My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 874

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 874

Have a look at the set?

Sophia was stunned into silence.

Michael nodded sincerely. “That’s right; let’s have a spontaneous vacation. How cool is that? It’s within the country after all, so we wouldn’t have to worry about sorting out our visas… Do you have your ID card and cell phone with you? It doesn’t matter even if you do not have your ID card with you because you don’t need to buy a flight ticket.”

“Master, all the passengers have arrived. Let’s go now. Let’s go.”

Michael had already answered all of Sophia’s unspoken questions. By the time she snapped back to her senses, the airplane was already taxiing. The bodyguards whom Cooper had assigned to Sophia were left behind and they tried to chase after the airplane like madmen, but it was to no avail.

She was stunned into silence and stared at her exposed toes, suddenly realizing that she still wore her flip-flops and pajamas. Today, I was planning on heading back to sleep after sending Michael off. How did I end up leaving the place with him? Why didn’t I reject or resist him earlier?

Michael placed an arm around Sophia’s shoulders while speaking, “Here, fasten your seatbelt. It’s fine; just switch your phone off because you can’t use it once you’re on the plane.”

Sophia switched her phone off in a daze before fastening her seatbelt. After thinking things through, she had a feeling that something was amiss.

He touched her forehead—she had merely applied a thin layer of BB cream without wearing any makeup. However, she was still breathtakingly beautiful. “You are one of the film’s investors too, so you should drop by the set to have a look. Don’t worry because I’ll make the arrangements for your daily necessities,” he reassured.

She still felt that something was amiss because she had the feeling that he had an ulterior motive, but she suddenly wanted to tag along and settled in her seat in the end.

The aircraft was rather spacious. In fact, she had her own bed space while Carmen found a bed that she liked once she was in the plane and immediately fell asleep. Hence, Sophia took a nap as well.

Michael observed both mother and daughter while tucking them under the blanket.

Cooper almost took a flight to chase after them in anger after learning that both of his precious girls had been taken away when they were merely supposed to send Michael off in the airport. However, Cooper threw in the end. Michael knew that he would be preoccupied with work, which was why he had the courage to take Sophia away.

Recently, the Mitchell International Energy and Technology started to officially operate—their facilities greatly improved the utilization rate of petroleum, so they were swamped by large amounts of orders. There was no way Cooper could be in two places at once, so it meant that he could not chase after Sophia despite knowing where she was.

Therefore, Michael happily kidnapped Sophia and the airplane flew to the faraway film studio.

When the airplane landed in the airport, she still felt embarrassed as she had her flip-flops on the moment she stepped on the tarmac. Besides, she was still in her pajamas.

Nevertheless, Michael placed an arm around her shoulders while reassuring, “Don’t worry; we are heading to the hotel first. I have already prepared some clothes for you.”

Somehow, they held hands and he even intermittently kissed her cheeks. They seemed very intimate and became even closer—in fact, they looked like a family of three on vacation.

After all, they were getting into a car once they alighted from the plane and there was no one else in the car. Hence, Sophia was not as worried when she followed Michael to the film studio.

There was quite a distance from the airport to the film studio. Since the drive would take a few hours on the highway, they had lunch midway at a service area.

Sophia noticed after Michael had his lunch, he wore a mask before entering a retail store next door to purchase a few boxes of condoms.

She was rendered speechless when she saw that.

Upon arriving at the hotel, she entered his room.

“Since I always film here, I made an investment by building this hotel. This room is specifically for me, so nobody is allowed to occupy this room even when I’m not around. There is a specific elevator for this floor, so it’s extremely clean and safe. It’s just like my second home. Feel free to make yourself at home too.”

While observing the hotel room, Sophia had some complaints about the area—it was a suite, so it came with a workspace, study, and a kitchen. The renovations were passable, but the bed was small. In fact, the bedroom was tiny too and it did not look like a place where Michael lived.

Besides, once Michael entered the suite, he placed his clothes in the wardrobe and there were clothes prepared for him beforehand.

Michael is sleeping in this room…

“Where will Carmen and I… sleep?” Sophia asked shyly because there were no other bedrooms or beds in the suite.

Carmen started to fiddle with everything once she entered the suite—she was curiously exploring Michael’s tiny room.

Michael explained in embarrassment, “It’s the peak season for filming since it is autumn. The weather is great for filming too, so the hotels in the film studio aren’t enough to accommodate the crowd. Even this hotel is fully booked. There are no other rooms for now and I’d be worried if both of you stay in another hotel. You two should stay here temporarily. Don’t worry, I’m barely here during the day and I will only take up some pillow space to sleep at night. I wouldn’t bother you two much.”

Sophia was at a loss for words. How does he say such a thing without looking embarrassed at all? He expects an unmarried young woman to share a bed with him, but did he just claim that he’s merely taking up some pillow space? Is this about taking up pillow space? I know that I’ve been tricked. Furthermore, he bought condoms in front of me. He is telling me blatantly that he’s planning to have his way with me tonight. No wonder he tried to ask me about my menstruation cycle indirectly a couple days ago. Sleazy!

Great. I’m only wearing pajamas with a pair of slippers. None of my bodyguards are here with me and I do not even have my ID card. My phone is running out of battery and I don’t even have a charger with me. I’ve just borrowed Michael’s charger to charge my phone, but it’s not switched on yet. I walked into a lion’s den, so I suppose I won’t be able to get out of the situation tonight.

Michael walked out of the bathroom almost naked after his shower as he only had a pair of briefs on him. If it had not been for Carmen, he would most probably have omitted that piece of garment too.

Sophia noticed that he was showing off his beautifully sculpted body in front of her, so she blushed furiously while feeling shy. He is truly… shameless!

Carmen voiced her thoughts. “Daddy, shame on you.”

Michael was wiping his hair when he answered, “There’s no issue since you and Mommy aren;t strangers. It’s fine if family members see me like this.”

He deliberately made his way to Sophia’s front. His eight abdominal muscles were especially prominent and alluring. Sophia was sitting on the bed, but she pretended to fiddle with her phone, which had a flat battery. However, her eyes continued to glance in his direction, as if they had a mind of their own. He is the epitome of a perfect male body… Look at his Adonis belt, ab muscles and chest muscles. Besides, he has such strong thigh muscles with that sculpted buttocks.

Sophia swallowed involuntarily.

After Michael wore his clothes, he removed the box he bought in the retail store earlier from his bag to place it in the drawer. He even locked it in there while making sure that Sophia saw it. If it were not for the fact that there was an extra layer of innocent eyes in the room, he would have opened it up to make good use of it.

Sophia knew for sure that she had walked into a lion’s den.

“Dear, you should rest and relax in the hotel with Carmen. I’ll be out for a meeting and return to take you guys out for a meal once I’m done.”

Michael took his briefcase and left.

After a while, somebody sent over some toiletries and things for the child. On top of that, they even specifically sent a small bed with railings for Carmen.

Sophia brought Carmen into the bathroom to have a shower. Since she did not have her own pair of pajamas, she opened the wardrobe to wear Michael’s. His set of pajamas was long, so the shirt covered her bum. Therefore, she did not even need to wear any pants. However, she thought it was inappropriate to leave it at that, so she wore his boxer shorts as a pair of bottoms.

Nevertheless, everything still felt loose. She merely took a couple steps forward when the boxers fell onto the ground.

Just as she was bending down to pick them up, Michael was back as he opened the hotel room door…

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