My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 880

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 880

Btch? Sophia frowned. Well, I definitely don’t like this at all. We still don’t know who the btch is.

The few supporting actors and actresses were so shocked that they were at a loss for words, not knowing what to say as they looked at Irene. They knew very well that they could hardly survive in the filming studio after they offended her.

One of them quickly waved while saying, “No, we weren’t talking about you!”

Irene walked forward and held the person’s throat as she gave a slap. “Say it again! Who am I worse than? Who?”

Upon seeing that the situation was out of control, the group sank into chaos as the director quickly came to control the situation. What is she doing, being so nitpicky on words?

Sophia quickly asked her bodyguard to send the toddlers away while she stayed behind to monitor the warzone.

The director and the crew quickly rushed over to calm Irene down.

She was so furious that her face reddened and her makeup faded, revealing a few deep wrinkles on her face. She was a beautiful woman who had a solo performance at the New Year Dinner Gala as well as the assigned performed at the Presidential Banquet when foreign politicians visited the country. Even though she had a bright future ahead of her, she still rushed to act in a movie and even had to deal with a group of actors on set.

She was once an icon for everyone, but she finally descended from the throne.

Sophia wanted to teach Irene a lesson, but she decided against it in the end.

Since she’s already so pitiful, I’ll just let her continue with her arrogance for a little while.

Even after the director and the crew finally separated Irene from the group of actors, she was still agitated. With a savage expression on her face, she pointed at the supporting actress and viciously said, “Kneel before me. Otherwise, I’ll have the names of your family members removed from the list of Actors Union. From then onward, you can forget about working in the film studio.”

The said actress was the same woman in her forties who gave her umbrella to Sophia and Carmen. The woman had bragged that her entire family of four lived in the film studio and acted in supporting roles. If they offended Irene, the entire family probably could not survive in the area where they had lived all along. Hence, she quickly kneeled before Irene and profusely apologized.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

The woman’s neck had reddened after Irene tried to strangle her. She had been frightened that she cried while profusely apologizing to Irene and giving her a kowtow.

The rest of them were furious upon seeing it, but they did not dare to say anything about it.

They were not merely supporting actors, but locals as well, so they were well-acquainted with each other as they were bound to cross paths with each other. Of course they were angry at being bullied by Irene, but since she had a powerful backing, they did not dare to say a word about it.

The director also did not want to cause any more trouble and merely wanted the rest of the group to apologize to Irene before waiting for her to calm down. Once that was done, they were able to return to filming.

What he never expected was that she was still not satisfied even after the actress kneeled and apologized to her. She rushed forward and pulled the woman’s hair before shoving her head onto the ground.

“Tell me clearly! Who am I worse than? Who? Am I more beautiful or is the b*tch more beautiful?”

While sobbing, the actress quickly said, “You’re beautiful! You are the most beautiful! You’re more beautiful than anyone else!”

Irene was angered to the point where it had distorted her facial features—she was no longer the most beautiful woman in the military as she stepped on the actress’ hands to vent her anger.

“Who did you say I am? A mistress? Open your filthy eyes wide and look at me! Do I look like someone’s mistress to you? Do I? How can I, Irene Weber, be someone’s mistress? Taylor Murray is my man! That b*tch is a nobody! She took Taylor from me! She’s the mistress, not me! Not me! Do you hear that?”

Still at the peak of her anger, Irene hit the actress until blood oozed out from the latter’s nose. It was not just that; even the actress’ forehead was bleeding. With her face full of blood, it made her look pitiful.

Irene has gone completely insane!

Sophia frowned as she looked at the scene.

Is all of this worth it to secure a man?

No, what Irene wants is not the man. She doesn’t want Joel or Michael—what she wants is the recognition from the Fletcher Family. She wants to be a part of the Fletchers and can’t wait to change her last name to Fletcher. Even though she grew up with the Fletchers and Old Master Fletcher treated her better than his own granddaughter, she was still not part of them. She’s still Irene Weber.

She spent her entire life trying to be a part of the Fletchers. If she is unable to succeed, she will deny all of her efforts and her entire life before sinking into a sea of pain, unable to help herself at all.

What a pathetic woman.

The director finally had everyone under control and successfully persuaded Irene. After she calmed down, the actress who held the role of a senior lady still continued to give a kowtow. “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.”

However, Irene pointed at the woman on the ground, who looked as lowly as a dog, and viciously answered, “Look into the background of this woman and remove her entire family from the Actors Union. Confiscate her Actor Pass as well.”

Upon hearing that, the actress was stunned as she raised her head.

Her entire family’s livelihood depended on the work around the film studio. If they were fired, they would have nowhere to go to.

“Miss Weber. I realized my mistake. I really do. Please let me and my family go!”

The director also thought that it was way out of life. After all, Irene was the one who personally admitted that she was Taylor’s mistress and openly referred to herself as such in the industry. Yet she doesn’t allow anyone to comment on that?

Unfortunately, it’s an unlucky day for this actress since she asked this upon herself.

The director could do nothing except to say, “Sure, there’s no problem. Please calm down, Miss Weber. I’ll ask the group leader to handle this actress.”

Upon hearing that, the group leader brought the actress away, but the latter suddenly rushed to hug Irene’s thigh and begged while sobbing.

They were both of the same age group, but one was high and mighty whereas the other was in a low position with crow’s feet from all the sufferings that she endured. Just because of a few comments, she had caused her entire family to lose their jobs. Hence, she completely broke down and begged for Irene to let them go while holding onto her thighs.

The annoyed group leader quickly yanked the actress away from Irene’s thighs and forcefully dragged her away. Everyone around them was furious upon that sight, but did not dare to say anything even though they were livid. After all, anyone who dared to offend Irene would end up in the same way as the actress.

Everyone murmured among themselves but they did not dare to speak out. Meanwhile, the director continued to bow to Irene as he calmed her down and the only other sound they heard was the cries of the supporting actress.

Finally, someone could no longer bear with it and said loudly, “This is outrageous! You already claim to be Taylor’s mistress in the open yet you don’t allow others to say the same thing? Even if she has said something wrong, she has already kneeled and apologized to you, but you still want to leave her jobless. No wonder Taylor Murray ignores you! To you, the crew’s efforts for the entire afternoon are like child’s play. You’re already a middle-aged woman in your forties yet you still pretend to be a willful young princess? Serves you right to be abandoned and become a lonely old woman whom no one wants! Your grandchildren are already asking you to join the senior homes!”

A deadly silence hung in the air, resembling the few seconds before a bomb was denotated or the few seconds of calm before the storm.

After a few seconds of deadly silence, the bomb suddenly exploded and the storm also arrived, just as expected.

“Who is the one speaking? Get your *ss out here!”

As Irene’s chest heaved, she went berserk and looked like she could collapse at any time due to her fury.

After walking out from the group of actors, Sophia removed her face mask. “That would be me, Taylor’s legal wife.”

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