My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 876

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 876

There he goes with his obscene comments again.

Sophia was covered in sweat, so she had a shower with Michael at 6.30 AM. After she was done, a young person in bright-colored clothes appeared with a bag of newly purchased apparel.

The colorfully clothed person had a smart mouth upon entering the room too. “Whoa, this is as expected from Mrs. Fletcher! It has been years since we last met, but you are even prettier in person!”

Michael made the introduction. “This is Danny and he is my assistant in the film crew.”

Sophia rolled her eyes again. Well, I’m not surprised that he’s Michael’s assistant. I’m sure that Michael must have picked up those obscene lines from Danny.

The clothes that Danny brought over had already been washed, so they were clean and comfortable—it was some casual and convenient clothing, but all the shoes and apparel were in Sophia’s size. Therefore, she changed into her new clothes and shoes before looking for her BB cream in Carmen’s small husky bag. Then, she applied a thin layer on her face while preparing to leave the hotel.

Carmen’s small husky bag was truly well equipped—it had a tube of toothpaste, toothbrush, some snacks, BB cream, mini rubber bands, etc. Sophia thought, It looks like she was already prepared to come over to the set of her dad’s film. I am sure both father and daughter have planned this beforehand. One of them is targeting the role in the film whereas the other has been targeting me.

Now that Carmen was awake, Sophia helped her to wash up and brush her hair before the family of three left for the restaurant for breakfast. After that, they went to the film set for the opening ceremony. Michael had to get himself styled before showing up for the cameras.

Upon arriving at the spot, Carmen swiftly turned into an obedient and adorable child who always clung onto her father’s leg. On the other hand, Sophia knew what her daughter had in mind—she was trying to get more screen time while looking good in the hopes of getting a role at the last minute.

Michael placed Carmen on his thigh while patiently advising, “Baby, you are still young, so there’s no need to rush into acting. When the time is right, I will secure a good film for you.”

Carmen pouted because she was clearly upset due to her desire to act in the film. Sophia was afraid that she could affect his work, so she immediately picked up her daughter to take her away. Sophia wore a mask while she blended with the group of crew without exposing her identity and whenever she was tired, she would rest and sleep in his SUV.

While the opening ceremony progressed smoothly, Carmen loitered around the film set for the entire day. She was unhappy because she was unable to secure any screen time. Hence, she seemed gloomy when they were headed home that night.

Wasn’t it promised that I will get a role if I trick Mommy to board the plane? I managed to trick Mommy onto the plane, but I didn’t get my role!

It was during dinner when Sophia commented, “I am taking Carmen home tomorrow.”

Michael, who was in the midst of having his meal, started to gobble as he spoke, “Hurry up and eat, dear. There is no time to lose since we still need to settle our business.”

Since she mentioned that she was leaving the next day, he was not even bothered to read the script that night. Instead, he went straight to business as if he was racing against the clock most of the night. He even set the alarm clock for the next morning to have another round with her after waking up.

She planned to take Carmen home to Bayside City the first thing in the morning, but somehow, the young child heard that some extras were needed in the film set to play the role of village women during the revolutionary period. Carmen felt that she had the potential to act as one, so she urged Sophia to bring her to the set for an audition.

Upon arriving at the set, Carmen ran straight to the group of extras and tried hard during the audition. She competed with a group of older women for the longest time and finally secured a dreary role as an extra.

As Sophia watched Carmen acting with all she had despite being dressed in gray and shabby clothing, her heart went out for her daughter.

Who would have thought that the daughter of the producer and male lead would have to compete with a bunch of extras for a role?

In the end, Carmen was delighted as she received a set of dull and shabby clothing for her role and soon filmed her scene.

Today’s scene was a simple one to film—foreigners had entered the village to slaughter everyone and it was a cruel scene. The male lead saw smoke rising in the direction of the village, so he led his army to rush over. However, when he saw the brutal and inhuman atrocity before him, he instantly lost his temper. As a result, he chased after the enemy for almost a hundred miles before finally avenging the villagers. Nevertheless, he fell into the enemy’s trap by accident and became an easy target for them. Later, he was forced to retreat into the snowy mountain, bringing about a series of tragic and profound stories.

The story was adapted from Mark and Woody’s personal experiences. Therefore, it was shocking and even Sophia hoped that Michael would be able to bring out the courage and essence of the story.

Carmen had two scenes—the first one was when the foreigners invaded the village. The villagers, consisting of young and old people, scattered in various directions. Amidst the chaos, a girl was somehow separated from her family and she sat on the ground in tears.

In the second scene, the little girl became one of the corpses among the pile of rocks.

The film had a cruel storyline, so Sophia was reluctant to allow Carmen to act in it, but the latter’s acting was superb. In fact, her performance was intense to the point where everyone was moved by her crying scene. It worried Sophia, who merely watched from the sidelines, because she thought that Carmen was crying out of fear. Hence, Sophia never expected her daughter to wipe her face and sit up when the director yelled for the filming to stop. Then, Carmen ran to the director to watch the replay while asking, “Is my acting good?”

The director was an old man who previously directed ‘The National Treasury Action’. He was initially at the bottom of his career, but the film propelled him to greater heights. The moment Carmen asked the question, he immediately recognized her. “Yes, it’s marvellous.”

When she had a look at her performance, she seemed satisfied. She knew that she was merely a corpse for the second scene, but she was determined to be the best corpse in it.

Carmen only had two scenes, which allowed her to complete both in the morning. She seemed especially excited after that and had half an extra bowl of rice in the afternoon.

Sophia did not want to stand out since there were many people around, so she kept her mask on. Although Carmen wore makeup, she looked as if she rolled across the ground in reality because her face was smeared with dirt. Hence, nobody knew that she was Michael’s daughter and they adored her as they assumed that she was merely an intelligent extra.

After having lunch at Michael’s place, he tried to convince Carmen. “Darling, you killed it out there. It’s time for you to head home with Mommy.” She acted in a role as promised, so it’s time for her to leave.

Carmen snorted. “Hmph!”

She felt that she had secured the role herself without her father’s help. It’s better to rely on myself instead of Daddy. I’ll leave once I have my meal. If this film crew doesn’t want me, I’ll audition for another one. This is the largest film studio in the entire Aseanos, so there are dozens of film crews here every day. I’m sure that they need many extras. If this crew doesn’t want me, I’m sure somebody else wants me.

After lunch, she energetically approached other film crews for work whereas Sophia tagged along while carrying her small husky bag and water bottle. Michael naturally could not allow the mother and daughter to casually leave, so he sent someone to keep an eye on them.

It was true that there were many film crews in need of extras in the filming studio. When Sophia walked around the studio with Carmen, the latter was able to secure a job not too long after that.

In the filming studio, having a pretty face equated to having a beautiful business card. Young and good-looking actors were also in demand, so after making a round with Carmen, they received quite a number of business cards—all of which were invitations for her to join their film crew as an extra.

Not only did Carmen act as a random passerby, she even acted as the younger version of the main character and had roles from fashion dramas to costume plays. She even received a role in a fantasy drama series. In fact, she took up any roles which she thought were appropriate.

Sophia became Carmen’s agent and did her best to accept roles on the latter’s behalf while arranging her schedule.

Sophia had started to arrange Carmen’s schedule once they returned to the hotel on her daughter’s first day as an extra. Carmen, on the other hand, happily giggled while counting the money that she had earned for that day. This is all my hard-earned money!

Michael asked when he saw them, “Whoa, my baby has earned lots of money today! Come, let me have a look.”

Carmen immediately hid her money. “Hmph, I won’t let you see it.”

Michael imitated her tone before he pointed his pinky finger while placing his other hand on his hip. “Hmph, forget it if you don’t want to show me! I am not even interested! I earn much more than you do! I earn a wad of cash per day whereas you earn a piece per day!” he exclaimed while acting like a tsundere.

Carmen pouted while yelling, “I’ll earn much more than you once I grow up!”

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