My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 899

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 899

Justin could not wait to kill the mastermind behind all the mess, who was Quinton. Yet, Quinton was the only one who knew how to cure Celine’s illness.

Of course, Quinton would not simply reveal the cure to them as it was the only information keeping him alive.

The military wanted him dead whereas the Fletchers tried their best to keep him alive. Their discussion had arrived at standstill as they could not come to a consensus. On the other hand, Celine had repeatedly tried to kill herself and almost succeeded in the process.

Stanley had followed up on the matter and followed Michael for the entire day. He returned today to the seaside villa to bring Judge back to the Imperial.

Judge clawed at the door of Villa No. 2 for a long time. Upon seeing that no one came to open the door, it finally realized that Sophia had moved and howled angrily at the door.

Sophia! You are such a jerk! Return my kittens!

Return my son as well as my mansion and my lolita!

I babysat your child for many years! You can’t just leave like this!

When Judge was tired of howling, it went to Michael’s place to have a sip of water before returning to continue its howls. Upon realizing that nothing would bring Sophia back, it was angered to the point where it went to Villa No. 8 to trash the place.

Its plans were to destroy the place and bite her husband!

Judge had bitten the corner of Michael’s pyjamas into pieces, but it was still not satisfied. It continued to bite the couch and table in the living room—and even destroyed the pillow that she made out of dog fur. As a result, the entire area was scattered with its fur and no one was able to stop the husky.

Stanley initially wanted to chat with Michael for a bit. However, after Judge threw a tantrum, Stanley could only bring it home almost immediately. Before he left, he added, “Uncle Michael, you can ask for Sophia’s help in this. She can summon him with a sentence. If she appears, he will definitely spill the beans.”

Michael shook his head with a vacant expression in his eyes and did not even know when Stanley left.

Ask for Sophia’s help?

He could not bring himself to do it.

She’s so kind; she will definitely agree to it.

What if Quinton takes this opportunity to ask for something outrageous in exchange for the information?

She probably will agree to that as well.

Because of me, she owes Quinton a favor. As a result, she has suffered the consequences and the pain. How can I be so selfish and cruel?

Michael sat in the dark living room and smoked one cigarette after another before standing up. After quickly changing into his clothes, he rushed out of the door.

Meanwhile, in the research center, a guest had surprisingly arrived—it was Mark Fletcher.

Mark seldom went out—he had only gone out once to meet Carmen, recognize Celine’s presence in the Fletcher Family, to attend Cooper’s funeral and the other time was today.

In the research center, Mark met his grandson, who looked different each time he visited.

At that moment, Quinton looked like a younger version of him and resembled Theo as well!

Mark had carefully perused the documents about Quinton. When compared to Michael and Celine, Quinton was the one who resembled Mark the most and even inherited the old man’s attributes. Unfortunately, Quinton took the wrong path.


Quinton slammed a chess piece on the chess board, blocking his opponent’s moves. “Sorry, old man—I’ve won.”

A chessboard was placed between both of them.

Mark was also quite relaxed as well. He came over to the research center and played chess with Quinton for the entire afternoon. On top of that, they were in the same room. Apart from the handcuffs on Quinton, he had a normal range of movements while Mark sat opposite him to play chess.

To quote the words that Mark once said, “I have already lived for more than a century with children and grandchildren based all over the world. That in itself was enough for me, so if Quinton captures me, you don’t have to save me. Just open fire immediately. If I die, I will definitely drag this unfilial grandson called Quinton down with me. He’s only in his thirties while I’ve already lived over a century. If we are both killed by the machine gun, he will suffer a greater loss than me.”

However, Mark was no match for Quinton in chess.

Another kill in seven moves!

After a few rounds of chess, Mark had been completely defeated by Quinton.

Unlike others who would try to go easy on Mark, Quinton immediately launched his attack on the chess board. If he could defeat Mark in seven moves, he would never waste another move.

Unwilling to concede defeat, Mark barked, “One more round!”

Quinton frowned, but he continued to return the pieces to their original positions while saying, “Old man, my time is precious. I can’t play chess with you for the whole day.”

Mark replied indignantly, “I’ve already lived for more than a century—I don’t have much time left. Your time is valuable, but that’s my life ticking away with every second. So, do you think your time—or mine—is more valuable?”

Quinton knew that he could never win the argument against Mark, so he continued to play chess with the old man in exasperation.

After Quinton entered the research center, he was completely stripped down. They confiscated his exquisite suit and gold-plated glasses. In exchange, they gave him an attire that only a patient in hospital would wear. The flimsy outfit made him feel insecure, but his slender fingers looked clean and fair in contrast. After he took a sip of plain water, he continued to play chess with Mark.

Halfway through their game, Mark suddenly sighed and said meaningfully, “You really look like your father.”

Without using any ruse, it was the conclusion that Mark arrived at when he saw Quinton.

However, Quinton pretended that he did not hear Mark’s words and continued with the game.

Mark continued, “Your father is like you—he has patience, endurance, and foresight. With every step that he took, he could predict a hundred steps ahead. When I played chess with him, I never lasted more than seven moves.”

Quinton remained silent with his head hanging low as he continued the game.

Mark sighed again. “How nice it would have been if you were born in the Fletcher Family instead. I bet your success will be even greater than your father by now.”


Quinton placed the chess piece down again, performing another kill in seven moves and left Mark with no opportunity to retreat. After doing so, Quinton slowly got up. “Sorry, old man. I’m taking a rest now. Please help yourself.”

With that, he returned to his cell and lay on the bed with his back facing Mark.

Although Mark was furious, he left in the end.

Right after he exited, the cell that detained Quinton was locked multiple times, as if he was a violent beast as they kept him locked inside.

After Mark walked out, he looked at the sky and sighed. “Theo, why did you have to leave so early?”

In Riverdale, the former Harper’s Residence was now the Edwards Residence.

After Sophia moved over, she had selected a room that she liked and opened the windows. Immediately, she could see the beautiful view of the garden.

The place used to belong to the Harper Family and they had spent at least two centuries building the mansion. The garden was the combined effort of the Harper Family’s few generations, but in one way or another, it was now Sophia’s.

She loved the way that the garden was designed and its view—each spot was as beautiful as a painting, radiating an artistic aura.

Once she had settled down in the mansion, she peeked out from the window with flowery frames on the second floor as it was the best location to have the best scenery. The view from that particular spot was also the most beautiful.

After a day of moving, she was also tired. Carmen had already climbed onto the huge flowery bed and dozed off.

Before sleeping, she called Shae over while playing with her toes, insisting that she had to call her daddy to say goodnight.

However, Shae replied, “I don’t have Daddy’s contact.”

In the past, Carmen had always asked Nicholas to call Michael. However, Nicholas and Chrysanthemum continued to stay back at The Imperial instead of following her and Sophia.

Carmen took out her wristwatch to call Michael, but after the call went through, she heard Cooper’s voice.

“Darling, why aren’t you asleep?”

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