones underneath her skin.” Cooper remained indifferent, but despair and hopelessness could be heard in his cool voice.

Quinton treated everyone flippantly and playfully. Even at that moment, he answered with a smile, “Are you trying to play the sympathy card with me? This really seems useless to me. When I kill someone, I love to peel their skin while they are alive.”

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