My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 887

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 887

Sophia saw the knife too, but she didn’t say anything. Irene found Sophia’s cold and distant expression especially unpleasant, so she grabbed onto Sophia’s hair while slapping her multiple times.

“Beg for mercy now, you b*tch! I am asking you to beg me!”

Sophia’s face was swollen, and blood was already oozing from her especially fragile skin. Her nose was also bleeding, but she flashed Irene an eerie smile. “General Weber and Mrs. Weber were heroic figures. If they could see what’s happening right now and learn what their daughter has become, I’m afraid they would turn in their graves!”

Irene was stumped when she heard that. General Weber is my father… But there is no way back for me at this point. I have no choice but to kill Sophia. Everything will be back to normal if she dies. Besides, nobody would ever know how she died. To be honest, killing her is not my only goal because I want her to die in humiliation. I want her to beg for mercy on bent knees. I want her to kowtow to me while admitting her mistakes.

Irene grabbed onto Sophia while beating her up, but Sophia refused to surrender. “Go on and hit me. I will never beg you even if you were to beat me to death. I will snatch Michael away from you in the next life even if I end up dead today. Michael is my hubby—do you hear me? He is mine! Mine! You don’t even stand a chance with me! Previously, you abandoned him, and so you do not have the right to get him back now!”

Irene was blinded by fury, and she screamed hysterically. She scolded Sophia while grabbing her by her hair and beating her up.

“Beg me not to kill you! Beg me!”

Sophia gritted her teeth when she retorted, “Go on and hit me! I’ll surrender if you are able to make me beg for mercy!”

Irene vented her frustrations by beating Sophia. She regarded Sophia, who was bruised all over, and she felt good about herself. However, something flashed through Irene’s mind, and she seemed to have realized something. Then, she spat at Sophia, “I almost fell for your trick! You are just stalling!”

Sophia chuckled while she replied, “It’s not too late for you to realize about it… Oh! I’ve succeeded in stalling for a few more seconds. By this point, the person must be here to rescue me. You will be dead if you don’t make a move soon!”

Irene was furious, and she took a lighter out from her bag. Just when she was about to strike the lighter, a small hand reached out swiftly to grab her wrist. The tiny and slippery hand was exceptionally strong, and there was an audible crack. Irene heard a crisp snap, and her arm felt numb. The lighter, which had not been ignited, fell onto the ground.

At that moment, an intense pain came shooting from Irene’s wrist.

“Argh!!” Irene held onto her limp hand, and she wailed at the top of her lungs.

“What did you do to me? What did you do to me?!”

Sophia, who was bound to the pole, somehow managed to reach out with a hand. It was covered with petrol, so it was particularly slippery. Furthermore, her hand was small and thin, so she managed to release herself from the rope.

Earlier, she kept chatting with Irene as a front to buy herself more time.

Currently, Sophia had managed to release one hand, and so she broke Irene’s wrist with precision. She still had time, and with a few more seconds, Sophia would have released her other hand too.

Nevertheless, Irene realized Sophia’s motive, and so she endured the horrible shooting pain from her wrist. She scrambled to snatch the lighter away from the ground because she was determined to burn Sophia to death today.

However, she did not expect the sudden turn of events. Irene, who had just grabbed the lighter from the ground, wailed in agony suddenly. Then, she slumped onto the floor while moaning in pain.

The lighting was poor, and so Sophia squinted while she looked behind Irene. She saw that Irene was on the ground, but there was a knife sticking out of her back. In fact, Irene had prepared that particular knife to kill Sophia.

A pale and slender hand was holding onto the knife. When the perpetrator noticed that Irene was still struggling, the hand grabbed and retrieved the knife to plunge into Irene’s back several times. The knife stabbed into Irene’s vital points a few times until she died.

Sophia stared in stunned silence at Irene, who was already dead on the floor. She then looked up at the black figure who had barged in suddenly earlier.

The figure was staring at Irene’s body, as if struggling to come to terms with the fact that it had murdered somebody. After a pause, the figure approached Sophia, and she saw Sean, who was covered in blood.

“Sean, it’s you!”

The person who barged in was none other than Sean.

He was covered with blood, and his fair face was contorted into a scary and murderous expression. However, the expression faded, and the color drained from Sean’s face while he stared at Irene, who was slumped on the ground. His eyes were filled with complex emotions, including hatred and satisfaction, but it was mostly fear.

However, the emotions were fleeting, and he soon pulled the knife out of Irene’s body. Blood gushed out onto the floor, and Sean used the knife to cut the rope tied around Sophia.

Nevertheless, the rope was tough, and it was wound around Sophia multiple times. Therefore, the knife just couldn’t cut through it; even a fire couldn’t get the job done. There was no way of unfastening the rope because they were planning to burn Sophia alive while she was tied to the pole. They were beyond malicious because they wanted her to suffer excruciatingly, and so they made it impossible to rescue her.

“Why are you here? Where are my dad and uncle?”

Sophia struggled against the rope, but it was tied so tightly around her that she could barely breathe right now. Although she was lucky to have freed a hand, it was almost impossible to completely break free.

Sean seemed to be in shock because it took him some time before he finally rambled incoherently, “They are on the way here. I rushed over before they did once I learned about the news.”

Sean thought of Irene when Sophia was in trouble. Hence, he looked up Irene’s car number plate and searched the surveillance cameras. In the end, he confirmed the location.

He explained while trying his best to cut the rope to free Sophia. However, the rope was extremely sturdy.

After murdering somebody for the first time, Sean was trying his best to keep his cool. Nevertheless, his trembling hands revealed his panic and fear.

Since I’d made it here, Irene wouldn’t have been able to defeat a man my size. Besides, help was on the way, and I managed to get the knife.

I shouldn’t have killed Irene just now.

However, when I saw Sophia being tortured, the scene from the hospital—where Irene was on top of Stanley, glaring at me deviously—flooded my mind. At that moment, Irene didn’t look like a woman; instead, she looked like a monster. In fact, her gaze from that time intertwined with her crazy gaze just now, and I lost control of my actions.

I wanted to make this woman disappear from this world forever! I can’t believe I killed Irene! By the time I snapped back to my senses, everything was too late!

I know what it means for me to have killed Irene. At the same time, Sean heard a continuous blare of the police siren. True enough, she had something up her sleeve!

Meanwhile, Sophia thought to herself, After helping Irene catch me, they allowed the two of us to destroy each other. In the end, one of us would end up dead. Everybody would be happy if I had died, but since Irene died, I would be dragged into the situation.

No matter who ended up dead, there would be a drastic change in the relationship between Cooper and the Fletchers.

Sophia knew who was the person calling the shots behind the scene because she knew that whoever benefitted the most from this would be the one pulling the strings in secret.

“Sean, you need to leave right now!

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