My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 888

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 888

Sean looked as though he did not hear her; instead, he continued cutting the rope in silence.

The police siren was getting closer, and it sounded urgent, but Sean did not leave. Sophia knew that the enemy had set this trap, and Sean had murdered somebody for her. Therefore, she did not want to drag him into the situation. She advised him hastily, “Sean, you need to listen to me. You have to leave right now. I know how to handle the situation!”

Nevertheless, Sean obviously did not listen to her because he continued cutting the rope seriously. The damn rope wouldn’t cut through; he won’t be able to leave if he delays any longer.

Sophia was panicking, and so she urged him. “The enemy is trying to destroy the alliance between my father and the Fletcher Family. If I had killed Irene, it would be more of a personal grudge, but since you did it, it would mean that the Mitchells killed her, because there was no bad blood between you and Irene. Therefore, the enemy would have a reason to spread rumors.”

Sean recollected himself, and he had already considered the consequences after killing Irene. She was the descendent of a late hero and the apple of the Fletchers’ eye. Killing her meant that I would be in trouble, and the Mitchells, whom Cooper represents, would suffer too. In that case, I can’t let Sophia take the hit for me.

Sophia was furious because Sean wouldn’t be able to escape if he refused to leave right now. Cooper would get me out of this if I get in trouble. Besides, I’d been kidnapped, and Irene tried to burn me to death. Hence, killing Irene would have been self-defense. On the other hand, Sean killing her would be considered as voluntary manslaughter.

With that, Sophia snatched the knife from Sean’s hand to press it against her throat.

“Are you leaving or not? I’ll kill myself if you refuse to leave right now!”

Nevertheless, Sean refused to leave, and so Sophia slapped him across his face while yelling at him, “Leave! I’m asking you to leave! Get lost! I don’t want to see you! Leave!”

Sean’s eyes were brimming with tears. In the end, he gritted his teeth while turning around to escape from the scene.

While watching Sean disappear through the basement door, Sophia wiped away his fingerprints from the knife in a hurry.

After that, she felt exhausted, and so she slackened her body. However, the rope tied tightly around her body suffocated her, leaving her out of breath. Hence, she was still breathing heavily.

The basement was humid and cold, but it was also filled with the scent of blood. Sophia gasped for air, but she was overwhelmed by the metallic stench that was nauseating.

Irene was slumped dead on the ground in front of Sophia. Her body was covered with blood, which was pooling across the floor. In fact, the blood was seeping through the bottom of Sophia’s feet, but she could only sit in Irene’s blood since she had been rendered motionless.

At that moment, Sophia’s tense body finally relaxed. It was then when she felt pain all over her body. There was blood on her hands, and her nosebleed was trickling down the corner of her lips.

She heard some urgent footsteps, and soon, a large group of people arrived at the basement.

The enemy scheduled everything to the second, because among the first group of people who came, there were swarms of reporters apart from the police. When the police set up the picket line, the large group of reporters ignored warnings from the police; they charged into the scene like maniacs to take photos of Sophia, who was tied onto the pole.

She was disheveled from the beating, and her head was bowed down with blood trickling from her nose.

Nevertheless, the group of reporters were still screaming at her to look up at them, just so they could get a headshot of her.

Cooper witnessed that scene when he entered. His daughter was tied to the pole, covered in blood. There was blood on her, on the floor, and everywhere. Sophia was sitting in the pool of blood with her head bowed. In fact, she stayed still despite the commotion.

At that instance, Cooper felt as if the world was collapsing around him, and even the simple act of breathing gave him heartache.

“Get lost! Get lost!” Cooper roared while pushing aside all the reporters and police officers. He charged into the picket line, and he kneeled down on the floor with a thud before cupping Sophia’s face.

Her face was bruised and swollen; she was also bleeding from her nose. Then, she looked up at him weakly, and her lips parted when she called out softly, “Dad.”

Cooper’s tears almost rolled down his eyes. Then, he turned and glared at Irene, who was already covered with a white cloth. Soon, Cooper released Sophia as fast as he could to send her to the hospital.

That day, the headline in Bayside City was ‘Young Lady Mitchell Killed the Descendent of a Late Hero, Irene Weber’.

‘Taylor Murray’s Wife Killed His Lover!’

The news shook the entire Bayside City, and it especially affected the financial world. Everybody was speculating whether the alliance between Cooper and the Fletchers would cease to exist over this matter.

This wasn’t the first time Irene had stirred up trouble, but the Fletcher Family had been turning a blind eye so far. Besides, they had been supporting her ever since she returned to the country. Hence, it was obvious how protective the Fletchers were over Irene. Sophia was considered the Fletchers’ daughter-in-law, but her relationship with Taylor was a mystery. Hence, at this point, nobody knew whom the Fletchers would side with…

Michael only managed to rush back home at noon from the film studio the next day after the incident. Currently, the Bayside City newspapers were filled with news of Sophia murdering Irene. There were a few pictures of her, showing her covered in petrol and blood while being tied to a pole, published on the front page.

Stanley phoned Michael to inform him that Sophia was fine, but Michael was extremely worried. After arranging the matters involving the film crew, he took the first flight back to Bayside City. Then, he found the private hospital where Sophia was admitted to.

However, he did not expect to be blocked by bodyguards when he arrived at the entrance of the hospital.

“I am sorry, Mr. Michael. The boss ordered that from today onward, you are not allowed to go anywhere near Miss Sophia.”

Michael knew that Cooper would blame him over this matter.

That’s understandable, because it was my fault. I did not expect Irene to be so insane. If something bad had truly happened, I wouldn’t have been able to see Sophia again today.

However, I truly need to see her right now.

Michael begged them. “Please just let me go in to have a look at her. I’m only asking for a quick glance. I will leave once I confirm that she’s fine.”

I’d be happy even with just a quick glance.

However, the bodyguards were unmoved, and they blocked his way into the hospital.

Joel was blocked outside of the hospital too.

Similar to Michael, Joel did not expect the degree of Irene’s insanity.

I admit that I had disappointed her, but we were both clear that she merely got together with me for the influence and power. I had always given her whatever she wanted, and I put her on a pedestal. In fact, I’d given her everything she dreamed of.

Did I abandon her?

I never felt like I’d abandoned her because Irene had always been unstable. Once upon a time, she noticed that I was more successful compared to a failing Michael, so she started flirting with me in secret. At that time, I was still young and immature. Besides, I was determined to compete with Michael, and so I played along.

Irene was already tempted lately after she realized that Michael had succeeded in life, and that he even won an Academy Award for Best Actor. In fact, she had been hinting heavily at Michael. She tried pursuing him while having control over me. She wanted whoever she could get, and she had been treating the two of us as her backup plan.

However, never in my wildest dreams would I expect her to make such a move!

Joel and Michael were blocked outside of the hospital. Cooper’s instructions were to allow only Maddie into the venue because the latter was a part of the media. Currently, all the news were revolving around stories of Sophia committing murder intentionally, and so he needed somebody to report things in a positive light.

Therefore, Joel and Michael were blocked outside of the hospital entrance while waiting for more news.

Soon, Michael saw the lawyer, Mr. Fields, arriving in a rush. It seemed that Sophia had admitted that she killed Irene, but it was a blurry line between justifiable and unjustifiable defense. Furthermore, Irene was the descendent of a late hero and a rapidly rising star in film, television, and music. Hence, her death shook the society, which also meant that the police were facing tremendous pressure from the public. It was vital for Sophia to have a powerful lawyer at this instance.

Naturally, Cooper had already summoned the best lawyers from the get-go; Mr. Fields was just one of them.

A huge crowd packed Sophia’s hospital room. Some were police officers, lawyers, reporters, and some were family members looking after Sophia.

She was giving her statement. Apart from a mild concussion and losing some hair, the rest was just external injuries.

Sophia did according to her lawyer’s instructions by claiming that her actions were self-defense in order to protect her life.

Irene’s fingerprints were on the gasoline can, lighter, and rope at the scene. It appeared as if she was trying to burn Sophia alive, but the latter somehow managed to escape. Then, Sophia must have fought back, killing Irene in the process.

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