My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 896

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 896

She had grown up and become prettier, looking healthy and beautiful. It was obvious that her father doted on her and had raised her well.

After he untied the rope, Carmen placed her shoeless foot on the ground, but the rough surface of the brick tiles on the ground hurt her foot, so she had to lift it up. She then wobbled and fell into Quinton’s arm, while the latter carried her up and uttered, “Carmen, I’ll bring you to your daddy and mommy.”

“Okay,” she replied in a childish voice as she buried her face into his fragrant embrace.

He gave her the bouquet. “Carmen, you have finished your last shot for the movie. This is a little present for you as a celebration.”

She happily accepted the flowers with two rows of tear stains on her dirty face. Although she was exhausted, she carried the flowers in her arms in delight and innocently asked him, “Mister, what was your role?”

Quinton carefully went down the stairs while carrying her in his arms and answered, “I used to be the bad guy, but today, I acted as the good guy!”

Seeing that the two of them had gone down, Justin verified that Carmen was now safe and communicated the message to the people below before eagerly rushing to Celine.

Celine had fallen into a deep sleep; her breathing was stable, and her face seemed rather rosy.

Carrying his wife in his arms, he cried so badly that words could not be formed. Just now, he thought that the whole world had given up on her.

At the ground floor, Sophia heard the sound of footsteps and Carmen’s sweet voice coming from the incomplete building.

“Mister, do you think that I’d acted well?”

Quinton replied, “Yes, you were amazing. Carmen, you were born to be an actress. I look forward to working with you for my next movie too!”

Upon hearing that voice, Sophia’s body froze; tears uncontrollably streamed down her cheeks, rinsing her numb face. Quinton was seen slowly walking out from the darkness to the spot illuminated by the searchlights, carrying a small figure in his arms.

He looked at the crowd that swarmed at him before slowly squatting down and placing Carmen on the ground. He helped her to put on the shoe that he had found earlier, gently stroked her head, and said, “Good girl, you can go to your parents and grandpa now!”

As soon as she was put down, she dashed at Michael and Sophia. “Daddy, Mommy!”


Both of them came running at her and embraced her, as if they were embracing their entire world.

As for Quinton, after he put Carmen down, he slowly rose to his full height with his hands raised. The Fletcher Family’s men slowly approached him, and after confirming that he had no weapon on him, they surrounded him and caught him.

When Carmen saw Quinton being captured after she left Michael’s embrace, she innocently asked, “Why is Uncle Joel capturing him?”

Michael wiped away his tears of excitement and joy for getting back something that he had nearly lost. “They are still shooting for the movie. That mister is acting as the bad guy! Uncle Joel is acting as the police today, so the police have to catch the bad guy.”

She pouted and muttered, “But he said that he was acting as the good guy today.”

Sophia, who had embraced Carmen, was overwhelmed by a complex feeling when she watched as Quinton was being caught.

He really came and saved Carmen.

At the same time, Justin came down with Celine in his arms, and he then put her on a stretcher. Nathan ran over to take a look at his mother, then at Carmen, and finally at Quinton, who was being escorted into the car.

Quinton seemed to have noticed him as well. The former smiled at him, as if he was greeting him.

Nathan watched as Quinton was captured and escorted into the military vehicle, his expression still nonchalant. His expression remained indifferent regardless of if he felt devastated or overjoyed. It might have been because he had experienced too many ups and downs in life despite his young age, causing him to become numb to the joy and sorrow in life.

He was only twelve, but he had thoroughly experienced the great joy and sorrow of life, which made him unfeeling to both emotions.

In the end, Quinton was captured, and Celine was caught and taken back to the research center, while Nathan and Justin followed her there.

After Michael made sure that Celine was fine, he caught up with Sophia, who was seen getting into Cooper’s car with Carmen in her arms. He immediately quickened his steps toward her but was suddenly stopped by Cooper, who was standing in front of him with one arm held up.

Cooper turned around and faced him with his back, his voice especially cold and merciless at that moment. “Mr. Fletcher, you don’t need to follow us. I’ll take care of my granddaughter. Don’t you worry.”

Cooper was cold and distant to him. However, Michael could feel that in the past, Cooper disliked him but had to reluctantly accept him since Sophia fancied him. But today, he was absolutely cold and harsh.

Stunned, Michael stopped his hasty footsteps for he knew that it would only be natural for Cooper to treat him this way.

His first love had hurt Sophia, and his sister nearly harmed Carmen. It all happened because of him. If it were not for him, Carmen and Sophia would not have suffered such harm.

Holding back the heart-stabbing pain, he took out 200 from his pocket and let out a wry chuckle. “It’s better to follow through the entire act. This is the fees I’d promised to give Carmen—”

“There’s no need for this.” Cooper coldly interrupted him. He then directly got into the car and closed the door without looking back. The car of the Mitchell Family sped off.

Soon, the car of the Fletcher Family and military unit left, while Harry and Sarah, who had come to help, went home as well. Only then did Michael leave and head off to the research center.

In Cooper’s car, Sophia was hugging her baby, who had finally returned to her, while sobbing uncontrollably.

She really did not know how she would live without Carmen! She felt as if her heart was stabbed by a thousand knives when she saw Carmen held imprisoned on her own at such a high place earlier.

Linus gently cleaned Carmen’s face, wrapped her in a blanket, and put aside her bouquet of flowers before handing her 400. “Carmen, your performance today was superb. This is your salary given by the filming company. You have earned 400 in total since shooting for night scenes pays better!”

She delightfully took the money and tightly held it in her hands. “Mommy, why are you crying?” she innocently looked at Sophia and asked.

Sophia sniffled and wiped away her tears before forcing a smile on her face as she answered, “It’s because today was your first time shooting for a night scene, but you did a great job, so I’m very happy for you.”

Cooper hugged her and stroked her messy hair. “The situation earlier is how shooting for a movie is like—you will face all sorts of sudden events, and the actors’ acting skills will be so excellent that they may startle small children, just like how you were so afraid that you cried today. Carmen, if you wish to become an actress, you will face more similar situations!”

Carmen leaned sluggishly in Cooper’s arms with the four banknotes tightly held in her hands. She wished to continue acting to earn money, but everyone’s acting skills were so good that they seemed real when they acted as the villain, which made her cry out of terror.

She was in a dilemma.

Sophia wept soundlessly as she glanced at Linus in gratitude. Linus, who was considerate in nature, acted meticulously in order to protect Carmen’s tiny yet fragile mind—a traumatizing experience would affect a child for a lifetime! Now, Carmen thought that she had merely acted in a police action blockbuster movie—the type of movie with a commission of 400 per day. Therefore, she was able to happily count the money now. The treacherous scene today would probably remain in her memories as a mere surprise.

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