My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 877

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 877

Once Michael left, Carmen started to count her cash again while giggling. She had earned a total of 200 today—100 was from Michael’s filming crew whereas the other 100 was from the film crew next door from ‘War of Resistance Against Japan’. For that film, since it was only one scene and she did not show her face, her pay was only 50. Hence, she clung onto the director’s leg in an adorable manner to earn herself an extra scene. In the end, the director added another 50 for her. Therefore, Sophia changed the 200 into small bills in 5 for Carmen to add them up.

Michael glanced at the daily schedule that Sophia planned for Carmen to check on the scenes that she had—a passerby in a costume play, the female lead when she was a child in a fantasy drama, and a young girl in a costume play.

For most of her roles, Carmen did not have any screen time or dialogue. She would have some screen time in those rare moments, but sadly, she did not have a dialogue for that role.

She had previously shot to fame in ‘The National Treasury Action’, but since there was no continuous gossip and popularity revolving around her, her fame died down soon enough. He did not want her to become famous at such a young age, so he deliberately suppressed her popularity. The competition in the entertainment industry was fierce, so without a certain fervor surrounding his daughter, people would merely forget about her. Therefore, she lost her momentum after a few months. Nobody would know that she had such a glorious history in her resume even if she became an actress now. Hence, she was paid as a newbie, which meant 50 a day with 200 being the maximum.

As Michael looked through the schedule that Sophia planned, he noticed that she was thorough in asking for the details whenever she accepted the job on their daughter’s behalf. Sophia would ask questions that ranged from the kind of scene, director, cast, content, dialogue, location, and much more. Everything was recorded in detail.

After looking through the schedule, he picked up a pen to scribble on the form while explaining, “This film crew is alright since the director is very responsible and approachable. The extras receive high pay and on time too. That series is also not bad because it is a big production and the salary will be high with lots of opportunities. On the other hand, this is a terrible filming crew and the special effects they use are a joke. The plot doesn’t make sense and none of their films have premiered successfully. They even owed the extras their pay. Don’t accept them.”

Michael had worked in the film studio for a very long time, so he was well informed about different crews and companies. He scribbled on the schedule to filter the bad ones out for Carmen.

Sophia burst out in laughter as she stared at his serious side profile.

Michael thought, I look like I don’t care about much, but I do in reality. She is my own daughter, after all. How could I possibly not care about her? I just don’t want Carmen to feel different from others and I don’t want her to feel that she easily gains more attention. She should receive some hard training from a young age because being spoiled and becoming famous at an early age would only bring her more harm than good.

After Carmen calculated her money, she stared at her father with large, mischievous eyes.

Michael acted like a tsundere again while making a pointed comment, “Are you hoping to chat about the film with me? Hmph, I am angry right now. I’m not telling you anything.”

A proud Carmen looked away. “Hmph, nobody needs you to do that!”

Sophia was amused as she watched the pair of dramatic father and daughter. It is undeniable that they are biologically related.

Michael claimed that he would not talk about the film, but he relented in the end and discussed it whereas she absorbed the knowledge in all seriousness. She slept early that night, but before going to bed, she placed her hard-earned 200 under her pillow. She was determined to sleep on her second pot of gold because she was afraid that he would ransack her hard-earned money like before.

On the other side, Sophia and Michael went to business on the couch in the living room. After that, she rose from the bed to have some water before asking, “Tell me—do you think it’s a good idea for me to let Carmen work as an actress?”

Michael sighed. “Carmen enjoys acting, so we should let her try it out. She is not committing a crime after all and I suppose it’s a good thing for her to build up her resume. If she gets bored of it one day, it means that she is not suited for this industry. However, if she perseveres, it means that she is suited for this line of work and will have a bright future.”

Nevertheless, Sophia was anxious. “I don’t think it’ll go down well with Carmen’s grandpa.”

After secretly leaving with him, she did not have the courage to phone Cooper for the past two days as she did not want to imagine how furious he was.

Michael answered, “Don’t worry; I’ll be around when trouble comes. I’ll just tag along if father-in-law truly drags Carmen back to inherit his business.”

Carmen woke up early the next morning and she emptied her husky bag to keep her money inside. Sophia had scheduled Carmen’s working hours and they went to work on time. They returned to Michael’s place at noon for lunch. He had driven his SUV over, which had a meal cart available with delicious food.

Hale brought Fatty along so that Sophia could look after him. Hale had truly hoped that Fatty would be able to have a career in the acting industry, so she led the two children to search for jobs all over the film studio, making them have a hectic day.

It was hard to work as an extra, but Carmen was determined to do so even though she was merely earning 100 to 200 a day. Whenever she had a free day, she would stay at Michael’s filming set while staring wide-eyed at him acting.

Her hard-earned money underneath her pillow had accumulated with time. In order to increase her sense of achievement, Sophia swapped Carmen’s hard-earned money with 1 and 5 banknotes. Therefore, Carmen had a heavy pile of cash and would start counting her money whenever she had the time.

In the blink of an eye, they had been in the film studio for a week. Cooper had phoned them a few times to urge them to return home, but Carmen had not completed the few jobs that Sophia scheduled for her, hence they were unable to head back.

Cooper lost his patience and arrived in person.

That day, there was thunder and lightning in the film studio, causing a downpour that was accompanied with strong wind. Therefore, most of the filming crews were forced to cease their work.

There was also thunder and lightning near the hotel where Sophia and Michael stayed at. Cooper had a gloomy and grave expression while he sat on the couch of the living room. In fact, it was the same couch where Sophia and Michael did their business on a nightly basis.

Cooper stared at Michael coldly whereas the latter smiled from ear to ear. “Mr. Mitchell, it has been such a long time. Here, please have a smoke.”

Cooper answered coldly, “No, thanks.”

Michael offered, “Have a gum.”

Cooper responded, “No.”

On the other side, Sophia seemed dispirited as she sat beside her father, but she did not have the courage to utter a word.

Recently, she accompanied Carmen to all of her scheduled jobs in the film studio during the day whereas Michael had drained her of her energy during the night. Therefore, her dark circles were obvious.

The atmosphere was becoming more eerie, but a relaxed Michael still smiled at Cooper. Michael’s acting skills were polished and it was perfect.

“Mr. Cooper, are you here to check on the progress of the filming? There’s no need for that because Sophia has been keeping an eye on the set every day. The progress has been normal thus far!”

“Mr. Mitchell, when are you planning to get the Mitchell International Energy and Technology listed? I believe you are doing that soon.”

“The weather is wonderful.”

Michael had an awkward monologue with Cooper for the longest time, but the latter seemed unmoved. His expression was grave when he finally spoke to Sophia, “Pack your things and leave with me together with Carmen.”

Before Sophia could reply, Carmen started to cry loudly as tears rolled down her cheeks. “I still have work to do! I am not leaving!”

Cooper was the most helpless around his granddaughter because his hands were tied whenever she started to cry.

“Kid, please stop crying, alright? I admit defeat to you!”

Carmen answered, “I want to act!”

He responded, “Alright, fine. You can go ahead and act.”

She added, “I want Mommy to be with me!”

He swiftly acknowledged, “Okay, your mommy will be with you!”

“Grandpa too!”

“Fine, alright. I will be here together with you.”

In the end, Carmen stayed in the film studio to continue her work. Apart from Sophia being there, even Cooper had to keep her company. I will always have my way!

Naturally, Michael’s recreational activities during the night also came to a complete stop too…

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