My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 901

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 901

Sophia was woken up by a series of howls early in the morning. After she opened the windows, she saw a wolf howling at the sky near the river under the bridge.

When the wolf howled, the two huskies that she reared also followed suit, causing the entire place to be surrounded by howls.

Upon a closer look, she realized that it was Judge.

As he stood on the stone bridge on the lake, he saw her opening the window opposite him and continuously howled at her, as if he was scolding her.

After having a shower, Sophia asked the nanny to take care of Carmen before leaving her room to head to the living area.

At that moment, Stanley was chatting with Cooper in the living room.

“Granduncle Cooper, I’m begging you. Aunt Celine seems to be better off dead than alive these last two days. Only Sophia can knock some sense into Phantom Wolf now. Can I just borrow her for a while—just a while?”

“Not even for a second!”

With that, Cooper stoically sent him away. Shae opened the door of the living room before saying, “Stan, you can look for the bus stop after the left turn.”

However, right after Shae opened the door, Judge charged into the house like a madman. He never cared about its size, but it grabbed a cat in its mouth and ran away immediately.

Both Stanley and Cooper were speechless at that sight.

In the end, both Stanley and Judge were chased out and Cooper was able to get back his cat as well.

Then, Stanley knocked on the door. “Granduncle Cooper, open the door!”

Judge also vented his frustrations by howling.

There were no more movements from the red door. Stanley walked away in disappointment while Sean got out of the car to console him. “I’ve already told you that Uncle Cooper would never allow Sophia to talk to Phantom Wolf again.”

Stanley was crestfallen, but there was nothing that both of them could do about it. Cooper would not allow him to meet Sophia and his calls were always cut off. She also never replied to his messages.

However, apart from Sophia, no one could convince Quinton.

She had once asked him to return and he immediately appeared. Stanley was sure that as long as Sophia asked Quinton for a favor, he would definitely agree.

When Judge finally caught his beloved cat, he was angry that it was taken away from him in such a ruthless manner. Hence, it kept barking at the red door. It’s time for them to witness the true, evil powers of a Siberian Husky!

Judge angrily flared its golden teeth and bit a hole in the ancient wooden door that was a century old while Sean and Stanley talked.

After it entered, it immediately saw Sophia and barked at her.

“Alright, stop it.” Sophia patted its head. “I’ll take care of your cats.”

She knew the reason for Stanley’s arrival today and recalled Nathan’s imploring gaze when she was moving yesterday. This is probably a quiet request from Nate.

On the other hand, everyone now said that she was the only person who could convince Quinton.

However, she did not have any courage to meet him.

Back then, she left without saying goodbye. When she asked him to save Carmen, he arrived, but was locked up in the research center instead.

If he did not hold the information to Celine’s full recovery and the Fletcher Family did not treat her importantly, he could have already been executed on the spot. However, Sophia was about to ask him to reveal the final information that had kept him alive all this while.

It was probably too ruthless and cruel for Quinton to endure.

However, it was undeniable that he had landed himself into the current situation.

It was the story of Theo Fletcher’s three generations, but since it was unrelated to Sophia, they hurt Carmen. When she thought of Nathan’s anguished expression to the point where he was numb to everything, she couldn’t help but be involved.

After taking a deep breath, she opened the door to inform Stanley and Sean. “I’ll go.”

Stanley was excited to hear her words. As long as Sophia agrees, Celine can be saved.

However, the excitement only lasted a second because Cooper suddenly appeared behind her and said grimly, “I forbid you to do so.”

Meanwhile, he grabbed Sophia from the door and slammed the door that had been bitten by Judge.

Stanley quickly rushed forward to knock on the door. “Granduncle Cooper, please allow Sophia to help Aunt Celine! She’s as good as waiting to die now! Please, Granduncle Cooper! Even if you don’t let Sophia out, at least return my dog!”

The door was opened once again before a husky was thrown from inside this time. With a slight woof, Judge landed in Stanley’s hands.

Stanley was speechless as a result.

In the mansion, it was the first fight Sophia had with her father. In the past, whenever they argued with each other, Cooper would compromise, but he did not do so.

“Dad, can you just let me go? I’ll end all of this! Hope came here because of me. I can’t leave him alone!”

However, Cooper had a cold look on his face as he said firmly, “Someone bring the young lady back to her room!”

Ignoring Sophia’s wishes, the bodyguards brought her back to her room and locked her in there.

A stony Cooper did not soften his stance upon hearing Sophia’s cries and wails in the room, even though he felt hurt.

When she grew tired of crying, he finally spoke, “Sophia, it’s not because I’m callous. I can’t possibly risk losing you and Carmen anymore!”

She merely sobbed in her room in silence.

Meanwhile, Carmen was walking the alpacas and ignorant of the situation as Linus played with her. He turned and glanced at the room where Sophia was locked inside with a deep look in his eyes.

As a result of being locked inside her room, she stopped eating or drinking for the entire day, making Cooper anxious. He finally obliged and apologized, “Darling, please eat something, alright? What should I do if anything happens to you?”

Before that, he was the one who locked Sophia up. However, in the span of a day, she had locked the door to prevent him from entering. Apart from that, she would not eat or speak.

Cooper was pushed to his limits as a result and relentlessly knocked on the door. However, she simply refused to open the door.

Linus, who was just off work, came to calm Cooper down upon knowing the situation. “Let me try to talk to her.”

Since Linus was a man of many ideas, Cooper had no choice but to allow him to try his luck.

After Cooper left the scene, Linus sat by the door and spoke through it, “Sophia, are you here? You should understand your father’s feelings. He cares too much about you and Carmen. Everything that has happened was a huge blow for him. If you were in his shoes, what would you do?”

There was still no reply from the room. Hence, he leaned on the door and continued with his words.

“When I was a toddler, I was adopted by Fass into the Michel Family. Even though he found a pair of foster parents for me, he was grooming me all along and acted like a father to me.”

He knew that Sophia was leaning against the door like him as she silently sobbed while listening to him.

Then, Linus talked about the Cooper whom he knew.

“Fass has adopted me for close to twenty years now. Before you appeared, he was ruthless and callous. He treats everyone including me coldly—and do you know his behavior was to what extent? He was the only person in the entire world to have the cure to Virs-18, but he had no intention to release it. Even though thousands and millions of people who went to the castle to seek treatment died, he only cared about the profits that the cure could bring him. However, when you appear, do you know that he cried? For the first time in twenty years, that was the only time I saw him shedding tears.”

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