My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 897

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 897

As the car headed home, Cooper hugged Carmen in his arms while Sophia continued sobbing in the silence. The injuries on her face had not fully recovered. She weakly leaned on Linus’ shoulder and buried her face in his arms as he comforted her. As she was highly tense for the entire day, the current opportunity to relax for a split second immediately caused her to loosen up and fall asleep within seconds.

Even if she fell asleep, there was a trace of tears at the corner of her eyes.

His body stiffened as he was afraid that he would wake her up.

Upon looking at Carmen, who was dozing off in his arms, Cooper wrapped her up tightly with the blanket, causing her to fall asleep almost instantly. Even while she was asleep, she still held onto her money and refused to let anyone take it.

While looking at the sleeping mother and daughter, he felt blissful yet pressured—as if he owned the whole world, but had to bear the weight of it.

Nevertheless, his daughter would eventually have to settle down as his granddaughter needed a father. Theo had own sons. The biological father is definitely not a choice and the other one is worse, so I definitely won’t hand Sophia to any of Theo’s sons.

Although he loved Sophia and Carmen, where they were his everything, it was impossible for him to keep them for himself forever since his daughter would have to marry someone someday. Therefore, he was determined to find her the best man in the world!

After waiting for a day and a night in the research center outside the city, Celine finally woke up. When she regained her consciousness and found out what she had done, she broke down emotionally and hid in the corner before crying.

She was still locked up in the transparent cage. Nobody had the courage to get close to her because they could not tell whether she was Katrina or Celine.

Justin and Michael watched as she curled up in a corner and wept, but they could not get close to her either.

Celine had always been the big sister, the female boss, and leader among their peers since she was young. She had always been stronger and more poised than most males as she never cried. However, over the last few years, she seemed to have shed all the tears that she could possibly have in her whole life.

She nearly harmed Carmen with her own hands, which was something that she could not accept when she was in her right frame of mind. What terrified her the most was she still retained her original personality when Katrina appeared, so she saw how she went on a rampage to do those things that she had never wanted to do.

She had almost killed Carmen and her son!

A bulletproof glass had separated Justin from Celine. Tears silently escaped from his eyes as he leaned on the glass in the silence. Upon looking at his wife curling up in a corner while crying in despair, he wished that he could embrace her, but he was not even able to give her any warmth. What exactly have we done wrong? God, why are we being treated like this?

They had joined the military when they were 18 and underwent training for many years before pledging a lifetime of loyalty and service to their country. They led honorable and honest lives while living up to the expectations of the country, their ancestors, future generations, as well as their own consciences, but why were their good deeds not being rewarded?

Through the glass, Michael gazed at the person who had the same face as him. He wanted to blame her, but he could not bear to do so. Ever since she helped Phantom Wolf to kidnap Sophia three years ago, Michael sent her to the research center and did not dare to visit her ever since.

He was well aware that it was not her fault as she was also the victim, but how could he willingly accept that fact?

Michael turned as large droplets of tears fell on the floor.

He found Quinton, who was also being confined in a cage made of bulletproof glass. The entire research center was now as impenetrable as an iron barrel with ten times more military forces than usual. It was because the institute now harbored the most dangerous man in the whole world.

Phantom Wolf was responsible for countless murders and deaths and he was wanted by dozens of countries around the world. His bounty in the black market had reached up to several billions, which also meant that numerous people from all over the world wanted him dead. He entered the lion’s den by himself and was detained instead.

Quinton had regained his original looks—it was a face that was extremely similar to Theo’s. He had fully inherited Theo’s looks, character, boldness, intelligence and talent as a commander. In fact, he was more similar to Theo than Michael and Celine.

On the other hand, Michael and Celine were blessed with their mother’s kindness and gentleness, but Quinton had inherited his father’s cunning and vicious personality. Therefore, the siblings resembled angels and he resembled a devil.

Both Quinton and Michael looked at each other through the glass. It was the first time that they glanced at each other in that manner since they used to fight to the death without much reasoning.

Michael moved a chair over and sat while looking at Quinton. As Quinton was a few years younger, he looked boyish and more handsome. Theo had passed away when he was at Quinton’s age, which made the latter look exactly the same as their father in Michael’s memory.

Quinton was still wearing his black suit, which was so immaculate that it did not have any creases. He seemed like the perfect gentleman who had returned from a ball when he raised his hand to adjust his gold-rimmed glasses, causing the ring on his pinky finger to shine. He was a gallant gentleman on the surface, but a scum on the inside.

“My dearest brother, how much longer are you going to keep watching me?” He slowly uttered a few words, which sounded like a casual chat between close friends.

Michael went straight to the point. “I want Celine to return to normal—with only her in her body and no one else.”

Quiton smiled as he adjusted his gold-rimmed spectacles. His manner was elegant while his voice was clear and sounded handsome. “She’s the one keeping me alive now. Do you think that I will do it easily?”

Michael expressed his conditions with a cold expression. “I guarantee to let you go if you cure my sister.”

Quinton lowered his head and burst into a guffaw, as if he had heard the joke of the year. “Haha! haha! Guarantee? How are you going to give that guarantee? Do you think that I’ll believe you? Let me tell you the truth—Katrina had already merged with your sister and the boundaries between their personalities will gradually vanish. There is no one in this world who can really save her except me,” he uttered.

A person as astute as him was well aware that Celine was the key to keep him alive. Otherwise, he would not have the courage to enter the place.

Since the Fletcher Family had saved Celine, they definitely would not give up on her. They tried everything that they could think of, including domestic and foreign psychiatrists and hypnotists, but to no avail. There were no other ways to save her unless he was willing to do so.

However, Michael knew that he had no power to make such a decision.

As the Phantom Wolf had committed many crimes, Michael would not be able to save him—if he could not do so, let alone the Fletcher Family.

The two of them fell silent for a while before he threw another question. “Can Sophia’s memory be recovered as well?”

Upon the mention of that topic, the disdain on Quinton’s face was replaced by a shred of seriousness. In the end, he sighed before rising to his full height and walking to the bulletproof glass. Tilting his head to one side, he gave a contemptuous smile. “Sure, I can help her to recover her memories without anything in return—her entire memory… With that, she will remember that she was once together with you.” Disdain was obvious in his tone as he spoke.

Michael kept quiet for a moment before finally replying in a low voice, “It’s fine then… If she has forgotten about the past, just let it be then.” He sounded extremely helpless when he said those words. His voice was so low that it sounded like a melancholic sigh.

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