My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 889

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 889

Sophia handed the rest of the issues to her layer. She would not comment further because the lawyers would know how to get her out of the situation. Besides, Maddie was already here, and she was reporting the news in a positive light.

During the interview, a subordinate entered and whispered softly by Cooper’s ears, “Mr. Michael is here.”

Cooper’s expression turned frosty. “Ask him to get lost.”

He was extremely disappointed with Michael right now.

If Michael had handled the situation appropriately, my daughter wouldn’t have had to suffer so much. It is fortunate that my daughter is fine this time. If something had happened to Sophia, I would have made sure Michael would be buried with her.

Sophia seemed to have noticed something when she saw Cooper’s cold and distant expression. She knew instinctively that Michael had arrived.

Although she wanted to see Michael, she just didn’t know how to face him right now.

Irene deserved to die; even if I hadn’t taken the blame for Sean, and even if Sean hadn’t killed Irene, I would have killed her if I had been holding the knife.

If she hadn’t been murdered, Irene would have used her status as the descendent of a late hero to free herself from any accusations to continue with her troubled ways. The Fletcher Family had been caught in a tight spot when it came to Irene. She exhausted the last bit of love and patience from the Fletchers by flaunting her influence. I suppose I’ve acted on behalf of God by removing the disaster from the hands of the Fletchers.

If she had failed this time, Irene would have had a second attempt. I wouldn’t want to wake up one day, only to again find myself tied to a pole while somebody splashed gasoline on me.

Nevertheless, Irene was Michael’s first love after all. Besides, she was the apple of the Fletchers’ eye and the descendent of Old Master Fletcher’s favorite pupil. Hence, I still feel bad for her murder, and so I just need some time alone.

I suppose it’s best to not see him for now.

Michael and Joel waited for almost the whole day at the entrance, but Cooper refused to let them in. Maddie finally walked out of the hospital in the afternoon, and she spoke to Michael. “Taylor, I interviewed Sophia just now. She is fine, and she is doing well currently. Don’t worry; I will send over the interview video after I’ve edited it at home.” She paused. “I will definitely write a positive report. I would absolutely not deviate from the truth!”

Maddie was well aware of Irene’s nature. In the past, she would stir up trouble in Maddie’s department every other day, and so everyone in the department was afraid of Irene. Hence, Maddie was forced to take two military dogs with her to work to get Irene to stop. However, Maddie did not expect this to blow up in such proportions.

After that, Joel and Maddie left together. Just before they left, Michael asked Joel, “Did Old Master Fletcher… say anything?”

We can’t possibly keep something so huge from Old Master Fletcher.

Joel maintained a blank expression when he replied to Michael, “He is getting old—he is already 100 years old, so he probably doesn’t want to get involved in issues involving the younger generation.”

Michael asked again, “What about the Fletcher Family?”

Joel answered truthfully, “We are in a society with a legal system, so we would abide by the law.”

After all, even though Irene was stabbed to death, she was to blame because she made the first move, so the Fletcher Family wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. However, this matter involved the Fletchers’ honor, and so Cooper had to provide them an explanation.

The relationship between the Fletchers and Cooper was delicate right now. If one were to be careless, the alliance between the two families might just be destroyed.

Michael refused to leave even after watching Joel and Maddie leave. He parked his RV just around the corner of the hospital so he could observe everything going on in the hospital despite knowing that he wouldn’t be able to see Sophia in the near future.

He did not have the audacity to meet her right now anyway.

On the other side, after being scolded badly by Sophia, Sean drove away in a daze. Soon after he left, police officers and reporters came rushing to the scene upon learning the news.

Sean watched the news of Bayside City, where they reported that Sophia killed Irene, and he hid in a deserted place to cry for the longest time.

He had committed murder for the first time, and he felt extremely fearful afterward. However, the person was dead, and he had no way to turn back time. He did everything automatically at that moment, and it felt as if his actions were beyond his control.

I do not know how to face Sophia or Cooper. I can’t even imagine facing Stanley and the Fletcher Family.

Sean stayed hidden, and he refused to answer his phone even when Stanley and Sophia phoned him countless times. After disappearing for three days, he finally showed up at the private hospital that Sophia was admitted into.

Upon meeting Cooper, Sean slapped himself while confessing. “Uncle Cooper, it was all my fault. I stabbed Irene to death, and Sophia took the fall for me. It was my fault. I will surrender if need be to atone for my sins.”

However, Cooper did not blame Sean because he had read Irene’s post-mortem report. It was stated that Irene had been stabbed to death from the back. There were seven to eight stab wounds, and the perpetrator must have committed such a violent crime under extreme fear or anger.

If Cooper had been at the scene, he could almost guarantee that he would have been angrier than Sean.

In the end, he patted Sean’s shoulder while helping Sean, who was kneeling, up. “Don’t worry; it is a small matter. In fact, I should thank you for saving Sophia’s life. If it weren’t for you, Sophia wouldn’t be here with us right now.”

Nevertheless, Sean was mentally burdened. “Would Sophia end up in jail for my actions? Would you fall out with the Fletchers because of this?”

These were small matters to Cooper at this point.

“It will be fine, because I have the best lawyers here. As for the Fletcher Family, you don’t have to worry about that.”

I am the second largest arms dealer in the world, and I will soon be the largest. No matter what happens, the Fletcher Family will never have a fall out with me, Fass Michel.

However, Sean just couldn’t face Sophia, and so he observed her from outside of her hospital room before leaving.

Just when he had taken a few steps forward, Sean saw Stanley rushing toward him from outside.

When he saw Sean, Stanley was both furious and elated. “Sean, where have you been for the past few days?! Why didn’t you answer my calls? Do you know how worried I was? Can you even imagine?”

Two days had passed, but Sean felt as if a few centuries had gone by. The guilt was crushing him. The fear and guilt for the past two days had been overwhelming for him, and so he couldn’t sleep or eat well. Hence, he had lost a lot of weight.

Sean mumbled something, but he finally answered Stanley, “Stan, I am sorry. It’s j-just that I-I…”

He didn’t know how to explain the situation to Stanley.

“Alright, that’s enough. Stop speaking. Look at yourself—you are filthy and smelly. You look so disheveled too. My guess is that you haven’t had anything to eat; am I right? Let’s chat after having a meal.”

Without any further comment, Stanley dragged Sean back to the company, where they always slept in anyway. After a shower, Sean started gobbling up food without even being bothered to dry his hair.

He hadn’t really had anything to eat for the past two days, so he was famished; he finished Stanley’s stash of instant noodles in no time. In fact, he wolfed down three tubs of instant noodles.

“Pace yourself; there is more here. Besides, food delivery has arrived.”

Stanley had ordered a luxurious crayfish set meal, and he peeled the shells off for Sean. It was obvious that he was starving—he seemed hungry and haggard while devouring the food like a wolf.

After the meal, Sean put down his chopsticks. Then, he looked up at Stanley and burst into tears suddenly.

Stanley held him straight away while reassuring him, “It’s alright. You are okay now. Everything is in the past now, and what’s done is done. Sophia is alive and well, and Uncle Cooper will not blame you either. So don’t worry.”

Stanley thought that Sean was feeling guilty for he had failed to protect Sophia efficiently, resulting in her kidnapping.

In the end, Sean uttered between sobs, “Actually, I killed Irene, and Sophia took the fall for me. I am sorry, Stan… I murdered her. If the Fletchers want someone to pay for her death, just take me in!”

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