My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 894

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 894

Phantom Wolf might meet up with Katrina, and Carmen would fall into his hands by then. Since Quinton was far more cunning and cruel than Katrina, he might even make the matter worse.

At that instant, despair filled everyone’s heart.

It was late; the sun had set, and the wind was cold at night. Carmen was given a blanket to cover herself. She meekly curled herself up on the balcony while looking at Justin in a pitiful manner.

“Uncle Justin, why isn’t Daddy here yet?”

Justin looked at her from afar and quietly replied, “Your daddy is in a meeting; he will be here soon, darling. Cover yourself properly so that you won’t catch a cold.”

She nodded as she burrowed her little face under the blanket. She had been sitting on the same spot as she dared not move even an inch.

Outside the building, Sophia slumped onto the ground helplessly. Raising her head and looking at the tenth floor again, she saw the red flower pinned on Carmen’s hair swaying in the wind. Two rows of hot tears once again coursed down her icy, numb cheeks.

No, I must find Quinton; only he will have a way to solve this. I’m sure he doesn’t have it in him to just let Carmen die! I believe there is still a shred of kindness in him.

Sophia wiped away her tears and spoke to Linus again. “Phantom Wolf has an email address to accept all sorts of tasks. Uncle Linus, I’m sure that you know of it, right?”

Linus nodded, whereupon she uttered, “Send it to me.”

Linus immediately sent the email address to her before she returned to the SUV with the phone in her hand. With her lips pressed, she thought and contemplated for a long time but still could not figure out how to bring this up to Quinton. Looking through the window, she glanced at Carmen, and then at Nathan, who was crying in Michael’s arms. The sight of them caused her to feel a lump in her throat, and she failed to hold back her tears.

What should I do to convince Quinton to come over? She was well aware that if he were to come, he would be walking straight into the lion’s den. Also, even if he really managed to rescue Carmen, the Fletcher Family would detain him on the spot. Therefore, why should he come? I don’t have any bargaining chip! I don’t have anything that he wants!

However, Sophia did not have much time left. She had to give it a try no matter what.

She switched on her phone and opened the selfie video mode. As she looked at the lens, tears rolled down her cheeks like pearls falling from a broken necklace before any words could be formed. Nevertheless, she still tried to explain the situation in a strangled voice. “Hope, I’m Sophia. If you can see this video, I beg for you to save my child.”

She focused the lens on the tenth floor. Part of Carmen’s little head and the red flower pinned on her hair on the balcony of the tenth floor was caught on camera.

She turned the camera back at herself and murmured, “Hope…” However, she could not bear to finish her sentence. After hesitating for a long time, the words seemed to have stuck in her throat, and she still could not say them in the end; she could only cry soundlessly. “The address is East City Road No. 28.”

Finally, she stopped the recording and emailed the messy video to the email address.

After the email was successfully sent, she lay in the car and wept helplessly.

As time went by, Justin tried his best to keep the situation under control while Celine stayed vigilant of her surroundings. Meanwhile, Carmen curled herself up in the blanket on the balcony with her beady eyes wandering around. She dared not fall asleep as she was afraid that she might fall.

The people downstairs had prepared a rescue plan.

Celine’s threat level had greatly exceeded everyone’s expectation. According to Cooper’s plan, she would not be given any chances of survival because it would be impossible for Carmen to escape this alive without killing Celine.

The Fletcher Family had no choice but to reluctantly accept the plan and give up on Celine.

Michael went upstairs to take another look at Carmen, who was obediently curled up on the balcony with her eyes wide open. She tried to stay awake although she was at the verge of dozing off at any time.

Suppressing his tears, Michael tried to make himself sound relaxed as he consoled her. “Good baby, I’m here. We are going to shoot our night scenes soon. Carmen, be good—don’t move and don’t sleep!”

Carmen seemed pitiful. “Daddy, it’s dark. I’m scared.”

He replied, “Shooting night scenes is like this. Don’t be scared. After we finish shooting for this movie, you will become famous, and I will take you to go and participate in ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’.”

Upon mentioning joining the program that she had been looking forward to, she became excited. Her eyes were twinkling when she uttered, “But Grandpa doesn’t allow me to become an actress. He wants me to go home and rear big sheep, but I don’t want to rear big sheep.”

The father and daughter chatted with each other with a few meters’ distance between them. He smiled and replied, “No, it won’t happen. I promise!”

After a while, Carmen raised another question. “Daddy, are you going to divorce Mommy?”

Michael fell silent for a moment before forcing a smile on his face. “This will depend on you, Carmen. If you behave yourself, your mommy won’t divorce me.”

Deep down inside, he knew that he would lose Sophia if he lost Carmen this time.

He looked at her with teary eyes and uttered, “You will always be my sweetest baby.”

After that, he turned to Celine, whom he currently felt was a complete stranger!

Her eyes were dangerous and cautious, resembling a snakes’, as they silently watched him from the darkness.

He turned around and lowered his head, warm tears on his face.

He really could not make a choice between losing a child or losing his only sister—he couldn’t afford to lose any of them!

At the same time, Justin, who had just received the news from downstairs, uttered to Michael in disbelief, “He is here.”

Just now, Quinton had arrived at the scene.

An hour ago, Sophia’s email was sent out; an hour later, he showed up.

Step by step, he emerged from the darkness alone as the searchlights exposed his figure. Sophia could not see his face vividly; she could only see his tall build under the strong beam of lights. As he paced closer, his face gradually became visible—it was Quinton.

He was wearing a black tuxedo with a neat bow tie and a bouquet of flowers in his left hand; he resembled a gallant gentleman who had returned from attending a ball. Yet it was the same gentleman who was the main reason for Phantom Wolf’s notoriety—underneath the exquisite surface lay a psychotic devil.

Countless guns were instantly aimed at him, but that did not make him retreat—he continued approaching them instead. But when the safeties were turned off, signaling that they were ready to open fire at him at any time, he slowly stopped his pace and raised both his hands, completely revealing himself under the enemies’ gun without any hesitation.

“Hope!” Michael dashed at him like a gust of wind and called out his real name. However, when he arrived in front of him and saw his face, which was exactly the same as his father’s, he was unable to do anything to him. His fist was clenched so tightly that he nearly hurt his own palm, but he was still unable to throw him a punch.

He was the only person who could save both Carmen and Celine!

The two of them looked at each other from a distance—one of them had indifference in his eyes, while the other one’s were filled with overwhelming rage.

If it weren’t for him, Michael would not have been separated from Sophia for so many years; Carmen would not have almost died; Celine would not have become how she was now; and the situation tonight definitely would not have happened!

He was the person responsible for everything!

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