My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 886

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 886

“Is it ‘Undercover Blues’?”

The moment he described that movie, Sophia immediately knew which one it was. In that film, he played an undercover cop where his character died after completing his mission. He bade his last farewell to the female protagonist before taking his last breath.

It was one of those rare films in which he had many lines for his role. That scene in itself never failed to make her cry every time she watched it. The emotions that the lines carried were so raw when he delivered them. Upon having mentioned the film, she immediately requested, “I wish to hear the lines from the final scene again. Will you recite them to me?”

Michael recollected that scene and recited the lines to Sophia.

She never used to make such requests from him. Nowadays, whenever she thought of any memorable scenes from his films, she would request him to quote them to her again.

As she enjoyed her late-night conversation with him over the phone, Linus struggled to fall asleep and decided to catch some air on his balcony while staring at the moon.

In the silence of the night, his alcohol had mostly worn off, leaving him alert and sober. In his head, he kept thinking about Sean’s words from earlier that evening when they drank.

Without the blessings and positive wishes from others on such matters, it’s better to tuck the feelings away in one’s own heart.

Now that Linus had everything that a man could wish for, he also had the means and ability to get anything else that he wanted and do whatever he felt like doing. He no longer had to care about what others think of him or be bound by the rules of society. For example, for someone like him who fancied a person of the same gender, there was nothing to stop him from expressing his sexual orientation to others. The Michel Family was powerful enough that no one in their right frame of mind would dare to stick their noses into the affairs of its members.

However, there was one thing that stopped him from going after the things that he wanted.

Before meeting Sophia, he believed he had a perfect life. Now that she had appeared, he realized his life resembled a jigsaw puzzle that neared completion, but was short of one piece. And that piece is none other than Sophia.

He felt as though they already knew each other in their past lives and reconciled in the current lifetime. His gut feeling indicated that she was the one whom he had waited for his entire life and they were meant for each other. It was just that the right time had not arrived.

Unfortunately, she had found her other half—not only did she find herself a man, but she even bore him a daughter, who was now his niece.

Linus let out a self-deprecating chuckle. Fate had such a twisted sense of humor that it brought Sophia into his life and caused him to fall in love with her.

He took a couple more sips of wine before feeling the effects of the booze again. After quickly glancing at his surroundings, he realized that Sophia, who was strolling by the beach a while ago while on her cell phone, was nowhere in sight. Where did she go?

The beach was pitch dark—the lamps at the villa were not bright enough to reach far enough. He scanned the beach under the faint moonlight, but still failed to catch any sight of her.

Linus hurried downstairs with his cell phone in his hand and arrived at the spot where she sat earlier and noticed some footsteps on the beach.

Judging by the direction of the footsteps, she did not return to her room. Instead, her footsteps looked like she was heading farther out along the beach before disappearing into the dark.

He raised his cell phone and dialed for Sophia. In the midst of darkness before him, a light emanated not too far before it was followed by a familiar ringtone. He looked closely and found her ringing cell phone on the sand.

A chill went down his spine as he began to call out for her name while running alongside the footprints. They eventually led him to the side of the road where it ended. Sophia is missing!

After being unconscious for what seemed like an eternity, Sophia stirred from a throbbing pain behind her neck. She opened her eyes to see a glaring light with her body being tied to a pillar. Whoever tied those ropes and knots really wants to make sure that I won’t escape. She heard the sound of high heels click-clacking around the room. Before she could identify where she was, a hand reached out and pulled her hair, sending a sharp pain into her scalp as she was forced to look upward.

“Sophia, you deserve it today!”

She squinted her eyes and saw that it was Irene before her. Irene had copious amounts of makeup on her; a little overdone would be an understatement since she could easily be mistaken for a zombie. There was an eerily crazed expression on her face that caused her powder-based foundation to peel and fall off.

Sophia regained her composure as fast as she could and gathered her bearings. The last thing she remembered was speaking on the phone with Michael at the beach. While listening to him reciting a scene, she felt a sharp pain on the back of her neck before losing consciousness. The next thing she knew, she saw Irene’s face after opening her eyes.

It appeared that Irene had not thrown in the towel yet.

Sophia remained calm and ignored Irene’s taunts as she wasted no time in scanning her surroundings—it looked like she was being locked up in a basement. There was no way to tell the exact time at that moment, but she felt that the seafood she had for dinner was still being digested in her stomach, which meant that it had not been long.

They were the only ones in the basement, but it did not look like Irene could pull it off on her own, so there should be someone else too.

As there were two containers of gasoline in the basement, Irene grabbed Sophia’s head and pointed her toward those cans before gleefully speaking, “Do you see those gas containers? I’m going to burn you with them! Imagine Mikey discovering your charred remains here tomorrow—will he still love you? Your pretty little face and your hourglass figure will be gone. I’ll see what else you will use to seduce Mikey! You are a whre—nothing but a two-bit whre!”

Irene had absolutely lost her mind and continuously yanked Sophia’s hair to the point where she was numbed from the pain. As she was all tied up, Sophia could not do anything to fight back.

Sophia bit her lips and refused to say a single word. Irene, who was overwhelmed with insanity, continued to pull Sophia’s head up by her hair before giving several heavy slaps across her face. “Go ahead and cry or beg me. If you kneel down now, I might consider letting you go!” Irene roared in rage.

Sophia finally decided to speak up. She spat a mixture of saliva and blood before responding, “Do you even have the guts to kill someone? Back when I was taking someone’s life, your menses had not even arrived yet!”

After being evidently provoked by Sophia, Irene angrily reached for the gasoline and spilled it across her body. As she did it, she repeatedly yelled, “Do you think I don’t have what it takes? You will see for yourself whether I have the guts to end your life!”

At that moment, she behaved like she had an adrenaline boost. Her entire face twitched in exuberance as she muttered, “I don’t have the guts to end your life? What a piece of bullsh*t. Let me show you what I’m capable of. In fact, I’ll show it to you right now!”

Before long, Sophia was fully drenched in gasoline. The nauseating fumes surrounded her as she remained tied to the pillar. Irene took out a lighter and lit it up as she walked back and forth in front of Sophia.

“Do you see this? The moment I throw this lighter onto you, you will be burned to ashes! Getting burned to death is the worst way to die. Look at you being all tied up—you won’t even get to struggle. I will make sure you suffer the worst pain possible. You’ll be in so much pain till you will never be reincarnated!”

Sophia was unusually calm and maintained a stoic expression as she lifted her eyes to gaze at Irene, saying, “I’ve been living in Africa for years. In a daily warzone, there is nothing that I have not seen. Nothing you do will scare me.”

She was fully aware that if Irene ever threw the lighter at her, she would burn in flames and suffer a fiery death.

Her steady composure had greatly annoyed Irene. She not only wished for Sophia’s death, but wanted her to beg for her life before dying helplessly.

The flame was dancing menacingly on the lighter that Irene held. It was only less than a foot away from Sophia—any more closer and it would turn Sophia into a fireball. Irene then pointed at a knife nearby.

“You see that knife over there? If you beg me, I’ll let you have a quick death! Come and beg me!”

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