My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 870

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 870

What Sophia had done was something no one saw coming.

Scarlett, the daughter of Cooper Mitchell, actually pulled the skirt of Sandra in public!

Sandra was wearing a top to match her skirt that day. The thin fabric hugged closely to her athletic body, complementing her graceful figure. With an unexpected downward yank from Sophia, both the skirt and underwear slid down below her knees.


Sandra’s shriek broke the silence that once filled the hall moments before that. She frantically reached for her skirt and pulled it up. Alas, that undue sight was already etched in the minds of everyone in the crowd.

Be it tanned or fair, au natural or shaved, that marked the eventful day where everyone found out what Sandra of the Mitchell family was made of—under her skirt, for that matter.

Sufficient to say, she had ‘tended her garden’ quite immaculately.

Sandra pulled her skirt up as she charged toward Sophia while bellowing, “I’m going to kill you! You’re so dead!”

As she pulled her skirt back onto her waist, she pounced at Sophia with clenched fists. Sophia had shamefully exposed both the front and rear of her groin and robbed her of her rational mind at that very instant. Her dignity, pride, and self-esteem were all shredded to bits in a matter of seconds. The sudden reveal of the most sacred part of her body left nothing to the imagination for the crowd.

Having expected Sandra to fight back, Sophia rolled her sleeves up and lunged at her, lifting her skirt whenever it was within her reach. Michael used to remark that she never resorted to disrobing her opponent back when she engaged in a catfight with the mistress. Today, she had outdone herself.

Sandra used to be an athlete, but she had retired for quite some time. The following years living under the care of the Mitchell family had been a bed of roses for her. Naturally, she no longer continued her training for competitions, for her choice of profession as an athlete was merely a stepping stone for her to marry into a wealthy family. Since bearing the Mitchell family name, she no longer saw the need to slog her guts out at the training pool.

On the other hand, Sophia had been living in a war-torn area for several recent years. She was forced to keep her vitality and physique in its best form, or she could lose her life anytime.

The scale of the catfight was obviously tipped. Sophia had Sandra pinned down on the ground with her foot on her back while she yanked Sandra’s skirt and tore it, including her underwear.

All the parents at the scene were at a loss for words. They could do nothing except to bear witness to one of the most unusual catfights between two ladies from the Mitchell family; they were rolling and tumbling on the floor while tearing clothes off of each other.

In the midst of Sandra’s painful and angry screams, Sophia’s merciless roar cut through the commotion.

“Didn’t you say that lifting skirts was just a small matter for girls? Your brother lifted my daughter’s skirt, so why shouldn’t I let you have a taste of it?! Why are you crying? What are you shouting for? Look at how pathetic you are right now! Come on, Sandra Oak. Let everyone see what you’re made of. We didn’t have a clear picture the first time around, so let’s have a rerun!” Sophia roared at the top of her lungs.

The parents who had daughters felt vindicated. Who said little girls were naive and clueless? Who said little girls wouldn’t feel bad when their skirts were lifted?

Sandra’s men intended to step in to rescue her from the humiliation, but they were up against a barricade of men twice their numbers from Cooper and Michael’s gang. None of them were able to move in to interfere, so they could only watch the tussle helplessly.

After having attempted to struggle and free herself, Sandra was gassed out to the point she could barely fight back. Her skirt was nearly destroyed as she howled while still clinging on to it for dear life. Sophia grabbed Sandra’s hair and dragged her toward Albert.

The three-year-old Albert was already stunned as he stared blankly at his own sister being pinned on the floor and having her skirt yanked and torn.

Sophia shoved Sandra, who was crying hysterically with her face drenched in tears, in front of Albert. She grabbed the skirt which Sandra was still grasping on and gave it one final tug. Sandra then let out one last scream and descended into helpless cries of despair.

“You little sh*t, did you see that? Girls in skirts and dresses do not like themselves being exposed! I’ll let you off this time, but you’d better remember this. If you ever dare to do anything indecent like that again, I promise you I’ll come over and beat you up just like how I beat your sister!”

Albert shut his mouth in fear and stopped his crying at once while nodding profusely. Since the day he was born, he had been doted on by Alex and condoned by Sandra for his spoiled behavior. That was his first taste of reality, and the incident had left him scarred for life.

This was a life-changing event for Albert, for it resulted in him feeling traumatized for life when it came to removing girls’ skirts. He then discovered his newfound interest in taking off mens’ pants instead…

After she was finally done with Sandra, Sophia exhaled lightly and elegantly before she stood up to tidy her ruffled clothing. Luckily, she wore jeans that day.

Sandra lay on the floor as she held whatever was left of her skirt and yelled in between sobs, “Sophia Edwards, the Mitchell family will not forgive you for this! I will kill you! I will bury you six feet under with my own bare hands!”

Sophia took out her mirror and checked her messy hair above her ears and noticed some sweat on her face. She glanced at Sandra, who was lying on the floor in the sorriest state one could ever be in, while mockingly imitating her tone and arching her eyebrows as she said, “Had you not shamelessly flaunted what’s beneath your skirt in front of me earlier, why would I have took off your skirt?”

Sandra raised her head and glared at her.

At this moment, Sandra’s men finally managed to rush to her rescue. They took off their suits and wrapped them around her.

As she was taken away, Sandra could be heard yelling from afar, “I’ll kill you! You’re so, so dead!”

Sophia scoffed and heaved. “Sorry, but you cannot kill me. I’ve only given you a few slaps, which is nothing close to harming your vital organs. You can sue me for compensation, though. Go ahead and sue me; I’ve got all the money. Tell me how much to pay you, and I’ll do it. But if you ever say something to disrespect me again, this won’t be the last time you get hit by me!”

After Sandra was out of sight, Sophia turned back and gazed at Albert.

Albert was Alex’s boy. Having only been born when Alex was nearing the age of fifty, he was undoubtedly the apple of his eye. Upon taking a closer look, she noticed how he shared quite some resemblance with Derek. They were both Alex’s sons after all.

Seeing her switching her gaze into a fierce glare, Albert felt his knees shaking violently as his bodyguards escorted him away.

The dust had settled and the crowd had dispersed, yet they were all still discussing what had happened earlier.

The event was reiterated as a domestic affair within the Mitchell family. A scoundrel of a grandniece condoned the bad behavior of another scoundrel of a grandnephew, resulting in him assaulting the modesty of his grandaunt. Consequently, the grandaunt’s mother got so mad she taught said grandniece a lesson by giving her a taste of her own medicine. One would argue that it was an entertaining performance, to say the least.

Since the kindergarten administration decided not to pursue this matter, Sophia strutted out of the premises scot-free.

On the way to the hospital, Michael called to inform her that Carmen was fine, except for the minor scratches on her tummy and thigh. They then headed home for food as she was hungry.

Sophia exhaled a sigh of relief and headed back home. Just then, Cooper picked up a phone call from Alex.

From the sound of it, Alex was furious.

Cooper waited for his rant to end and replied flatly, “Oh, it’s just a trivial matter. Little kids playing with each other’s clothes—nothing serious really. The kids didn’t know better. Your son lifted my granddaughter’s skirt, so my daughter lifted your daughter’s skirt. We’re even now. Goodbye.”

Sophia covered her mouth as she chuckled.

She then studied the Cereberus in front of her.

Judge and its two puppies were covered in grass and mud. They had probably crawled through a hole to get into the kindergarten.

She could not explain how the three of them, who were stationed at home, managed to travel all the way to the kindergarten to bite Albert.

Did they learn how to take the public bus? They’d have to ride for at least three to four stations to get there!

Even the slightest distraction would throw these three hounds from hell out of their focus. How were they able to get specifically to the kindergarten? Not to mention, the security at the establishment is quite tight.

This matter had been temporarily filed as a cold case until the next day when Stanley heard about it and insisted on finding out the truth by retrieving the video playback from the camera on Judge’s collar, which held the truth to all the suspense…

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