My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 879

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 879

Taylor Murray’s… mistress? Mr. Fletcher actually had a mistress behind my back?

After all, Sophia had been ‘dead’ for several years. In the entertainment circle, even a year’s worth of disappearance is enough to cause people to forget famous celebrities. On top of that, she was merely the wife of a celebrity. Now that she was makeup free, no one could recognize her, which led to the actors discussing Taylor’s mistress in front of her.

“She’s Taylor Murray’s first love and they have been together for almost 20 years! It’s an underground relationship.”

“But Taylor Murray has a wife, hasn’t he?”

“His wife has already been dead for many years!”

“Apart from that, he’s a rich man. It’s pretty normal for him to have a few wives and mistresses. He could enjoy his time with all the mistresses, but his wife will still remain as his legal spouse.”

After Sophia finished eating her lollipop, she asked her bodyguards to take care of Carmen before wearing her mask to see who the so-called Taylor’s Murray’s mistress was. Seems like Mr. Fletcher is something else! He has the energy to film during the day, deal with me at night, and look for his mistress! Looks like my performance is not enough to drain his energy.

It was not difficult to look for Taylor’s mistress—she was the most pompous person on set.

After two steps, Sophia found the most pompous actress on set. The person was surrounded by several assistants to fan the air and touch up on her makeup. On top of that, the director bowed next to her and discussed the scenes with her.

Isn’t that Irene? No wonder…

While Irene touched up on her makeup, she arrogantly lectured the director. “Director Jacques, you know very well that the remuneration for this film is low. I’m only here because of Taylor. The cast and money are not good enough for my position, but look at the rest of the crew you have gathered. They don’t have any acting skills and don’t look presentable either. They’re as stupid as idiots—”

The director did not dare to say anything to defend himself. “Y-y-yes, you are absolutely right. They are still inexperienced, so I’m counting on you to lead them.”

The few young actors and actresses bit on their lips as tears welled up in their eyes. They almost burst into tears after hearing Irene’s insults to the point where they did not dare to utter a word.

Sophia felt that since she was already sleeping with Michael, they were technically already a couple. For her to see another woman using her boyfriend’s name to lie to others while claiming to be a mistress, it was definitely out of line.

However, after thinking about it, Sophia decided not to confront Irene about this. She’s just an insane woman. I don’t have to hold grudges against a mad woman, even if… she had plastic surgery to make her eyes look exactly like mine.

Sophia was blessed with the iconic facial features of someone who was of mixed-race. Her double eyelids could pass off as someone local and foreign—even though she looked like she was an Irish, she possessed the gentle look of a local person and radiated elegance underneath the playful vibes. Her straight nose was in the perfect shape and it stood out without contouring. After she became the campus belle of Bayside University, people wanted to have plastic surgeries to look like her, so it was not surprising that Irene went under the knife to have the same eyes as her

Her eyes were already beautiful. Sure enough, she’s gone nuts.

Sophia decided that it was not worth it for her to confront a mad woman, so she returned to look after Carmen.

Right after she turned, Irene had asked two actresses to kneel before she slapped them.

“You don’t even know how to slap people? Are you an idiot? See, this is the way to do it—just like this!”

As each of her slaps became harsher, it caused the supporting actress’ cheeks to swell, but she lacked the courage to say a word about it.

Since Sophia had been on set for the last few days, she was already used to such a scene as it was not uncommon whatsoever. After all, the entire industry was built on supporting famous people and bashing on those who were nobodies.

Soon enough, Carmen’s scenes were about to begin—she was merely in the background as the focus was on Irene, but there was a scene which revealed her young face.

Once they started to film, she ran around and professionally acted her scenes, but none of the takes had made the cut.

Irene was extremely short-tempered that day—she lashed out at people whenever she felt like it and refused to continue when she was not in the mood. After a dozen rounds, the rest of the crew started to complain, seeing that the weather was warm and it was difficult to make a living like that. Not to mention, there were even toddlers on set!

“Come here. I hope you guys don’t suffer from heatstroke!” A kind lady gave her only umbrella to the two toddlers. Sophia did not reject the offer and brought them to the shade while chatting with the lady, who was a supporting actress who lived in the vicinity and used to such scenes.

After running around for the entire afternoon, Carmen was sweating buckets, but could not leave without receiving her pay.

Underneath the protection of the umbrella, she thirstily drank from the bottle, but Fatty continued to drink by the time she was done. Although the month of October was already over, the weather was still quite warm. While looking at the two toddlers sweating buckets, Sophia felt sorry for them, but since they had already accepted the job, they could not leave without fulfilling their obligations.

The scene could not be successfully filmed—mainly because Irene would not stop throwing tantrums.

Since they could not finish filming the scenes, it meant that Carmen could not leave. She was extremely exhausted to the point where she was dozing off. With both the toddlers falling asleep as they leaned on Sophia, she could not help but feel sorry for them. Meanwhile, she also heard the rest of the crew complaining, “What the hell? How long is she going to continue with this?”

“We are all tired! Taylor Murray’s mistress is special indeed, huh!”

“Who does she think she is by just being someone else’s mistress?”

“F*ck her! She’s merely a mistress!”

Even Sophia was falling asleep under the umbrella when she heard everyone complain about Irene. Let alone the supporting actors, even the main actors were already unhappy with Irene’s behavior. As they were filming a scene that required hundreds of people each time, everyone’s efforts would have gone to waste—take after take—just because of her conduct.

However, since Irene was Taylor’s mistress after all, there was nothing they could do about it.

Even though Taylor was a retired actor, he had become famous once again. His last film was a box office hit, earning billions in profits and becoming the number one on the chart while making it to the top 100. As he was also filming in the film studio, no one dared to offend him and begrudgingly endured her—no matter what it took.

Everyone suddenly stopped complaining, plunging the surroundings into a state of deathly silence. Sophia felt that something did not seem right and opened her eyes to see that Irene had been standing behind the supporting actors with a dark expression on her face, but they were unaware about it.

As her role today was a spy, her makeup was rather terrifying and it was accentuated by the anger on her face.

Glaring at those who commented on her behind her back, poison seemed to have leaked out from her eyes. Unfortunately, those people still had no idea what went on as they continued to bad mouth her.

“Can’t we complain about someone else’s mistress instead? Look at what she’s capable of—everyone in the nation knows that Taylor Murray is married, but she seems like she wants everyone to know that she is his mistress!”

“Look at how she’s making this difficult for everyone. Is it even meaningful? Once his wife arrives, she probably would have to stop behaving in an arrogant manner. She’s already in her forties, yet she thinks that she’s a young girl—”

“The wrinkles on her face are too obvious, making her look much older than Taylor. I really don’t understand what he sees in her. His wife is much better-looking than her anyway.”

Irene had been standing behind them with a cold expression on her face. They finally realized that something was amiss and stopped speaking. After they mechanically turned, they looked like they saw a ghost when they spotted her.

“M-M-Miss Weber—”

As her face darkened, she screamed through gritted teeth, “You dare to say that I’m worse than that b*tch!”

Of course, the so-called b*tch whom Irene referred to was the person hidden among the group of supporting actors—Sophia.

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