My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 875

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 875

At that moment, the air became silent.

Sophia paused midway as she bent over to collect the boxer shorts while Michael froze when he opened the door.

She was unsure of what to do anymore. Should I call him a ‘hooligan’ and chase him out? Or, should I just forget about the shorts? If I go along with the plan, I’ll have to take them off later anyway, won’t I?

On the other hand, he waited for her reaction because he had to plan accordingly. I’ll retreat if she advances, but I’ll move forward if she takes a step back. I’ll admit defeat if she gets angry, but I’ll make my move if isn’t angry!

After a long and deafening silence, she calmly picked up the pair of shorts. “Are you back?”

He was stumped, but he reacted swiftly as best as he could. “Yeah, I’m back.”

The two of them acted as if nothing happened. Michael entered the suite while closing the door behind him. Then, he placed his briefcase down on the floor while speaking, “Get ready and we’ll head out for dinner.”

Carmen was also wearing Michael’s pullover shirt. She was walking around the room with bare feet and her tiny feet were reddened before she grabbed her husky bag to get ready for dinner.

Sophia hesitated at the mention of heading out for a meal. “Are we going out now? However, I don’t feel like going out. How do I head out dressed like this…”

Upon paying closer attention, she sounded as if she was coyly saying that. Michael glanced at her clothing and realized that she was wearing his white shirt as her pajamas, exposing her snowy-white legs.

Michael took out his phone while dialing a number. “In that case, I’ll get them to send room service,” he answered.

He ordered their meals and demanded for a female server to deliver it to the room.

It was not long before their dinner arrived and there was a kid’s meal specifically for Carmen. After she delightfully had her meal, she went to the bathroom to put on toothpaste on her toothbrush and brushed her teeth. Then, she went to bed while announcing, “Don’t bother me now. I am going to bed.”

Carmen was adamant on sleeping early to ensure that she had her beauty sleep. Michael prepared a child’s bed for her and it even came with a mosquito netting to keep the mosquitoes out. It was also to prevent her from falling off the bed while ensuring that it was also soundproof.

After observing her fall asleep, he switched off the lights and closed the door to return to the living room.

Sophia had also showered after having her meal too. Upon walking out of the bathroom, she saw that Michael had asked someone to clear the meal. Furthermore, the couch in the living room had been spread out, revealing it to be a sofa bed that was large enough to accommodate a few people.

He had prepared the sofa bed and arranged some roses on it before he lit up some candles, uncorked a bottle of champagne, and played some music. He had switched on the romantic aromatherapy diffuser and left the open box of condoms on the side. He was wearing nothing but a pair of briefs while lying almost naked on the couch to wait for her return.

The moment he saw her walk out, he excitedly patted the space beside him. “Come over here, dear.”

Sophia rolled her eyes as she approached him on bare feet. Michael’s boxer shorts were loose on her, making her feel extremely uncomfortable. She lifted the shorts before taking a seat beside him.

Under the romantic candle lighting and soft music, Michael poured white wine into two champagne flutes. The two of them enjoyed some champagne while watching television to get into the mood.

After having a few flutes of champagne, Sophia started to feel tipsy and her cheeks were slightly flushed. She was breathing heavily and throwing coquettish glances at Michael. He sensed that the time was right, so he made his move on her.

The atmosphere was intoxicating; they were both drunk in their emotions instead of the alcohol. Michael started to kiss Sophia’s small, flushed cheeks whereas she felt that she should not be proactive since women should be reserved. However, she somehow felt weakened when she tried to push him away. Then, after she moaned for a while, she stopped resisting him. In fact, she seemed as though she was merely playing hard to get.

When their bodies came into contact, she felt that it was a wonderful feeling—there was a tremor in her brain as she felt a wave of heat surging in her body and giving her goosebumps.

When she was in Africa, Quinton never laid a finger on her or teased her. He would hold her to sleep at night because Stanley had maimed him all those years ago. Quinton knew that he would never be able to satisfy her in that manner, so he never tried to tease her.

Therefore, it was almost like Sophia’s first time. Based on her memory, everything seemed new whereas her body felt that it was familiar. Her limbs automatically encircled around Michael.

Michael’s lips feathered kisses on her eyes, her cheeks and her lips. He was lost in the sensation of her smooth and sleek skin, but he was patient because he wanted her to have an unforgettable night.

He picked up a rose and plucked its petals to scatter them over Sophia’s body.

After doing that, he solemnly announced, “Here, chica. Allow me to introduce an old friend to you. You might have forgotten all about it, but I am sure you would find it familiar upon meeting it.”

Sophia was well aware of the ‘old friend’ that he was referring to, so she rolled her eyes at him.

He added, “Here, please greet the old partner. After all, you two haven’t met for many years.”

She was becoming impatient and rolled her eyes at him again. This is the downside of an actor. He is skilled with his lines, so he has many obscene remarks. With every remark, he adds more obscene comments to the collection.

He kept spewing obscene statements without actually keeping to his words. In the end, she could no longer endure it and rose from the bed to take matters into her own hands to satisfy herself…

The next morning, Sophia was still bleary from sleep. Her dreams were filled with Michael’s obscene remarks and she woke up to more of it.

She was lusting like the Devil before she slept, but she was now as holy as a Buddha upon waking up.

Sophia was currently at the Buddha stage, so she was filled with regret the moment she opened her eyes. Michael didn’t ask whether this is what I want at all! He somehow duped me to board the plane and I have been tricked into staying in this hotel. After that, somehow, I ended up sleeping with him. Did he ever ask if this is what I want? He did not; he was just thinking about himself. He has never taken into account that I have known him for such a short period of time and we aren’t even close with each other. However, I understand that Michael has been testing my limits and attitude from the get-go. He openly hinted at the service area when he was buying the box of condoms, but I merely rolled my eyes at him. If I had rejected him immediately and turned to leave, he wouldn’t have continued his plans courageously. Besides, he didn’t even use the box of condoms after opening it! He wasn’t even planning on using it!

Today was the day to get the ball rolling. Daniel predicted the best date and time—9.15 AM was the perfect time for the opening ceremony, so Michael scheduled accordingly. He set his alarm to go off at 6.00 AM. Upon waking up, he planned to go for a round with Sophia and it would be in time to catch a cold shower at 6.30 AM before waking Carmen up. Then, he would leave the hotel at 7.00 AM for breakfast before making his way to the film set at 7.30 AM. His makeup and clothing would start when he arrived at the set at 8.00 AM. The opening ceremony would then start at 9.15 AM—it was a perfect schedule.

It was 6.15 AM with traces of dawn. Sophia was still sleepy, but she was blushing. She lightly pointed at Michael’s sweaty chest while reminding, “Don’t think that I will end up with you just because I slept with you.”

Michael responded, “No worries. There is no rush when it comes to feelings. We can talk about that in the future.”

Sophia added, “I am no longer the same Sophia as before.”

Michael replied, “That’s alright. Nobody can ever predict things like feelings and love. We might fall for each other over time.”

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