My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 898

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 898

After saying those words, he remained silent for a while before getting up to leave. As Quinton watched him leave, the sarcastic smile on his face had completely vanished.

When Michael entered the garage and sat in his car, he took out his phone and found Sophia’s contact. He looked at the profile picture that he set for her in a daze, but did not give her a ring in the end. How I wish I could trigger her past memories to return! She will immediately return to me if that happens. However, once she recovers her memories, the trauma and pain will accompany her forever! She has already forgotten all of her bitter and painful past and is already living a great and blissful life now. Why do I want her to experience pain again?

He clearly saw Quinton’s mockery.

If she experiences pain again just because I want to have her by my side, I am not worthy to receive her love!

After remaining silent for the longest time, Michael still did not dial the number and went to the Fletcher Residence instead.

Once Sophia and Carmen had arrived home, they headed to bed after taking a quick shower. Carmen obediently slept next to her mother and kept her hard-earned money away before saying in between yawns, “Mommy… Goodnight.”

Sophia lowered her head to kiss Carmen’s plump cheeks. “Baby, you are tired after a day of filming today, so you should sleep earlier.”

Carmen took out her wristwatch and punched a button to directly call Michael.

He was still on his way to the Fletcher Residence and after receiving a call from her, he quickly answered it.

Then, Sophia heard his voice from Carmen’s watch. “Baby, aren’t you going to sleep?”

Carmen replied sweetly, “Daddy, I’m sleeping soon. Goodnight, Daddy.”

He replied, “Sleep earlier and say goodnight to Mommy for me too.”


After hanging up, she turned and told Sophia, who was sleeping next to her, “Goodnight, missus.”

Sophia smiled. “Where did you learn this from?”

Carmen replied, “Mel’s father calls her mother ‘missus’, so I presume that Daddy calls Mommy the same too. I’m saying goodnight on Daddy’s behalf.”

A lump formed in Sophia’s throat, but she did not say anything in the end and switched off the light, leaving only a small night lamp for Carmen.

Carmen added, “Sleep well, missus.”


After Sophia woke up and got ready the next morning, she saw that people were packing things at her place. She knew that Cooper was about to move houses. Even though he was not planning to leave Bayside City for the time being, he would still move out from the Imperial.

Since everything had arrived to that stage, she felt that she did not have a choice anymore. For Carmen’s sake, we have no choice but to move.

Carmen did not go to kindergarten today—instead, she woke up early in the morning to prepare for the move. She emptied her little husky bag and placed her hard-earned money in it before entering the car.

As it was a hasty decision to move, they still had not chosen the right place—Cooper did not purchase any property in Bayside City and Sophia wanted to live in a comfortable place. In order to make her life easier, she suggested to move to Riverdale

The house was rather spacious, so Carmen had a place to play and it was within a driving distance to the kindergarten and the company.

Sophia owned a house in Riverdale—the former Harper’s Mansion now belonged to her. She had taken quite a liking to the garden there, so it was the right time to move.

While holding her pair of alpacas and entering the car, she suddenly felt that someone was looking at her. After turning, she saw that it was Nathan holding Snowball at the entrance of Villa No. 8, looking at her wordlessly, as if he had something to tell her.


After placing the alpacas on the car seat, she opened the car door and walked over to Villa No. 8. However, he seemed to have left for some time. The front door of the villa was also tightly shut and she could not open it.

After knocking, only Nicholas replied to her from inside.

“Mom, are you moving away?”

His tone sounded resentful and sad. He was so smart that he was no different from a child.

Sophia bent her body and looked at Nicholas through the door. “I’m moving to a huge house in Riverdale. You can also come and stay with us, Nicholas.”

However, Nicholas seemed to be angered and immediately left.

I’m afraid Nathan feels this way too.

Since Cooper was in a rush to leave, she returned to the car thoughtfully. After closing the door, the car engine was started as the driver prepared to leave. However, she saw Nathan once more after a glance at the rearview mirror.

As usual, he looked indifferent in the silence—he looked numb, no matter whether he was happy or sad. Sophia had no idea how much pain he had experienced to wear a stoic expression on his face. However, she saw desire in his eyes.

Nathan looked like he wanted to tell her something, but he did not know how to say it, so he could only look at her like that.

The car sped away. In the end, she still did not have the chance to speak with him.

After traveling back and forth between the research center and Fletcher Residence, Michael was unable to catch forty winks for an entire day and rested on his way home. The moment he arrived, he realized that Villa No. 2 was now empty.

Sophia had left with Carmen—with only a few maids cleaning up after them.

While standing at the ground floor of Villa No. 2, he raised his head to look at the windows—the door on the balcony was sealed shut and no one would open it anymore.

After he returned to his place and opened the door, the living room was also quiet since the liveliness was gone. In the past, once he opened the door, a bunch of furry animals would rush over to greet him.

However, only Snowball was left alone. The white ball of fur rushed to him and circled around him, but the rest had followed Sophia on her move.

Nathan had also returned and quietly looked at him from a corner.

Nicholas walked to Michael. “Dad, Mom moved to Riverdale.”

Michael hummed in reply before heading to his room in exhaustion. After he closed the door, he did not head out again.

He took a short rest. After all, he was still a human, not a robot, so he could not work the entire day without rest. However, once he closed his eyes, he started to have nightmares. He dreamed that Sophia and Carmen were in an accident and the ambulance picked up both of them, who were covered in blood. In the dream, he howled as he ran behind the ambulance for a long time, but it showed no signs of stopping. On top of that, the ambulance even howled, “Meeeeeeooooooooooowwwwwwwwww!”

A terrified Michael opened his eyes and realized that he was still on his bed. He had no idea when Chrysanthemum had entered his room and jumped on him, but it was the one meowing at him.


After glancing at it, Michael rubbed its head. “Why didn’t you leave with your mom?”

It gently snuggled toward Michael’s hands. He got up from the bed with the cat in his hands and looked at the time—it was already dawn and he had slept for nine full hours. However, his head felt like it was about to split into two. Nevertheless, he called Justin.

Quinton still refused to reveal the way to cure Celine’s dissociative identity disorder and she was in an unstable condition, attempting to commit suicide multiple times.

It would spell a lot of trouble if she tried to kill herself, as they could not tell whether it was a ruse to escape her situation or if she really wanted to do that.

She had once attempted suicide to escape from the research center, which almost culminated in a disaster.

However, if they did not save her in time, she would die!

Celine used to be a confident, strong woman in the military. However, living was a state of pain for her because she could not die as well!

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