My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 892

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 892

At that moment, this distance that seemed not quite far was, in fact, the distance between life and death. Her child, her most precious one, was currently in this 10-storey building before her with the risk of falling at any time, but there was nothing she could do. Sophia wept desperately, but she could not make any sound for fear that the innocent Carmen would jump when she saw her.

Linus hugged Sophia when she was having an emotional breakdown and quietly said in consolation, “Don’t worry, don’t worry. Michael has gone in to talk to her. Everything is going to be fine…”

“Linus, please save my child.” She grabbed him, as if she was clutching at straws. He supported her to one side to rest.

At that moment, Cooper and Joel were keeping the situation under control. Many people from the Fletcher and Mitchell Families were there surrounding the building, but they hesitated to send anyone in. The police were not informed of this matter yet to prevent agitating Celine and cause her to take irrational actions on the child.

They had to rescue the child as soon as possible. The situation would become more unfavorable to them as time passed—Celine might lose her patience, and Carmen might lose control out of fear and fall.

Linus managed to keep her emotionally stable by tricking her into believing that they were just acting, but this could only buy them some time. They were now discussing the strategies after they got hold of the building plan. Joel suggested, “We can send in an assault troop and some snipers to take her down as fast as possible.”

However, Stanley immediately objected. “No, this angle is the sniper’s blind spot. Recklessly sending assault troops may cause unnecessary sacrifices, and Aunt Celine may harm Carmen.”

Katrina and Celine were one now. Celine now had both of their intelligence and skills, but the one in control was Katrina. If they were to use an assault troop, they had to first consider if the assault troop was a match for her. Besides, she had a gun with her now.

Cooper suggested, “We can use a drone to launch an accurate attack from a close range.”

Joel thought about it for a while and finally rejected it. “If we use a drone, Celie will…” Celine will die. Joel intended to try his best to rescue both of them.

Cooper was furious. “Any sacrifices are worthy as long as my granddaughter can be rescued.” He could even go as far as to kill Celine. A mere Celine was undoubtedly insignificant compared to his grandchild.

Joel wished to save both of them, but Cooper was willing to sacrifice Celine if Carmen could be saved. The conflict between their aims gave rise to an intense argument between the two parties.

A car was secretly parked at an unnoticeable spot. Upon getting out of the car, Nathan raised his head and impassively glanced at Carmen, who had curled herself into a ball after being driven to the balcony at the tenth floor.

Meanwhile, Michael and Justin had reached the tenth floor to negotiate with Celine. On the tenth floor, Michael first saw Carmen curling herself into a tiny ball as she squatted at the balcony without railings. Her two little hands were tied together with a rope, and the other end of the rope was stepped under Celine’s foot.

Celine’s face was pale. She was injured in the research center; her black suit was dyed red, but it was inconspicuous. As she lost more blood, her patience gradually thinned.

Upon seeing Michael, Carmen stood up happily, her little face dirty and soiled. “Daddy!”

The moment her soft voice was heard, Celine, who was resting her eyes, abruptly opened her eyes. The gun in her hand was pointed at Carmen soundlessly. The sight shook Michael to the core. He immediately uttered to Carmen when she was going to run over to him, “Baby, don’t stand up. Sit down. Sit down. I’m going to start reciting my script!”

Justin added, “Sit down now. Don’t move no matter what happens!”

Their voices trembled uncontrollably. Carmen quickly sat back down. Her dark, beady eyes revealed her fear as she looked at Michael while pouting. She was near tears.

Seeing that she had sat down, Michael felt a little relieved. He gulped before looking at Celine. The two people had the same face but entirely different lives. Michael held back his tears and went straight to the point. “Katrina, I can give you anything you want. I just hope that you won’t harm my child.”

Justin was beyond nervous when he saw Celine stepping on the rope that was tied on Carmen. She then moved her foot away from the rope, causing Carmen to lose her only protective measure. Carmen, who was squatting near the edge of the balcony, was now in the position where she would fall if she took even one step back. Frightened, Michael immediately said, “I’ll promise you anything. Please don’t hurt the child. She’s also your niece!”

Hearing that, Celine slowly placed her foot back on the rope and sneered at him. The gun she was holding in her hand was aimed at Carmen with its safety off. A gentle pull at the trigger would kill Carmen. “It’s simple. I want you guys to provide me with a clear escape route. I want to leave this country as soon as possible. I will let her go after I leave Cethos’ border.”

Michael immediately replied, “Alright. Give me some time. I will contact the relevant departments and make necessary arrangements now.” The first priority would be to pacify her.

Justin had a bag in his hand. He opened it and revealed the food and medicines inside. “Celie, you haven’t eaten anything for 12 hours. I’ve prepared some food and medicine to stop your bleeding.”

She pointed at the cement screed floor in front of her with the gun and said, “Throw them to me.”

He placed the stuff at the spot not far in front of Celine as he knew that it would be unwise to confront her head on now—Carmen might be harmed in the process. Celine used her feet and moved the stuff closer to her with the gun pointed at Carmen at all times.

As a top assassin and the King of Soldiers of the special forces, Carmen would be hurt if Justin made a move now.

Celine took a box of biscuits and ate a little before throwing a carton of milk at Carmen. With both hands being tied, Carmen clumsily picked the milk up, inserted the straw into it, and drank it. She had been starving for many hours as well.

While being wary of Justin and Michael, she took off her clothes with one hand, revealing her injured arm, and used the other hand to skilfully stop her own bleeding and bandaged her wound. As she had been through special self-rescue training, she was able to tend to her injuries while staying vigilant of her surroundings.

Seeing that she had finally calmed down and Carmen was drinking milk, Michael patted Justin’s shoulder before explaining to her, “This is a big issue. I have to go down to make some arrangements with the necessary departments. Give me some time.”

All of a sudden, Celine grabbed Carmen into her arms and pointed the gun at her head. “Someone is here!” she growled mercilessly. Her especially acute sense of hearing allowed her to capture sounds of someone coming over from three floors away. Therefore, Cooper and Joel dared not send many people in.

Carmen burst into tears out of fear, and Michael quickly raised his hands and uttered, “No, no. Only the two of us, Justin and I, are here. There is surely no one else!”

However, when he turned around, he found Nathan, who had come up without his knowledge. He stared at Celine and Carmen, who was crying in the former’s arms, with listless eyes—they were desperate to the point of numbness.

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