My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 878

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 878

Michael knew that he would not have much time with Sophia to begin with, so he had been having his business with her as many times as he could on a daily basis. He wanted to make full use of their time together in one go—it was almost as if he was making up for the time that they lost over the years.

He felt that he did not suffer any loss. On the contrary, he took advantage of a beautiful bargain.

With Cooper’s arrival, Sophia and Carmen moved out because he reserved an entire floor of a five-star hotel for his personal use.

He had initially planned to visit the film studio, but moved the date of his travel forward by a few days since Michael had already kidnapped Sophia.

Mark was an important intellectual property, so there were numerous movies and series that were based on his life. There were plenty of classic icons in the silver screen as well, but it was the first time where there was a production on Woody’s life. Cooper was previously worried when he gave the rights because he was afraid that his father would not be portrayed accurately. Therefore, he was adamant on having a look at the set.

For the current film, Michael personally controlled the way the film was being filmed by being the lead actor and producer. In fact, he personally picked Drake to portray Woody and even trained him. It took a while for Drake to be familiar with his character, but Cooper was not convinced because the former was a newbie after all. As such, Cooper went straight to the film set to check things out the next day after arriving at the film studio.

Although Drake was a newbie, he had limitless potential. Furthermore, he had rubbed shoulders with Woody in the past, so he was able to gauge the kind of man the latter was. Cooper watched over him for a few days since he had strict requirements. As for Sophia, she was still helping Carmen to accept acting jobs and it was apparent that the latter thoroughly enjoyed herself. She was delighted at the chance of being able to portray different roles on a daily basis while being in different attires. Her hard-earned money was increasing on a daily basis, leaving her pleased with herself.

Each time before accepting a job, Sophia would phone Michael to check with him. He had great connections, so he could almost instantly spot the reliability of a film crew. He knew that it was useless to accept shows that would turn out as a failure. If Carmen were to take on acting jobs, she should take on bigger projects that had great potential.

Sophia had a hard time looking after two children while accepting jobs on their behalf. In the film studio, all extras had to register for an Actor Pass. They would only be included in the Actors Union and assigned roles if they had the Pass. As Carmen and Fatty were underage, they did not have their own Actor Passes. Without that, the acting jobs that they accepted were always a hit-and-miss. Most of the production or filming crew did not have such young actors as certain specific scenes would have such requirements.

Fortunately, Michael had his network, so he introduced a reliable group leader, who worked like an agent for the extras, to Sophia. Anyway, the group leader would ask Carmen and Fatty to audition whenever any film crew in the film studio needed child actors.

Carmen would almost secure every role that she auditioned for and it was obvious that she was talented. Soon, she gained fame within the film studio, so more filming crew started to invite her for auditions.

Once she had her jobs, she would still recommend Fatty. Each time they were on set, she would behave like an older sister giving him some pointers. In fact, she seemed determined to yank him into the industry.

Fatty was worthy of her efforts; they would act as sisters in some films and as brothers in others. They grew and gradually learned together.

Since the issue of Carmen setting up an illegal dog petting spot in the kindergarten had not died down, it was not a good idea for her to return to school. Hence, it was a good chance for her to train in the film studio where Sophia and Cooper would take turns to accompany the two children to take acting jobs.

Sarah originally wanted to send Hope to the film studio for training, but unfortunately, her silly son was born with a stoic expression and could not muster any adorable and animated expressions. Furthermore, he seemed to scoff at the idea of acting, so she was convinced that he would not enter the entertainment industry. Harry wanted to nurture Hope to inherit the Winston Family’s underworld enterprise where Sarah wanted him to continue her work as an illustrator using a graphics tablet. She had desired for him to become an exceptional master artist in elegant Yaoi painting.

However, it was obvious that it was impossible because Hope also scoffed at elegant Yaoi paintings.

The amount of Carmen’s hard-earned money had increased daily and she bundled them in piles to keep them under her pillow. She was close to hugging her money to sleep by that stage.

Her actions made her look like a greedy child.

She was already practicing frugality at a young age because she knew that it was not easy for her parents to make a living. Whenever she wanted to have a popsicle and would always take the initiative to choose the cheaper one, especially if she was presented with a choice between one that was priced at 2 and 1.5 respectively. She knew the importance of saving even 0.5.

Ever since Cooper arrived to take over as Carmen and Fatty’s agents, Sophia was able to relax more. She even took the opportunity to hang out, get some food, and window shop when Carmen was filming her scenes. Sophia would have some barbecue, have a jelly or even a pork knuckle. Then, she would hang out at Michael’s place for a while to observe the progress of the production as an investor. Once that was done, she would return to Carmen’s film set.

Later, Cooper realized something frustrating when he noticed that Sophia would always mysteriously disappear after visiting Michael’s filming set. She would disappear for more than thirty minutes each time and whenever the bodyguard started to kick up a fuss in search of her, she would appear from a well-hidden and heavily guarded logistics tent with a glowing, pinkish face.

Since she had been repeating that for a few times, the bodyguard was able to get hold of her rhythm. He was afraid that Cooper would be worried, so he turned a blind eye to her actions instead of reporting it. Wherever she disappeared for thirty minutes every day, she would always emerge from there as long as the bodyguard waited outside the well-hidden and heavily guarded logistics tent.

When Cooper learned about that, he almost lost his sanity because he knew that his pure, innocent daughter could not possibly escape from Michael and his smart mouth. I can’t help Carmen with accepting acting jobs anymore. We have to leave once she’s fulfilled her jobs and need to return to Bayside City as soon as possible.

Sophia was extremely unhappy about the turn of events. I am a 27-year-old young woman and an adult. So what if I have a sx life? What’s the problem with it? He’s always trying to control everything. Is he planning to control my bathroom schedule and sx time table?

What was done cannot be undone. Not to mention, Michael had already tested the waters several times.

“Sophia’s wedding gown has been collecting dust at home.”

“Four years ago, dear and I had scheduled a wedding photoshoot set and it’s about to expire.”

“Mr. X is my mom’s old friend and he has been very kind to me. He is gravely ill in the intensive care unit, and he might pass away anytime. The old man’s greatest wish before his death is to see me marry Sophia.”

Nevertheless, every time Michael expressed his wish, Cooper would merely glare in response.

Michael tried his hardest to bring the wedding forward as he thought, Although I’ve slept with my wife and we have a marriage certificate, something feels missing without the ceremony because I haven’t announced it to the world.

However, Sophia acted as if there was no rush in having a wedding because she was only slightly older than twenty years old. There was no urgency for her and the only thing she wanted to focus on was her career. As for the wedding… That depends on my mood.

Cooper started to visit Michael’s filming set to monitor the progress while Sophia brought Carmen and Fatty to their last few acting jobs.

Carmen’s last acting job was a costume play where she played the role of a random passerby. Although there were directors coming forward to invite her to be the lead in children’s films, Michael rejected them because he deduced that she was suited as an extra for the time being and she was not up to standard to play the lead role.

Sophia brought Carmen and Fatty to the film set to wait for their scenes. They squatted among the extras while listening to the actors brag about themselves.

“Today, the female lead scolded the second female lead until she burst into tears. I heard that she even slapped her!

“That’s so pitiful… But, the female lead has an influential backing! I heard that she is Taylor Murray’s lover! Even the director has to give in to her!”

Sophia, who was sucking on a lollipop, looked up abruptly as her eyes glinted menacingly. Who is this woman to Taylor Murray?

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