My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 873

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 873

Naturally he referred to that matter. It was a darkness hidden in Sophia’s heart and a place which nobody could reach. No amount of sunlight and warmth could ever reach that place. Hence, whenever somebody mentioned the darkness in her, her whole world would sink into that darkness without being able to free herself.

She forgot about who she was, but the moment she accepted her identity as Sophia Edwards, people recalled her past.

No matter how much protection Sophia had, as long as she had to face the reality, she would learn about her past from somebody else. Yesterday, for instance, Sandra mentioned about the past while using certain words to insult and humiliate her.

He thought, All those years ago, it took her a lot of courage and vigor to leave the past behind her. She moved forward in determination while gritting her teeth together. My chica has to suffer through that pain, which she has experienced before, once again. Is there anything else that is more hopeless than this situation?

Therefore, it was unexpected when Sophia smiled nonchalantly. “Are you referring to the fact that I was molested as a child?”

Michael’s heart skipped a beat and his chest reflexively tightened while his gaze reflected the pain he felt. She knows about it after all. Since she’s back, it’s impossible to escape the past.

However, Sophia did not seem to be bothered by it; instead, she sighed while batting her long eyelashes. Under the streetlamps, her eyelashes looked like a pair of butterflies. “When I regained consciousness in Africa, Quinton told me that there’s nothing to feel humiliated about in this world as long as one has a clear conscience,” she answered.

I have forgotten all about my childhood, so I’ve lost both sweet and painful memories. There can’t be any pain since there’s no happiness to begin with. I’ve heard about my helpless and dark past from somebody else long ago. In fact, I’ve read through the book that I wrote.

My childhood life was extremely painful, so I wanted to change my fate. I worked hard by studying because I wanted to change my fate by doing so. I met Xyla and Richard, who almost destroyed my education, so I did all that I could to take revenge. My methods were as cruel as the darkness I went through during my childhood.

Sophia chuckled while tucking loose strands of hair behind her ear. “As a matter of fact, I have to thank those people who made my life hell because they trained my will and grit. Despite losing my memories, these characteristics are still within me, but I’ve forgotten all about the pain and unhappiness. Come to think of it, I suppose it’s a gift from God,” she stated.

Michael stared at Sophia’s side profile in a daze and the pain in his heart was reflected in the tears that started to swim in his eyes.

Quinton made her lose her memories and it wasn’t an easy feat to do so. On an international level, there were already psychiatrists advocating amnesia as a treatment for mental illness. However, it was a tricky matter to succeed in it.

Amnesia is most probably not a bad thing for her.

The two of them looked up at the crescent moon in the sky.

“I think the weather will be great tomorrow. I have met up with Daniel to check the dates and he mentioned that the day after tomorrow is suited for me to join the team. Tomorrow, on the other hand, is perfect for traveling. Will you send me off?”

“It depends on the situation.”

The next day, Carmen did not go to school because she released the dog and it bit someone. Besides that, she even illegally opened a dog petting spot in the kindergarten and gathered a group of personnel to carry out unlicensed activities. As her illegal dog petting spot had been banned, it meant that the location for dogs had also been blocked, so the dogs had all been sent home. Therefore, she had to stop her business and she was not in the mood for the past few days to return to school. Upon learning that Michael was leaving soon, she was adamant on sending him off.

Michael would be gone for a few months with the filming crew and it revolved around ‘The Winter Breakthrough’ that was popularized by Woody and Mark a long time ago.

There were three main characters—namely Woody, Mark, and a fierce, cruel Japanese general.

Michael was the producer and main actor of the film, so he had full control over the entire film. After the script had been fixed and with a thorough discussion, he confirmed that he would play the character, Mark Fletcher, for the second time whereas Harry would play the role of the fierce, cruel General Fuso. Michael initially fought hard to play Woody, but Cooper would not budge.

When Michael visited Cooper’s new company, he noticed that the head of the security team was extremely handsome. Furthermore, he was only 20 years old with a height of six feet three. Michael was worried that such a handsome young man would loiter around Sophia, so he poached the man as an actor for the film.

After the Mitchell Family broke up, the man had been frequently visiting Woody with Sean. Hence, he had met Woody before and he knew about the latter’s past—it also meant that it was easier for him to understand the character. In addition to that, the man was a talented actor and took on the role of the first male lead immediately after some training.

Cooper felt better since a member of the Mitchell Family was playing the role of Woody.

Sophia had brought Carmen along to send Michael off in the airport. The airport was a private facility established by him, so it was not particularly large because it only housed his personal aircraft.

Tomorrow was the day the main characters joined the filming crew, so he conveniently dragged the head of security from the Mitchells along.

His name was Drake Mitchell. Michael thought that he had exceptional looks, temperament and mannerisms, so he christened him with a stage name—Draco. Nevertheless, Michael was not sure if the man could live up to the meaning of his stage name.

Michael had brought along a simple luggage while making his way to the airplane while Sophia followed from behind as she held Carmen’s hand.

“Dear, I’m counting on you to look after Carmen once I leave. The child is naughty, so I know it’ll be hard on you,” Michael mentioned solemnly as a father about to embark on a long journey because he was worried about his little princess.

Sophia responded, “Why are you saying that? Carmen is my child too, so I’ll do my best to look after her.”

Michael was about to leave for a few months, so he was bound to miss them…

The plane was about to take off, so he squatted to speak with Carmen, “Baby, I’m leaving now. Give Daddy a kiss.”

Carmen turned away swiftly. “No way.”

Previously, she acted in ‘The National Treasury Action’ and it was a top-grossing box office, but she did not receive any payment for it. After that, he even confiscated the earnings of her dog sales, which amounted to a few hundred. For the filming of ‘The Winter Breakthrough’, she was even promised that she would have a role, but the promise was not fulfilled in the end. She was convinced that someone had pulled some strings to secure that role through unspoken rules.

Besides, ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ was not being screened on the television too.

Upon noting that Carmen was angry, Michael felt helpless. “Are you blaming me? I am feeling hopeless too, but Grandpa was the one who pulled the strings. You should take it up with him. Please, give me a hug.”

As soon as the cabin door opened, she ran up the stairs easily and swiftly without even a moment of hesitation.

“Baby, come down. Daddy is leaving soon and you can’t be there.” Sophia chased after her in a hurry.

Sophia caught up to Carmen in the plane and noticed that it was extremely spacious. Carmen had a custom-made small, pink seat where she placed her small husky bag down before fastening her seatbelt in her seat.

When Michael approached Carmen to hold her, she immediately burst into tears. “I want to join the filming crew! I want to act on set! You are not allowed to chase me off the plane!”

He immediately released her and patiently advised, “Please, be an obedient girl and head home with Mommy for now. Don’t you want to go back to kindergarten?

She answered tearfully, “No, I don’t!”

He felt helpless and surrendered by raising his arms in Sophia’s direction. “Since Carmen wants to come along, I guess I’ll bring her along to have a look… Dear, why don’t you come with me to have a look at the filming set? It’s our own plane after all and we can leave once we are all onboard. We don’t have to buy any tickets…”

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