My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 869

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 869

You want an explanation?! I’ll give you one!

Sophia strode toward Sandra.

Sandra saw Sophia walking in her direction. The latter’s blue eyes were stone cold and filled with a murderous intent that was so strong that Sandra could sense it even before she got close. Sandra apprehensively retreated and ordered both her security guards to step in between Sophia and her to ensure her safety.

But Sandra’s sense of security was short-lived. Sophia gestured her hand, and the Mitchell family’s henchmen pushed Sandra’s guards aside before forming a human wall, covering both women in a circle.

Intimidated and lost for words, Sandra kept stepping back as Sophia closed in on her.

“What, now? Are you scared? Didn’t you ask for an explanation or compensation? Here I am now, so come and get your explanation!”

Sophia’s voice echoed over Sandra’s. Her presence was overpowering as she marched closer toward Sandra, emanating a threatening sense of bloodthirsty rage.

At this moment, Cooper stayed still as he observed how his daughter confronted Sandra.

The Mitchell family would have to be reunited eventually, and Sophia, being the firstborn daughter of her generation in the family, would have to face Sandra one day. That day had now arrived.

Realizing she was cornered, Sandra held on to the belief that she was the rightful heir to the throne and summoned the courage to face Sophia by straightening her back and doubling down on her dominating presence.

She knew better than anyone else who she was facing within that man-made circle.

“Sophia, my brother’s injury report will be out very soon. Take my advice and hand over those little sh*ts, or else…”

Sophia crossed her arms as she took a step forward and said, “My child was not in the wrong, and neither was my dog. Your brother deserved every single bit of it! According to the Mitchell’s family tree, my daughter is two generations ahead of you and your brother in seniority. Her beating your brother up was just her teaching him a lesson in basic manners as a grandaunt!”

Sophia threw a glance at Sandra’s brother, who had dog bites all over his limbs and a swollen face. He had lost his voice from all the crying.

All children were born innocent and uncorrupted. This child was almost the same age as her daughter, so Sophia found it hard to believe that a young human being could be capable of such a malicious act.

Unless it was taught to him by someone…

Sophia reverted her gaze back at Sandra and raised her voice.

“Your brother went around in the kindergarten lifting other girls’ skirts and forcing them to remove their pants for him. Shouldn’t he be taught a lesson? He’s doing such a terrible thing at such a young age; he even has the cheek to intrude on other girls’ dignity. Imagine what he would do when he grows up! Since you are doing such a poor job as a sister to educate your brother on how to be a decent human being, don’t blame others for doing a better job for you!”

Upon hearing Sophia’s words, all the parents at the kindergarten were startled. Those with daughters immediately held their children tight within their arms.

Al was taking off girls’ skirts?!

Sandra let out a scoff and said nonchalantly, “My brother’s only three. Do you expect a three-year-old to understand these things? He can’t even tell if he’s a boy or a girl. So what if the kids were playing and lifting each others’ skirts? Kids aren’t aware of these things; so what if he lifted your daughter’s skirt? She probably wasn’t aware of it either! Sophia, don’t you try to change the topic. Tell me—how are you going to compensate us for my brother’s injury?”

At this moment, Sophia was more than certain that the child’s unacceptable behaviour was condoned.

Every time Carmen returned from school, she would tell Sophia about all the new friends she had made in the kindergarten. Yet whenever Albert’s name came up, Hope and Ashton had nothing but negative things to say about him.

It might be common for a child to dislike another, but what if the entire class expressed the same dislike for Albert?

Sophia seemed to have connected the dots. She glared at Sandra and uttered, “Seems to me… you’re doing this on purpose.” Everything made sense under all that guise. “Deep down, you know what you are and where you stand in your family. We both know how you were able to take up the position of the eldest daughter in the Mitchell family. But I know your ambitions do not stop there, not just as the eldest daughter. No—you want more than that, and this brother of yours is your biggest threat!”

Sandra felt as if someone had dug out her little black book and read her deepest, darkest secrets aloud to everyone. Her breath staggered as her heart raced, but she maintained a steady look and retorted, “What nonsense are you spewing?! Threat? I don’t even know what the hell you’re going on about!”

Sophia’s deep, knowing gaze from her bright, blue eyes saw through her act instantly.

Albert was Sandra’s younger stepbrother. He was born after Sandra replaced the late Natasha as Alex’s daughter.

Alex had spent much effort to groom and nurture Natasha, but she fell short of his expectations. When he managed to bear a younger son, Natasha strangled him to death. Even though he later brought Sandra in, he still needed an heir.

Even if Alex had no qualms with an illegitimate child, his wife was unwilling to accept him. That was why they had to bear another son as soon as they could.

Rumor had it that both Alex and his wife almost lost their lives to safely have Albert through surrogacy.

When Albert was grown, Sandra would lose everything that she had and return to square one. She was just a replacement after all, and everything that she was supposed to have would naturally be taken away by her stepbrother, the legitimate heir of the family.

But what if this legitimate heir grew up unfit to lead the family?

What if he was ‘groomed and nurtured’ from a young age to become like his sister, who was notorious for getting into constant trouble?

“Deny it all you want, but I think you know very well what’s going on, Sandra!” Sophia spat as she advanced toward Sandra with a cold crooked smile. “Let me tell you this—I don’t care how you educate your brother, but if the way you bring him up results in him harming my daughter in any way, I will come after you.”

Sandra was exasperated. She had spent all these years climbing up the ranks in the family, but she knew how she got this opportunity handed to her in the first place. She felt all sense of guilt when facing Sophia until a sudden thought struck her. Upon that, she let out a hysterical laugh to overcome her guilt earlier and retaliated with a snide remark.

“Your daughter accused my brother of lifting her skirt. Who is to say that she wasn’t the one who shamelessly flaunted what’s beneath her skirt in front of him?” She then stepped up to Sophia with a vicious smile. “After all, children mimic their parents, especially since she’s a three-year-old. She’s probably a shameless wh*re, taking after her mother.”

This set off a fatal trigger in Cooper, who was observing quietly among the crowd. She had been testing his patience, and this was the final straw that broke the camel’s back.

Sophia did not need to look back to know that her father was infuriated.

She hastily turned around and stopped her father, who was about to charge into the circle, with the raise of her hand. She uttered calmly, “Daddy, there are some things that I need to face on my own. You cannot protect me forever. Let me handle it this time, okay?”

The seething anger in Cooper’s eyes died down, and he silently adhered. His daughter had grown strong enough to stand up for herself. His heart ached for her.

With her father’s nod as a blessing, Sophia smiled and drew in a deep breath before heading back to face Sandra.

Sandra thought her verbal attack had hit Sophia where it hurt most, so she gleefully amped up her provocation by saying, “Sophia, do you think that, just by feigning your death, everyone would forget about your scandalous past? Everyone here knows what you are made of and what you have under all that.”

Her eyebrows danced with amusement as everyone recalled that controversial moment when Sophia’s nude photos were discovered and shared all over the internet.

Everyone in Cethos could clearly ‘see’ what she was made of.

Sandra was probably still the same as she ever was, but Sophia was no longer the timid little girl she once was.

Step by step, she marched up to Sandra with a stoic expression, while the tension surrounding her reached an all-time high.

“Sandra, I know very well what I’m made of, without a doubt. As for what you’re made of, everyone shall soon see it too!”

Barely a second after she was done talking, Sophia darted toward Sandra in a couple of steps and grabbed her skirt by the waist. Before Sandra realized what was to ensue, Sophia pulled her skirt together with her underwear down in public!

“Didn’t you just say there’s nothing wrong with looking underneath skirts? What if I show everyone what’s underneath your skirt too?”

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